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Telstra $30 SIM Starter Kit for $10, Telstra Prepaid USB 4G $99+Other Deals @DSE. 5th Jan


Telstra $30 Standard, Micro & Nano SIM Starter Pack for $10 (save $20)

18/1: Also available online with free delivery.

Telstra Prepaid USB 4G Mobile Broadband

BONUS $30 Recharge Voucher, INCLUDES 3GB data with 30 days expiry

20% off All PS3 Accessories

20% off All Rechargeable Batteries And Chargers

Philps Home Cinema Soundbar $129

Philips Portable Digital Radio $55

Philips Fidelio Android Speaker Dock $75
30% off Pure Digital Radios

Logitech Z623 Speaker System $129 (Save $110)
Dick Smith 8-Way Surge Board $29 (50% off)

Sony BRAVIA 55" (139cm) Full HD Smart LED LCD TV KDL55EX630 $997 (Save $200)

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  • +3

    Geez.. everyone having those $10 starter kit specials.

    Woolworths http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/89364
    Aus Post (till 27th Jan) http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/89364#comment-1183866 (Apparently its only the full size SIM which is on special at Aus Post - http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/89364#comment-1186624)
    DSE This deaal

    And Telstra Online have them for $15 (haf-price). https://onlineshop.telstra.com.au/prepaid-mobile/?tc=TR:TR:N...

    creditme2u, here I come !!!

    It'll be a Very Happy new year for Telstra !

    • +3

      Personally the Woolworths deal is the better IF you have a wish card and Qantas FF.

      Because of the 4c off petrol offer and QFF points if you have other items that take you over the $30 spend.

      This one does go longer it Ends 21 Jan whereas Woolies ends Tuesday next week

      • +1

        One good thing about the DSE deal over Woolies: I can get 5 micro and 5 nano kits delivered free. My mum-in-law hit a limit of three getting it from her local Woolies.

    • +15

      Maybe Telstra should just reduce their rates by two thirds permanently instead :)

  • i got a message from vodafone saying that from Feb 13 their would be some changes to the way mobile broadband is charged..may be some changes to the mobile broadband packages..any idea? may be thats the reason Telstra might be planning something different as well and wants to get rid of the stock…

    • Lets hope they put some sense into their mobile broadband pricing as compared to the iPad pricing.

      $30 gets you 700 MB
      $30 gets you 3GB if you activate the special iPad SIM's

      • +2

        "special iPad SIM's" Any SIM can be activated on the 3GB iPad plan. you can cut it or use an adapter.

        • I thought only the micro SIM's have this capability ?

          Why would they make full-size SIM's for iPad when it doesnt accept any ?

          So can anyone confirm that they got a full size SIM to activate on the iPad offer ?
          afaik, you dont even get that option while activating, but I could be wrong.

        • nano SIM's works too. I activated by phone tho.

        • +1

          Full size sims can be activated for ipad with 3GB. I've done it a couple of times. Any Telstra shop will cut the full size sim down for you.

        • Oh good to know !

        • you can activate it through the telstra's live chat

        • I use scissors and do it myself. Done it s million times already. Lol.

        • +1

          Done it s million times already

          LOL a million times?? Gives the impression, the only reason that many times is you dont have a steady hand, ie stuffed it up so had to cut another, and another.

          Just a little fun here…

        • You can activate the iPad plan on any size, either cut to fit or transfer to a blank SIM from a Telstra Shop.

          I use the nano SIM in the iPad mini and a nano to micro SIM adapter in the larger one. A bit fiddly however.

          As for using the iPad data plan on anything but an iPad, not sure if it's true that Telstra once it senses it's not from an iPad, would start charging you rates for non-iPads.

        • I got one of these for $5, for converting a Sim into a microSim for the iPad

          Easier and more accurate than scissors.

        • +2

          Lol. I use up a new sim each month. Hence I keep my phone costs to $120a year compared to $720 a year previously. Mytactic is to activate on cap encore plan. I use that to surf Internetand call using the bonus credits. After that's done. … I transfer the $30 credit to my normal sim which is on simplicity plan which Iuse to receive calls.and Hey presto……900 mb of Internet to be used each month for $10. =) so yes I'd rate my sim cutting ability with scissors to be expert level.

      • ipad sim card is only a data sim card , you cannot use it for calls or text messages

  • The logitech z623's are a great set of speakers and are a an absolute bargain at that price

  • +3

    DSE sales staff said they cannot price match the Woolworths deal because its below cost. What do you know, DSE is now doing the same deal. As usual, worst of DSE staff is yet to come!!!

    • +1

      I think you have to understand something of retail.

      A deal like this would be based on special pricing from Telstra. They offer bulk deals etc to various retailers at various times, like all FMCG manufacturers.

      So last week Woolies were offered the deal, now Telstra has let Aussie post and Dick Smith access to these.

      So sales made before the deal was active would not get promotional pricing from Telstra. Hence the sales person would only see the price they buy for based on the normal pricing.

