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10% off All Products at Healing Crystals


Get 10% off all products at Healingcrystals.com with the coupon code RQM10.

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    Healing crystals?

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    I'm all for alternative culture, but come on… crystal healing is at best, misguided. At its worst, is an scam to prey on the gullible ill and their families. 10% off nothing is still nothing.


    jesus christ marie, theyre minerals!


    No deal here, rocks can be had for free from the garden.


    Scam, and irrelevant discount on these scam rocks. Don't waste your money on rubbish that doesn't work.


    Wanting to judge on the deal alone regardless if the whole notion is bogus (and I think it is) this site is very close to other sites selling similar pretty looking rocks and 10% off something so subjective in price is no bargain for me. Next time many try palming off your wears to a more select target market not one that a majority still play with Lego and have 20 years of printer paper because you don't buy it when you need it, you don't buy it when you want it you buy it when the price is right.

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