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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 16GB Wi-Fi for $344 (after Samsung $100 Cash Back Offer)


and surrender old broken PC/tablet ….

After seeing the HN $100 E-Waste offer here, I went to HN Auburn NSW this morning and got myself Galaxy Note 10.1 16Gb for $544 (online price). So they only charged me $444 after handling over my old/broke Optus ZTE.


Then I went to Westfield Parramatta NSW to get my Samsung $100 EFTPOS Gift card, after seeing this offer from Samsung last night:



You can only do this together on the following HN stores:

Harvey Norman
i. 250 Parramatta Rd, Auburn NSW
ii. Westfield Carindale QLD
iii. Westfield Fountain Gate VIC
iv. Corner Ipswich and Barrier St, Fyshwick ACT
v. Corner Greenfield St and Albany Hwy, Cannington WA

Of course if you are travelling in 1 month then there is the GST back benefits (not included in this bargain) …..


PS: I am sure you can haggle even better to say get it to $300 but I don't have the time myself …

EDIT: The $200 off offer also applies to 32Gb and also 3G models of Note.
Ie 16Gb +3G is $492.00
32Gb is $492.00
32Gb +3g is $636.00

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  • lot of positive comments above….has anyone actually managed to get the deal??

    • OP has.

      • no one else?? after 84 positive votes!

        • yes just completed the deal at Auburn and Parramatta today.
          Awesome, worth the 3-4 hrs stuffing around in Sat morning traffic and dealing with Westfield parking.
          Great help from Tony at HN Auburn - (both black and white 16g are now out of stock btw).
          Did try to upsell insurance and covers etc, but politely declined.
          Now, time to play with my new toy.

        • how much did you get for?

        • Ticketed price on the box is is $589, but they sold it for $544 as that seems to the going price at JB Hifi etc.

          They have some on back order.
          I rang them yesterday and placed a credit card deposit on it that's how I managed to get one of the few remaining.

          Very strange promotion for the EFTPOS cashback, not sure it is well advertised as Samsung had a whole team of 3 or 4 people there at Parramatta and had only processed about 6-7 refunds between yesterday and this morning from what I could see.

          Oh, they like to take you pic as proof that they are doing their job :-)

  • would the good guys or other retailers also price match the $100 off for recycled pc ?
    handing in you old pc is clearly just a gimmick… so…. ?

  • +3

    HN Auburn out of stock this morning.

    • Is it Out of Stock for the 16Gb? You can still get the 32Gb or 3G version for $200 off.

  • Got mine from fountain gate this morning , very easy to do went to Harvey norman asked for tablet gave them old laptop and details paid 444, went to Samsung exp near myer showed receipt they got my details no stamp and stupid photo and then got 100 giftcard. Thanks Op it worked = )

  • I've gotten the deal. It was easy. $444 for the tablet after the discount. The recycle reward is definitely not a gimmick. Gave them my ancient PC, which still works but probably won't load until a few cuppa later. It is a HN program so I am doubtful that other retailer would match.

    FYI: The store offered product care for $85, 3 years replace if the tablet croaks. I know you get 2 years warranty with the tablet but it gets sent back to be fixed so there's wait time. The product care basically means you can take it back to HN and get a new one, so I've been told.

  • Hmmm, Since the promotional period has already began, would it be worth grabbing one of these at Harvey Norman Carindale this weekend? Would they accept that as during the promotional period?

    • HN promotion is valid until 18/02/2013, while I believe the Samsung cash back is until 10/03/2013. So long as you buy it at the correct store then you can claim both.

    • The bigger question is, will it still be in stock seeing as it's Saturday already?

  • -1

    Have a few very old netbooks that dont work. Anyone wants to buy it off me for $10 so that you can redeem this offer? pm me if interested. I live in melbourne cbd

  • Damn I paid 489$ after promo.

    I had a feeling I was paying the wrong price. But the store was closing, so I didn't question too much.

    I wonder if I can go back and get the difference back….:(

  • Just for everyone's benefit, this $200 discount also applies to $32 Gb or/and 3G version of Note. Just in case everyone is focussing on 16Gb which is out of stock at Auburn. Just use the same method to get $200 off.

    Ie 16Gb +3G is $492.00
    32Gb is $492.00
    32Gb is $636.00

    • A lot of people would much rather pay $15 for a 16GB micro SD card rather than $148 for the extra 16GB. :)

      • I agree but if anyone needs 3G version, this deal still applies.

  • Thanks. Was thinking of getting the Windows RT but this was just too good a deal to ignore. Traded in a 7 years old dell desktop after removing the DVD drive and hard drive at HN Fountain Gate. Then went inside the Westfield (first time here)and the ladies at the information centre said there was no Samsung shop or kiosk in there. Was almost about to leave when a Samsung guy in blue T-Shirt came to the info centre to say that they had a kisok upstairs near Myer. Got the $100 EFTPOS card but they insisted on taking a promo photo with me holding the EFTPOS card and the receipt (I have left the tablet in the car) with a sales chick.

