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Logitech Z623 Sound System $115 Free Delivery - Logitechshop


These speakers seemed to be quite popular back in August last year:

These speakers were also at this price during October for their knockout sale, and are now on discount again.

Great for anyone currently shopping for speakers, or people who missed out on the last sale.

You can probably pricematch at Officeworks for a bit of further discount.

The next cheapest is Dicksmith at $129, according to staticICE.

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    ol gil just bought a shiny new sound system

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    these are great speakers at a bargain price! JB sells them for $200+!

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      I saw them on Boxing day sale in JB for $137. One quick OzBargain search told me they can be had cheaper, so I waited. Seems I don't need to wait long. :-)

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    Not a fan of these speakers tbh.

    Feel very cheap, but that's just my opinion.

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      They sound like much more expensive speakers and are very cheap.

      You really can't complain about them unless your suggesting someone pays a lot more money for better speakers…

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        You can get swan m10's for a little bit more from pccg. They do rings around Logitech speakers.

        • Unless you're picking up it's probably cheaper from myav.com.au because they charge $15 for postage.

      • Sound quality is crap. No treble but plenty of bass for the head bangers. If you want some better quality speakers in the similar price range, IMO go for Creative. They are the people who deals with sound and not a company that does jack of all trades.

        • +1 Creative make a far superior speaker. It comes down to budget and what your particular needs/wants are in regards to sound quality. I have Creative speakers on one PC and Logitech on another (kids computer)… there is no comparison.

    • I believe that quality went down a notch with the current range of logitech speakers. The older models were much better built. Not sure about their other products

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      I disagree.
      I have some right in front of me an I certainly wouldn't call them cheap feeling.

      They also sound really good, especially for this price.

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        maybe he's expecting something that goes in a rack mount?

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    Wow, just realised I haven't bought anything from LogitechShop in many, many months! Looking at their deal history on OzBargain, their last big sale was in early October last year. Didn't these guys use to have sales every few weeks? :)

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      Swan M10 and if you can spend a little more the M50W's are rated highly.

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        I've got the Swan M10s, they're pretty awesome for ~$150 with great clarity - even better if you get some isolation pads to cancel out all those nasty vibrations! They also look super stylish in white/black! My only issue with them is that there's no headphone jack, optical input or remote



    Also the Swan M10's from PCCG will not come with free shipping - $19 to 2121 - adds a fair bit to the overall cost….

    • Actually, the z523 and z623 are in the same product line-up, with the z623's having replaced the venerable z2300.

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      Contrary to your belief these Replaced the z2300's, sorry to burst your bubble, but your speakers are considered nowhere near as good as these or the z2300 also I believe the z523's haven't yet been discontinued?

    • That's why you'd order the M10s from MyAV :P Maximum shipping cost is only $15 to 6148


    • I have the z523 system and I am happy with it, though I mostly use headphones. If the z623 is better then this is a good deal, not crystal clear but not much audible distortion.

      Thanks to its headphone socket placement its easy to plug in and unplug my headphone system.

  • I have the z-5500 5.1 from logitech, they're good. But man i love the look of that swan m10, the m-50 is not quite to my liking (looks wise).

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    quick qn, where is the master on/off button situated on these speakers?
    i have the z2300 and it's on the back of the woofer which is a bit annoying.
    I'd leave them on but they produce a constant humming sound (they are a few years old..) which i find annoying!

    • All the switches (base, and volume and power) are located on the right satellite.

  • Do they come with a wall mounting option?

  • Looks like they found dick smiths deal at $129. Picked em up a few days ago. SOUND AMAZING. Id still go with dick smith if i had to get more even though they are 15 more. Logitech shop has horrible customer service.

    • Price match at Officeworks.

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        I actually feel sorry for officeworks. Whenever a deal comes out everyone just blindly screams "PRICE MATCH AT OFFICEWORKS OMG CHEAP STUFF"
        That being said, they brought it upon themselves. I personally hate price matching. All you get is a shitty employee whose mad because he has to sell something cheaper then advertised, and you start driving the business into the ground.

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          I noticed Officeworks had to lower their prices but hide the stock.

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          said business could always elect to NOT have a price match policy if they were being driven into the ground?

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          I would hardly feel sorry for Officeworks — they are not a small company. I imagine for the most part they would actually generate quite a lot of business from their price matching policy. It gives the perception that they are the cheapest so people feel happy spending money there (even though we know a lot of the time they are not the cheapest). I imagine many of the items that are price matched are still above their cost price even with the 5% discount. Also I imagine some people may buy a few other things while they are in store in addition to their priced matched item, again generating income on the other items.

  • Are any of these suitable to bypass TV speakers without using an AV receiver? I have optical or L/R out. Not expecting much but anything would be better than my TV.

    • yeah, I think they have RCA inputs. not sure about optical though. (i'm not knowledgable enough)

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      They are only phono. You will need a DAC such as a Fiio D3 to convert Optical to Line Out (3.5mm). I use one to do this with my TV.

