Google/LG Nexus 4 Back In Stock - $349+20 Postage from Google Play Store

Moved to Forum: Original Link — it's Google Play Store regular pricing. "Announcement" rather than a deal.

Original Deal from Oct

Full specs -

Nexus 4 stock coming in 31st January in Australia, note the Playstore has changed from "Out of stock" to "Temporarily out of stock", the same as what happened in the US when they replenished stock yesterday.

  • $349+$20 for 8gb model
  • $399+$20 for 16gb model

Sale starts on 31st Jan
9am in New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania

8:30am in South Australia

8am in Queensland

7:30am in Northern Territory

6am in Western Australia

Make sure you're quick because it is likely to sell out extremely quickly due to huge hype.

Discussion on buying the device-

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  • I have to wait till Tuesday.

    Good on W.A. (Wait Awhile)

  • Just received an email this morning confirming my order has been cancelled!!!

    Apparently "undeliverable".

    I presume that is because I had a PO box delivery address.

    Would be nice if they'd either not accept the PO box address at order time or give me a chance to amend it.

    I'm busy sending emails to see if I can get it sorted.

    Bah!!! :(

  • +1

    Have the Nexus 4 and it feels and looks good and is snappy but boy, battery life sucks on it once you start using it beyond making calls/sms. Anything that uses 3G data saps the battery like mad. Way worse than my SGS3 and iPhone 4S!

    • Not sure why you got negged, but here's a + to even it out for now.
      I have to agree with you and, if it wasn't for Juice Defender, my N4 wouldn't last past 4pm after unplugging it at around 8am. That's only using it for browsing Facebook (no video), foursquare, emails and playing Ingress.
      With JD on balanced, I can get it to 8-9pm before plugging it in.

      • I should install JD!

        I find my battery life similar to yours. Phone dies by mid-arvo on moderate internet usage (emails, Eurosport, some FB, surfing).

        My SGS3 and the iPhone 4S on similar usage will last till I get home unless I use it for heavy surfing.

        Perhaps it's due to apps not being optimised for JB 4.2?

    • are there any smart phones that last more than a day?

      • +1

        Note 2 and the Maxx HD comes to mind. But it's the price of the Nexus that puts it in another league.

        • yeah, note 2 is kind of big, and I have the tablet note, I've got that one that came with my redbull mobile so I am not expecting much

    • +1

      I'm just happy the battery life isn't as terrible as the Galaxy Nexus.

      • Mmm.. I usually get one and half days out of my Galaxy Nexus with some web surfing.
        Heavy data usage without watching to much videos will still easily last me through out a day.

    • Lmao… No 4g/LTE but you still don't get a day of battery life? That's pretty terrible. Even my S3 4G sees me through most of the day.

  • +1

    The journey of my Nexus 4

  • OMG!!!! Just received mine 5 minutes ago!!!! awesome service, Fedex!!!

    • Did they call before delivery?

      • No they didn't, please note that, I put my office as an address

        • Ah k, I've been sat at home waiting for delivery! Haha, even though it's for my sister i'm actually more excited.

  • Now with the phones getting delivered what sort of cases and screen protectors would you guys go for. What do you guys think of this works out $11.98 with shipping to Melbourne.

  • Fedex webpage is still telling me a 6pm delivery today, even though its at Alexandria, NSW ???

  • got mine this morning. Pretty good. Very happy with it.

    • Do you noticed that there is no "app menu" button any longer?
      They've changed it into "recent apps" menu instead?

  • Just got delivered

  • 7249 Launceston,Tas - 12.10 Pm Delivered

  • Well, they missed the 6pm deadline.

    • They were 6 min early for me.. :P

  • +1

    16GB nexus 4 back in stock at Google Play Store NOW!

    • Wow! But still no bumper. Did they have it last Thursday? I was too much in a hurry to go through checkout that I forgot to order the bumper or even have a look if they had it in stock.

  • No they don't have the bumper. When I spoke to them yesterday, they did not have an ETA yet.

    I was told this ^^^ is exactly the same bumper. Some people on the xda forum believe this company bought all the bumper on google play store to resell at lower price.

    • Thanks for that. Not really ready to pull the trigger on these but will consider if I get desperate. :-)

  • Bought mine a week ago, they should arrive today :D

    • Did you mean the bumper case? Did you order it on its own or with the phone? How much was shipping?

      • I meant just the phone sorry.

  • +1

    I was disappointed after one day's use. The screen has yellow tint, on the bottom, there are a yellow spot. The sound volume keys are extremely terrible and very loose. I am pretty sure, they will die very soon.

    Bad quality phone compared with S3. I decided to return or ask for an exchange.

    • Have you contacted Google about this???

    • +1

      You got a dud unfortunately.

      Every review I have read has commented that the build quality is very good.

      Got mine yesterday and the build quality is perfect.

    • I think the yellow spot is due to glue not drying completely.
      From memory, the iphone 4/5 had a similar problem that disappeared within a week or two.

  • has anyone ordered 8gb model and received it yet? bought mine on 31st but hasn't even shipped yet

  • Had to pay $30 extra for one off eBay on the weekend -_-

  • I got mine yesterday, found the original seal was cut before, and another layer of seal was added afterward. Looks very dodgy. Has anyone have similar problem?

    • Mine was perfectly sealed, did you take pictures before opening the box. May be you can send those pictures to Google and ask for an explanation.

  • is it sold out because i keep getting error when i click purchase i would have bought it the other day but i didnt think it would arrive in time for valentines day now i can see it will and i think its sold out :(

  • EVERYBODY, it seems to be working again !!!! i managed to order one but it probly wont arrive in time for valentines day but i dont care ill just give it to her late!!

    • +3

      Will you be my valentine?

  • I bought two 8GB on February 9, it said it would ship in 1-2 weeks, fine. Now they updated the shipping estimate to March 10 !! Unfortunately I will have to cancel the order since I am going overseas on the 6th. Frustrated!

    • haha Google just shipped the phone! Bought Feb 9, shipped Feb 13.

      • I purchased on the 10th, shipped on the 13th also. Happy with that.

  • Bought a 16gb version today (14th)
    It says shipping 2-4 weeks.

    • Shipping estimate: March 10, 2013

      24 days away

      • Thats what mine initially said: shipping 2-4 weeks. But then the date changed and was delivered in less than a week (bought on the 31st Jan). Yours might be the same.

      • I ordered mine on the 12th when it was due to be shipped in 3-4 weeks and I was given an shipping estimate of March 10 as well.

        • I assume they are waiting for stock from LG, they might not even be made yet.

          I'm happy to wait though, I already anticipated a month or so when I bought it.

          Over at whirlpool everyone is having a fit that others got theirs in 4-5 days and they haven't got theirs yet.

  • When you purchase the handset is it billed straight away or only once it has shipped? I need a tax invoice to claim it before the end of the fringe benefit tax year (end of March, but have to get claims in soon).

  • You get a receipt straight away, although they only do a pre-approval on your card until they ship it….
    Still waiting…ordered on the 4th of Feb, 3 phone calls to google and no idea still.. Apparently it will be delivered on 22/2 although I haven't had and fed-ex notifications yet…

  • Is there any international transaction fee when you purchase nexus 4 from Google Play Store with a credit card?

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