expired Essentials PC Keyboard $4 at Woolworths


I hear these keyboards are mediocre but maybe it's just what you need. Page 12 of catalogue.

Not sure I have the most generic catalogue URL. Any better suggestion or a deeper link appreciated.

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    Moro olive oil 4litres $17

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    It's always good to have a cheap crappy keyboard lying around for when your fancy feature laden keyboard won't let you boot into BIOS.


    Mediocrity is good here at OzBargain :)


    It doesnt sing the woolies jingle does it?… every 3mins or 10 key taps? lol

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      ♫ woolworths the fresh peripheral people ♫


      Maybe it does if you type each day of the week quickly…


    Ugh no. I bought one of these keyboards last year. The letters were wearing off within 2 weeks (sort of expected) and there was phantom keystrokes so I returned it.


    So apparently these were $1.99 on clearance sometime last year… http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/70267

    Might be better to wait.


    came for the keyboard, stayed for the coke.

    30 cans of coke for $18 seems like a pretty good deal
    60 cents per can


    Picked up 2x Logitech MK250 for $15 each and 1x Microsoft wireless laser desktop 3000 for $25. I think it is a sweet deal. Its at Myers Westfield Parramata clearance bin.