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      Yes you can use the regular analog RCA L/R output (or headphone) from the TV and it should sound way better then the built in speakers. All PC speakers are usually good for this.

    • Thanks all. Seems a simple question but, because these units don't come with remotes, will the TV volume control also contol all these speakers?

      Must say I like the swan M10s - build quality looks superb. Where are they made? Are they "almost" as good as the M100MkII or the M50W for my intended TV usage, each of these listed at $349 and $325 respectively?

      M10 looks as if only inlet is via headphone cable out from TV - is this right?

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    I had my heart set on these but not sure now with people's comments. What would be the equivalent model in Creative brand? I am getting a new computer at some stage with decent speakers mainly for music. Thanks.

    • I'm no expert but I think there's a price to pay for speakers that hold onto the value better. I remember paying for speakers for120 and reselling them for 60 5 years later. Not sure about creatine but Logitech always seems to have a big demand.

      • Investment grade Logitechs.

  • 2.1 speakers for 115? I got my Logitech 5.1's for 90… go figure

    • I've also had 5.1 channel speakers can't remember the exact model but they were quite popular 5+ years ago. Would not contemplate getting another 5.1 because it gets quite messy and its not really required as for computers.

      The new models are also quite pretty. Although I'd be interested to know the sound quality comparison to them!

    • You're Logitech 5.1's are highly unlikely to be comparable to these. The Z506 5.1 speakers have been selling for around that price, and they aren't anything like these in build quality or sound.

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    After seeing this thread I ended up pre-ordering the swan m10's from pccg. been in the market for some budget pc / gaming speakers for a while. Pick up available in Mulgrave, Melbourne too! $149.00 & stock arrives tomorrow apparently for anyone else interested.

    • +1

      I'm thinking of getting the m10 as well, but it just looks to chunky and is 50% more. Decisions decisions.. Also knowing that the m10 is not very popular, from my research, most of the popularity revolves around whirlpool. I think i've concluded to now get the Logitech price matched at officeworks.

      • -1

        lolwut. There isnt a great deal of reviews because they arent as well known as logitech. But are significantly better.

        Logitech are very ordinary speakers, and it shows from the price.

      • +4

        Honestly man, I don't know how much of an audiophile you or the majority of people commenting here are, but the Z623's are really really good.

        Anyone saying they're 'average sound' especially compared to the price, must be smoking something. They sound really really good.

      • the m10 is the most popular swan system, although until this thread i had never even heard of them… big o/s perhaps ? i will have the m10's this afternoon so i will give my thoughts once i have them set up.

  • Thanks. Ordered the z623 to replace my mum's aging set of Logitech 5.1 (the cheap ones which were always for $99 at EB back in the day). I've got z2300's which are pretty epic so I'd expect these to be pretty close or better than those.

  • Thanks mate….picked them up from Officeworks for $109.25

  • Ditto.. Got from Officeworks for $109.25. Still some stock left at Woolloongabba for QLD'ers, Milton has run out.

    • For anyone interested Hoxton Park still had one more on the shelf.

    • Confirmed with Officeworks in Woollongabba. Picked one set up with price match this afternoon. They still got two sets left.

  • Ordered yesterday, got it today! WIN!

  • +2

    Lovin' the cheapness of Logitech's bringing bang for buck speakers. Pulled the trigger. I figure: if AU$30 buys such sweet notes from its little set one cannot go wrong with the Big kahuna. Obviously when it comes to critical listening I would be switching back to the trusty 595s as characterised by senny's h-fidelity, full resolution balanced cleanliness.

    I read most carefully the evaluations OB, WP and various editorials present, so I understand the case well that M10 would be the next most competitive in this pricing set. Though, upgrade choices, when have these not existed.

    So in the end, prompting my investment I stumbled on some soluble steps which should take musicality to the maximum, anyone interested in such beneficial steps.

    Although I don't share the system referenced by that reviewer [ Mac-mini], my investment in clean iMic USB audio $34_ebay means one can tone down dB_Bass just a little while set equaliser preferences on JetAudio (or whichever player) e.g. to push up the mids and bring these out again.

  • Shipping is too quick - I ordered after 5pm, and received it before 9am the next day! This is how online shopping and delivery should be. :-)

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      That delivery time is very un-australian :P

      • You can tell they don't use Australia Post.

  • Bought Yesterday and received before 10 am this morning, very impressed!

  • +1

    Yep order placed and dispatched afternoon/Mon. Really unheard of. They're the best.

  • thanks op, got one from officeworks today 109.25
    - 2 left in castle hill, nsw.

  • Was about to get these from Dicksmith for $129 + $10 delivered. Checked logitechshop first and saw this deal. Purchased it yesterday afternoon, received the delivery this morning. Decent speakers for the price. But I still reckon the Z-2300 sounds better though, I own both.

  • I'll get it just to play this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0BLK4rs0Sw

  • How are you all liking your purchase? I'm considering them, but I'm reading a lot of mixed feedback… Any music genres it does well it? Other feedback? cheers