    • So they Dnt need to see the tablet itself? Because I bought one yesterday from fountain gate too but by the time I went back to Samsung kiosk at 4pm…they were already gone..and my tablet has already gone overseas test to claim gst…so is it OK if I just show them the receipt?

      • Yes, I claimed mine without the tablet and no stupid photo :-)

  • +1

    QUESTION: Does Harvey Norman have paypass?

    • hahaha, i see what you did there!

    • Wow, you can get a further 5% with this and around $40 for TRS, so it comes down to sub $300

    • Is paypass = paywave?

      Paywave only works for transactions $100 and under (actually I think it is $99.99 and under based on my own experience).

  • Does the HN promotion accept e reader (kobo)? Thanks

    • Called them up and they confielrmed that the recycling has to be a computer (PC or laptop) or a tablet (internet access) but not an Ebook reader… oh well

  • Harvey Norman Fountain Gate still has around 4 units as of this morning

  • Would i be better to buy a 16gb note 10.1 and buy a 16gb sd card, or to just buy a 32gb 10.1? Will there be much of a difference in speed? I have a galaxy s 1 phone and have expanded the memory by 16gb, and it has made it very slow. Is this the same with the note 10.1? I understand technology has advanced. lol

  • Put the old computer in the car, called up and was told they have no stock left at Fountain Gate. Shattered.

    • No stock for all Note 10.1 or just the 16GB wifi only?

      • No 16GB Wifi as of ~4:00PM today (spoke with 'Matt' over the phone). He did say he had 16GB + 3G and 32GB Wifi. If anyone hears about 16GB WIfi stock at me Fountain Gate let us know please

  • got one this morning at fountain gate. thanks OP. They said people were coming from everywhere for that deal but they weren't selling many other tablets under the tradein deal.

  • Just picked up last one from Carindale this morning!! $544 retail but after trading old pc got $444.. Now to wait until the Samsung Carindale site opens later this month so i can go in and claim the $100 gift card.. fingers crossed this works!!

  • Was told by HN staff they sold 90 units of 16GB WiFi yesterday at Fountain Gate. I happen to grab the last one at 12-ish today. However there're still 16GB 3G or 32GB WiFi stock left.

  • +2

    HN Auburn had no stock when I got there but I paid for one anyway. Does anyone know if I would still be able to recieve the Samsung cashback?

    • +1

      Yes you can. Parra Westfields ran out of gift cards yday so we are getting one sent out. Just go to the bottom level near the escalators. I also paid for mine yday and put it on back order.

    • I am planning to do the same today, go to HN Auburn and buy it (backorder) and go to parra westfield to claim the giftcard. Please let me know if you are successful with it, thanks!

      • Are you in NSW? Any luck claiming the $100 from Samsung using the backorder receipt? I'm contemplating…

    • HN said that they will do this for you? Anyone done this at Fountain Gate?

    • +1

      Worked for me too. Like you there was none in stock when I got there. The cashback got processed no problem, they ran out of giftcards so mine will have to be mailed out :(. As long as you bring your receipt you'll be fine. My sales rep had a little rant when I kindly declined his offer for extended warranty, something about customers exploiting these deals but not giving anything back.

  • +2

    If anyone who has actually taken advantage of this deal, and you think it is good deal, but haven't yet voted, can you please vote for the deal? This is purely for OP's (selfish) satisfaction that he has posted the first ever "100+" deal, and only need 3 votes …. There was 90 16Gb Wifi flown off Fountain Gate, and Auburn is out of stock so that must be at least 100+ of these gone somewhere, mostly to Ozbargainers I assume ….

    • Here you go….got you to 99

  • I just set it to 100.

    • Woo hoo! My first 100+ vote bargain! Thank you everyone!

      • Thank you! Got the tablet on backorder with HN Auburn and claimed the giftcard (run out and will be posted) from Westfield Parra. Now the waiting game begins for both….

  • Was anyone able to confirm for QLD? Is it still worth buying?

    I tried calling them but was directed to email them…!! No response as off yet.

  • Fountain Gate wont back order me one. Very sad

    • Maybe if enough people ask them they would……

  • +1

    Some information for WA OZBargainer… regarding buy now claim later.

    went to the Cannington store on Sunday and had a chat with one of the experienced sale person there.

    he knows about the deal and we also went through the conditions and agreed we "probably" could buy now and claim later…

    The best thing I came up with is put a deposit (%10) and reserve one and pick it up on the 18th with your beloved pc(last day of the recycle deal). There are still heaps in stock, but this deal is very popular.

