This was posted 5 years 3 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Franklins 25% off Storewide (Not Cigs) Rockdale NSW (Might Be NSW-Wide)


25% storewide at Franklins Rockdale. Might be nsw-wide as the stores are closing down so it might be a good idea to keep an eye on them. Apparently Franklins Maroubra had a 50% off but that's closed now.

Generally pricier than the big 2 and Aldi, but if you grab things which are currently on sale + 25% off can be quite good.

Things I found good:
4 pack Peters Drumsticks $3 ($4 on special)
Abbottsford bread $2.61 (#3.49 on special)


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    This is what they've done at each store just before it closes down, doesn't seem to go any cheaper than 25% off - so I doubt it's national, though any store that is still open will almost certainly have it just before they close down.
    Did find it was a good saving on nappies which don't tend to get discounted that much, plus some more expensive torches (but it depends on what they have in stock).


    Moorebank store before they close was at 50%.

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    sad to see all the franklins shutting down


      Not all are shutting down. The ones that aren't are being rebranded e.g. to IGAs.


        my mum has been shopping at Franklins for at least 20 years (I've grown up with this store) and its a great shame that a lot of the Franklins stores are closing. Our local Franklins store closed in February and it was sad to see staff members laid off without any transfers (according to the staff members we spoke to)so it has been tough.

        These stores have closed purely through 1. no buyer 2. poor sales and is just another example why having a duopoly in Australian retail industry is bad for business. I hope Cosco and Aldi aren't the last retailers to enter the retail market in the next few years.

        Whilst its good for consumers to get these discounts, I just find it ironic these stores have been filled to capacity with customers that rarely or have never shopped at Franklins or as I refereed to as 'vultures'. I'm like if only these customers were around to keep these Franklins stores open.

        Also, what I found really annoying when my mother and I were shopping their in the last couple of days before it closed on Monday, was that certain customers were still whinging and complaining at how expensive products were despite the 25% and 50% specials that were on. Franklins can be very expensive but to do it when staff members are days from being unemployed was nothing but a disgrace. I wish people had a little courtesy than acting like spoiled little brats.


    You do realise that nation wide means the whole of Australia? Check what states Franklins are actually in

    Franklins operates stores throughout Metropolitan and Regional NSW. To find the location of your closest store, please click on your local area on the map below. Alternatively, you can select your suburb or enter your postcode and click search.


    i don't think 25% off applies to all Franklins (there are not many remaining now). They will run 25% off in two case

    1. the store is shutting down
    2. the store is getting sold so they want to reduce stock level.

    In this case i think this store is getting sold.

    I only used to work for Franklins before, not anymore so i'm not a 100% sure about it. I know in past one store did 25% off for 3 days to reduce stock weight before getting sold.


    i saw that sale today as well so i thought sweet ill get some baby formula and to my surprise with the 25% discount it comes to the same price as big W's normal price.. ahahah what a joke.

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