      Note Telstra's own shops sell this for $15.

      So at the time you asked this may not have been a lie. I say may as I have no idea what DSE's normal margin would be. Suffice to say it would be surprising that the margin would be as high as 60% (buy at $10 and sell at $30)

      • +1

        Well before the DSE staff said its below bost, he said they only price match DSE branded items. I then asked where in the policy does it state this. He then said staff has the right to refuse price matching. I then asked what reason for refusing. He then pause for a while and said below cost. Tell me does it look obvious that he made up his policy on the fly.

        • +2

          How can they price match DSE only branded products. These are only available at DSE.

          Again saying it was below cost - read my post it may have been below cost until the Telstra pricing deal became active.

          How it works is something like this.

          All sales from Jan 3-17 will get a rebate back from Telstra like say $20 for each item sold. So this covers the loss they would normally incur for selling it lower than normal.

          And yes selling below cost may be at the discretion of the sales person. Ie they dont have to price match if its below cost…

    • +1

      My experience with DSE is that they NEVER do deals. Ironic that their ad says 'we do deals'.

      • +1

        Dick deals.

        • +1

          Their online Managers specials are good sometimes

      • check this week's top list, Dick do DELAS, but you need to be lucky and quick to catch it.

      • +1

        They do deals but hardly match deals. Sounds ok? A lot of advertised deals from DSE were so good (and went out of stock too quickly) that you even tried to get other retailers to price match them.

        • +1

          That's because they never have enough items to sell right from the start, also known as bait advertising.

  • does telstra credit has option to last for 1 year?

      • +1

        With $30 credit, you can only get 6 months, and better yet, you can switch to simplicity to take advantage of the better rates, just did mine this morning!

        • +1

          +1 - I do this swap everytime I recharge my backup phone every 6 months with the $30 starter pack I bought for $10!.

        • Simplicity only lasts 60 days though.

        • Start on Long Life, Switch to Simplicity. Low rates for 6 months. Your expiry date doesn't revert back to 60 days after you change plans.

      • Does the Long-life apply to voice only? or can you extend the 3GB data as well if used in an IPAD?

  • Can I buy this and use the $30 credit on a phone that's already activated?

    • Nope, unless you're porting over from another telco.

    • +1

      Yes, by transfering the credit to ur own number by creditme2u.

      • And what's the catch to that?

      • I did this directly with Telstra. No need for CreditMe2U.

  • So which SIM would I buy for the ipad gen 3 (or the 'new ipad' as thy called it on release). The micro Sim looks to be the correct one but the description on the DSE product page says:
    "to get you started. It is suitable for smartphones and tablets (excluding iPad- use E 6716) that utilise Micro SIM technology."

    I did a search on 'E 671'6 without success on the DSE website.

    • Only iPad mini uses nano SIM so far. Other iPads use micro SIM.

  • the ipad starter kit is still $30. creditme2u thing costs money to transfer, so keep that in mind.

  • +1

    I happily handed over $40 at DS today, for $120 Telstra credit [grinning].

  • I haven't had much luck finding the starter kit that's specifically for the iPad…can anyone confirm that I can just purchase one of the other kits and still activate it to get the 3gb? And if so, which one? :)

    • its $30, not $10 tho.

    • These $30 "generic" starter kits give you the option to activate them for an iPad, which then gives you the 3GB data.

  • Is the Sony TV (BRAVIA 55" (139cm) Full HD Smart LED LCD TV KDL55EX630 $997) a good deal? i.e. good model, good price?

    • Definitely would get this ahead of the cheaper crap from Kogan….might be a few hundred bucks more but will give an infinitely better viewing experience if you care even the slightest about picture quality. And the Smart features are a bonus. The HX750 and HX850 will be better again, but the price goes up about $500 each time….

  • $30 micro sim are sold out and are on backorder now !!

    • DSE staff hoarded the rest of the stock?

  • Anyone know if i can slip one straight in a Telstra elite portable wifi modem and activate?

    I already have about 8 telstra sims I'm probably on the telstras possible drug dealer list.

  • Did anyone managed to activate the micro sim for a non ipad tablet ?

    • The pink one? It offers tablet, not iPad, as one of the choices.

      • Yep the pink one..it says micro sim..nd i thought ipad is micro sim suitable..

        • The pink one will work with the iPad, but you'll have to tell Telstra it's for an iPad, not some other device otherwise you won't get 3GB.

        • But any iea if during activation they will ask about ipad details?

        • With the Nano SIM, it asks if you wanted it for a handset* (mobile phone) or an iPad. With the iPad version, just iPad. With the pink Micro SIM, it offers handset, mobile broadband or tablet, no iPad as an option.

          • or whatever they would call a mobile phone. Not 100% sure.
      • micro pink sim_3 gb likes (Mobile Partner K3771)_Ipad just fine…

        Not sure why things are made to be a song and dance. Just radio waves eh.

        Signal strength 96%…quite nice.

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