    I went for the white 16gb 3G version ($692 - their price was $724) just tell them the online store was cheaper and they'll match it. same with the 16gb wifi only ($544 vs $586)

    • I'm interested in buy one [if i get that $200 off]

      RECYCLE FOR $100 REWARD - PICK UP ONLY is not a problem

      BUT with Westfield Carousel WA 18 February 2013 – 3 March 2013


      The offer and instructions on how to claim form part of these Terms and Conditions. Participation in this Samsung GALAXY Cash Back Promotion (“Promotion”) is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

      This Promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

      From the last sentence, could we get both the recycle deal and the cash back?

      Please help

      • I think the "in conjunction with any other offer." is for other Samsung offers… the Recycle offer is with Harvey N.

        There are people able to get the two deals together so far, so I don't think this would be a problem.

        • Thanks sevenofnine…….

          will talk to the guy [if i could find him]

        • update……

          called up to check with the offer……they know all about these two offers and as long as we apply for cash back on the same day, we may get the $100 cash back.

          When asked if i could put a deposit on the table, she replied "you can't"……..

          Now i've drive from North of perth to south between 3pm and 5:30pm

          Hope i get this NOTE with the two offers

        • @cmoravin, you meant buy and claim before 18 Feb? Where do you claim the gift card when the stall in Wesfield Carousel is not even setup for you to claim yet?

        • I meant buy and claim on 18th……
          only one day for WA if you are after both offers [save $200]

          The stall should start on the 18th.

        • Bought the Note from HN for $443 earlier ($100 deduction for Recycle). Immediately drove across the road to Westfield Carousel to claim the $100 ETPOS card from Samsung stall.

        • I think with the deposit, you have to be there to place a deposit.

          just pick up my Note 3G this morning and claim the $100 gift.

  • I tried getting harvey norman to match Penta Sydney price at $519, but they refused and said they can't do a price match and then the pc trade in offer (even though they matched their online price). That really annoyed me. But, all in all its know $344 after trade in and gift card is a good offer. Has anyone else managed to get it cheaper than $344? They were willing to match the price if i didn't have the pc to trade in.

    • Probably as someone posted above they have raised their price to be able to offer the waste-trade-in. They only allow one discount, either tradein or price match.

  • just got it! good deal. Just got to remember that the cash back promotion isn't part of HN. You must redeem it from the Samsung stall. Got the one from Fountain Gate and the Samsung stall closes at 4:30pm.

  • Got mine today, now looking for a light-weight but good protection case. Any recommendations?

  • I want the Galaxy Note II for that price :)

  • Can you purchase 2 units and trade in 2 old pc's?

    • +1

      Per recycle reward t&c doesn't mention limit to 1 per person. I guess you can trade 2 e-junks and buy 2 new pc or tablets each over $499.

  • Prior to getting mine from Fountain Gate, I went to the HN in Chadstone and the best price they could do was $650 for the 3G 16GB version. so after ejunk trade i guess that would make it $550. It's a shame the chadstone store did not have the cashback promo. Btw, fountain gate are sold out of ALL white note. 3G or Wfi only.

  • I really don't like white tablet or phone. Its not comfortable to look at

  • picked up one this morning at Fountain Gate, HN just restock some of them, the guy there said they had 6 last night and by early morning today it came down to 3, only 2 when I left ;)

    I did make a back-order the other day and this afternoon they called me again to pick it up, apparently I put the same contact details on the invoice but their staff doesn't seem bother to check if I bought it already. Should've bought 2 and sale one off feeBay

  • Picked up a white 16gb for $444 at Harvey Norman Fyshwick last Saturday with the e-waste rebate, went to claim the $100 gift card today…
    Everything went smoothly..I purchased it outside the operation period in ACT…

    • Looks like it proves you can buy the Note now and then claim the $100 later as some of the interstate ozbargainers queries. Great news.

  • Just purchased an ipad mini 32gb (rrp $479) and used the $100 recycle discount from the Darwin store.

    After checking with management the salesperson said all i had to do was make up $500 or more on the receipt and they would remove $100 as per the deal. I grabbed a screen protector and an sd card (for a camera) and off came $100 when I handed over my ancient non functioning laptop

    Not sure if you could pull this on on say 2 * $250 tablets but it doesnt seem to be exclusively limited to a single item of more than $500 rrp.

    • You're very lucky because that was just the condition your store made up.

      According to the T&C: "To qualify for discount, customer must spend $499 or more on a P.C. or tablet in a single transaction at the Franchise" <- i.e. "A" PC or tablet … in "A" single transaction.

      I have no doubt for individual HNs to offer their goodwill gestures, but for ozbargainers just be careful that it's not what the promotion was intended for.

