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Free Instant Platinum GHA Discovery Membership


GHA Discovery, the loyalty program for Global Hotel Alliance (14 hotel brands with 300 hotels in 53 countries) is offering free, instant, mid-tier Platinum elite status at signup, using the above signup link.

Traditionally, platinum status is offered after you complete 10 stays at one of the chain's property.

Status is valid for two years from signup. Not the best of programs, but who am I to say no to free elite status?

Unknown expiry date.

Platinum Benefits

One Platinum Local Experience - http://www.gha.com/Local-Experiences
Choice of newspaper
Complimentary internet access
Complimentary bottle water
Membership preference profile
Upgrade to next room category at check-in
Late check-out 3pm
Guaranteed room availability 48 hours prior to arrival
Local Amenity

Valid at the following hotels:




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  • Nice one, staying in Anatara hotel tomorrow!

  • Signed up, can't hurt. Might stay in Sydney at the Parkroyal next time

  • Would you just be able to sign up and use the free platinum local experience voucher. Just had a look and they have vouchers for up to about $80-$100 value at the Perth restaurant. Can't hurt for free if this is the case. Having a quick look, Melbourne and Sydney don't look as good value but Abu Dhabi (Australia) does offer desert archery lessons!

  • I'm actually going to Singapore in May and I've booked 4 nights at the Pan Pacific, but I didn't use the card. Do you think I might be able to get an upgrade if I'm lucky?


      Where did you book? If you booked directly then email or ring them and get them to link your GHA Discovery membership number to your booking. If you didn't book directly (i.e. through some third-party), then it's probably still worth contacting them, but there's probably less of a guarantee of any benefits being given. Alternatively, if you booked a cancellable rate, it might be worth rebooking directly to be assured of getting the benefits!

    • Generally with loyalty programs they will honor your status regardless of who you book through, though with 3rd party agents you won't receive points (who cares right?)

      • I did book through another website - bookings.com, because it was a bit cheaper. I don't think I can cancel without incurring a fee. But anyhow, I might just give Pan Pacific a call or an email and see if they can add the membership number. I'm not sure if I should mention the upgrade, too scared! I never got upgraded in any of the hotels I've been too despite reading about other people getting upgrades and etc. The only time we were remotely close to an upgrade was at the Novotel in Beijing when the aircon in our room wasn't working properly, and we asked the manager if we could go to a different room, we asked if we could get upgraded to the next one up and he was like "sorry, the room next door is free and it's the same as yours, so you'll have to go to that one.". Bummer!

        • Haha you have to be firm about it! Service varies hugely, some places you have to practically beg for your status to be recognised, at others it's pretty automatic.

          You are entitled to the upgrade, unless they have no availability.

          If for whatever reason they don't have your reservation in their system yet, be sure to provide them with your platinum membership number upon check in, and ask for the upgrade.

  • Thanks. Heading to the beautiful Parkroyal in Penang next month.

  • +2 votes

    Signed up - thanks. Note that they include your password (in plain text) in the 'welcome' email, so make sure you use something you don't mind being compromised.

  • I tried it with the link, just comes up as gold membership for me. Did I miss something ?

  • Currently a gold member, signed up from work travel. Don't see anywhere I can "upgrade" my current gold to platinum, anyone tried?

  • Got error "Invalid brand code in the querystring!"

  • Link not working again guys

  • Signed up, and it's saying I'm a Gold member. Sure it hasn't ended?