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Toshiba Satellite L850-02Y 15.6" / i7 / W7P Notebook $770 [FREE DELIVERY, FREE BAG, FREE 2YR WARRANTY]


Genuine Australian Stock with full Australian Warranty!

Static ICE information: http://www.staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?q=Toshiba+L85...

(Everyone know's the deal with greenbox IT, so please don't compare us to them:)

The run down!

We're throwing in the following extras:

  • FREE Delivery, (give or take $20-$50 based on where you are located).
  • FREE Toshiba laptop bag. (valued at $78).
  • FREE additional 2 year warranty. (valued at $199).

We only have 60 available.


Enjoy and thanks for your support ozbargain! You guys are awesome.


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  • +1

    If only it had a dedicated graphics card… :-(

  • +1

    Sorry, can you explain to me what the deal is with Greenbox IT? I see them selling things cheaply quite often.

    • Very bad rep from lots of people.

      • Yeah, I noticed that after doing a bit of research. Thanks.

  • +1

    Done! Order placed

    • +2

      Vote it up then?

    • Awesome!

      Not many left now.

      Thanks to those who ordered.

      Orders are shipping today.

  • What's with the mouse pad on the left side rather than the middle.

    • It's not a mouse pad…

      Have you ever used a laptop?

    • The model shown (L850) is for lefties. If you are right-handed, order the Toshiba Satellite R850.

      • +1

        Not sure if joking or just being plain dangerous?
        The SPD is also on the left side on a r850

  • Looks like a decent deal but I won't buy a laptop with this resolution anymore. 4.7 to 5" cell phones are coming with 1080p HD resolution now and these laptop manufacturers keep shoving this crap resolution.

  • +4

    Just to focus on the less than optimal "features" of this deal(I am in the market for a new laptop)..
    1. 3KG's, 2. Resolution is low (1366 x 768), 3. No Dedicated graphics card, 4. 4GB RAM 5. 15.6in size screen 6. No Bluetooth,.

    Just to put things into perspective..
    My dell vostro 1720 (2009), came with 4GB, 17in, 3.1kg, Bluetooth (comparing with "features" above), 1440x900 res

    In this day age (and recent ozb deals), if I am going "heavy" I want 17in (sure 15.6 is fine), I want atleast 8gb ram (ram is CHEAP these days - I bought 2x8GB from Amazon delivered for $71 for my N40L), I want a quality dedicated 1GB (pref 2GB) graphics card, FHD res and with ideally 2 x hard drives, i.e. a small SSD for O/S and a decent size SATA drive, 3rd gen i7 processor, wife & bluetooth.. why not?

    Price between 650-750.. (Ok minus the SSD i guess.. http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/94202 @~$600 (price matched) better value in my opinion)

    So this deal doesnt cut it for me! (HAPPY to be corrected, I am a software guy!)

    • Not fair to compare a 17" to a 15.6". i.e. Apple vs Orange. To me there's nothing wrong to get an entry level product with an entry level price. But frankly, this is not the best price for an all-in-one i7 laptop. As mentioned above, you can get one with dedicated graphics with less than this price.

  • +1

    Just no! The same laptop(with better specs) was on sale at shopping express for as low as $599. You are just forcing people to buy the unnecessary warranty, laptop bag and making the delievery free ( which you claim to cost $20-$50, realistically $10-$15).

    • +3

      We're not making anyone do anything.

      • -1

        Well your deal is shitty and you can have a neg for your attitude.

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