  • success !!

    able to pick up the Note 3G from HN, they don't even want to know about the old pc… just discounted the $100 straight up.

    went to Samsung stand in Carousel (in front of the cinema) and got the $100 gift card. easy.

    • Same deal - got mine from HN Cannington today. Easy

      • Just did the same about an hour ago for a Galaxy Note. As we were walking out saw another girl walk into HN with an old laptop, probably going for the same deal :)

        Just need a good deal on a micro SD card now.

  • What do you guys use tablets for besides browsing internet, games and apps ( what apps specifically do you use on tablet that you cant on a phone ) ?

    Just curious..

  • Anyone know where is galaxy studio in Westfield Carindale can't find?

    • Ground floor, near Centre Stage.

  • Has anyone who back ordered the tablet from HN auburn nsw received their tablet yet? I am still waiting for mine and it has been 2 weeks now. I was told that it will ready withing 1 week.

    EDIT: rang HN Auburn just now, was told they don't have it yet and he said they are waiting for delivery from the main office. I went online to check the stock, it said "in stock", went to online chat and was told it might be a stock discrepancies, and he said that HN Auburn could just asked for a transfer of the tablet from other stores and the online chat was online deal with product information.

    I have received the $100 gift card from Samsung (applied at westfield parramatta)

  • +1

    Just went to Carindale QLD today. I purchased the tablet on the 9th of February. He said he needed to call to find out if I am eligible. After a few minutes he said he can't give me the gift card since I bought it outside the "Dates of Operations" even though it was in the promotional period. I said I tried to call the number on the terms and conditions and they had no clue about any of the details. I showed him the part on the Terms and Conditions about the promotional date and everything.

    I also tried to email and got no response. After explaining I am not happy with this he said I could always escalate it and he would ring me after he calls Samsung. So he called me up after 5 minutes and told me to come back. He said since the terms of conditions were hard to understand and the details of the promotional period contradicted each other he would give me the card.

    Quite unprofessional that every person I talked to at Samsung didn't know any details about the promotion (2 weeks into the promotion) and didn't even respond to an email.

    • +1

      Yes, a complete cock-up. I purchased a Note last Monday at HN Carindale. I went to the kiosk today and the supervisor had gone for a break. "He'll just be 5 minutes". 10 minutes later, he turns up. The sales guy from HN Carindale who had sold me the tablet somehow got in before me (I never left the kiosk) and he left muttering something about an invoice. Supervisor told me that he'd been told that the tablet had to be purchased during the "Dates of Operation". I asked him to show me where it says that in the Terms and Conditions. He said that's what he had been told this morning. I told him that Samsung really needed to write their T & Cs in plainer English. He agreed and told me that he'd said the same thing to Samsung.

      Went back to HN. Got wet as HN is in a separate complex and not in the shopping centre itself. Waited for said sales guy to sell a couple a Sony laptop at an amazing price. While I was waiting, a sales chick who had tried to help me when I first arrived, told me the manager would sort it out for me. Eventually, a new invoice was created, after refund. The girl who did the paper rework told me she had another seven people coming in that afternoon for the same thing. She said she'd make time to visit the Samsung rep though and tell him what she thought.

      Went back to the Samsung kiosk and it was painless after that.

      • What do you mean by a new invoice was created? Could you explain in simple english?

        As in is HN reprinting the invoices to today's date? Or you didn't get the $100 off from HN?

      • I almost laughed when I read this, but then feel sorry for all of you who have to go through the rigermole. I guess you are rewarded for your persistence! This is surely an ozbargainers spirit!

    • You are quite one lucky camper!!

      I haven't gone in myself personally yet (bought a Note tablet & table 2) on the 10th Feb and 24th Feb respectively..

      Don't like the chances of myself being able to redeem the cashback promotion as I have contact samsung promotion support (1300 079 267).

      The 4th Feb - 10th March is the National period of promotion for this whereas the individual state promotion at each specific shopping centre is the period when the purchase is required to be made to be eligible for the galaxy cashback promotion!! So confusing!!

      Not happy Jan!! But happy with my note and tablet!! :P

    • Are you sure you got the card? I am just confused here strangeloops66 had to go through so much effort and you got it so easily…? What's the trick..? I am going in today…PLease help…

      • Did you get the EFTPOS card? Sorry, haven't looked at this thread for a while.

  • I'd suggest:

    • Add ~ $220 to the after-cashback-received price

    to get Samsung's 10.1" tab -with- mobile -phone- capability (eg, from Kogan)

    16GB Samsung Galaxy Note N8000 costs $549 [+ $19 S+H], from memory, just now.

    (Yes, I know: Some don't like Kogan… but they just got into mobile services,
    so they just may be worth a 2nd look… :-)

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