expired Norton Antivirus 70-75% off with Coupon

Norton Antivirus 70-75% off with CouponAffiliate

My very first post :)
found norton up to 50% off then also found coupons to take another 20-25% off. Dont knkow how long this is going on for but $39 for genuine antivirus for up to 3pc's sounded good to me.

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      Microsoft Security Essentials Flunks AV-TEST, Loses Certification


      Norton's rated better.

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        bitdefender did well. it has been given away free a few times in the past

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      I agree Nortons 'is' a virus - a virus on your resources and system.

      'Every' and I mean every time I get a customer to fix their system - norton's processing/resources a slowing down the system by around a 3rd.

      Is M$ better, they say no - but over Nortons it's less taxing - and against virus well "shrugs", been fine for my systems. People have to learn not to click that " please contact me email stating that they have $2million dollars in Nigera".

      'Gets off soapbox'

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    This is so adorable!

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    I last tried Norton in 2010 and it seemed around average. Like most antivirus applications, though, it didn't have a notify only mode - it automatically placed 10 false positives into a quarantine directory and I had to manually put the files back. With the sole exception of MS Security Essentials, free AVs are trash - almost every trainer, hack, keygen or crack you download will be flagged as malware, and even some legitimate shareware or freeware. Torrent and file hoster link sites are full of people (wrongly) raving about malware, simply because Avast/AVG/Avira told them so.

    Security Essentials might not be a wise idea for people running "free" versions of MS Windows and/or Office, but for legit paying customers it is a good option.

    A suggestion to the poster: People prefer it when you give more specific details in the title including the price or % off. One gets better with practice.

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      thanks thaal will put that into practice


      Thaal should try Comodo Antivirus (Free version) far better than Paid antivirus like mcafee, norton etc


        they used to distribute the full version for free, then decided to release an upgraded version and have you pay for it
        used to be amazing otherwise (a bit annoying to tell it "nope, the disc is fine" everytime you put one in though)

        i then defected to MSE, would use Comodo again though


      What unmitigated nonsense.

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    Got if free after cashback from a previous ozbargain deal a few months ago http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/85097 . Got the $40 rebate cheque yesterday in the mail.


    What a rip off that $39 price is and this is a better deal. You can buy Norton Antivirus 2013 3PC from Computeractive Software Store for AUD $24.99


    And Norton Internet Security 2013 3PC is AUD $29.99



    Currently running Norton, F-Secure and Comodo. Previously ran Kaspersky KIS 2009/2010/2011/2012/2013 the last 2 of which I would not give to my worst enemy.

    Norton is fine, not sure if it's a resource hog as I'm running it on resource rich system but I have not noticed any strain on my system, quite like it atually.

    F-Secure is great and I will be installing it on all my systems, it doesn't have as many gimicky features as some of the others but then in my case at least those features are useless.

    Comodo, it's just a trial so there are many annoying popup buy me your trials ending soon, but it also has many other pop ups and over all seems like a pain in the arse. No detections so far, I haven't taken much notice of resources either, but it's rubbish.

    Anyway Norton seems like a good buy and from what I've read have improved considerably over the last few years, people are still stuck in the past though when Kaspersky was good (lmao) and Norton left you to scrounge for resources.

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      As an alternative you can still get Norton Antivirus 2013 3PC (download) from store.computeractive.co.uk for AUD $24.99 which is a better deal than what Norton themselves had on their website to begin with.

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