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Buy One $20 iTunes Card Get One Free @ Harvey Norman (Australia Wide?)


I think the title and picture says it all. Similar to previous deals from Harvey Norman.

Buy 1 $20 itunes card and get another $20 itunes card free this Saturday and Sunday.

The deal is in today's Daily Telegraph and I'm not sure if its available Australia wide.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • It's be great if there were no limit on purchases. Last time it was restricted per customer.

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    I wonder why Harvey Norman is the only brick&mortar shop that does this bogof itunes cards sale.

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      i know WOW Sight and Sound did at least once or twice… and look where it got them :P

      • yeah but WOW wasn't the problem, it was the parent company who bought them shedding them to get some cash back - it was a shame as WOW was pretty good

    • They can afford the loss leader in the hopes we buy other things?

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    Last time I went to pick up one of these they treated me like a professional. No sale.

    • that's hardly normal, forcing myself not to go there ever again since 2009. one bad experience is enough for me.

      • I bought something online and it came after 2 wks. When they wouldn't answer my emails and I had to ring one of their stores to see what happened. Not how you do online business but I guess they don't care.

        • they are all salesman, when did they ever care? they want you to buy buy buy, once bought, they don't want you coming back to them.

          Me: Hi can I ask where the $50 printer on sale is?
          Salesman: Here I'll take you to the $400 ones they are better.
          Me: um, but I don't need a better one.
          Salesman walks off

          Me: Hello I asked your other staff where the sales printer is
          Salesman 2: what? yeah, we are out of stock
          Me thinks… fuuuu!!

          Me start walking out, see a small pile of printers on floor near counter: Sale $50 printers


          lmao… harvey scumsuckers

        • you are such a professional

      • i'm at malaysia for holidays atm, and they use the term "hardly normal" in one of their harvey norman radio ads, wasn't sure if they were in sarcasm mode or suicide mode.

    • I got an online quote from HN for a washing machine. Then I popped in the shop the second day. The sales man just denied to honor the offer despite I showed him the offer record. Later I went online and complained to another CS. The lady pretended to consult the manager or whatever higher guys, and told me that she escalated the case to their headquarter and promised someone from headquarter would contact me to give a solution. 3 weeks has passed, I have not got any message from them. Bad bad experience with this hardly normal.

  • Can someone please confirm if its available in Vic also?

    • Yes, it's in the Herald Sun. Not as good as last time when you were able to order online too.

    • Can confirm it worked for 2 of us in HN Sunshine Victoria. Had to get a floor salesman to confirm "out the back" and instruct the cashier how to process it.
      PS: Not cards, just printouts

      • I have previously got cards. In fact I would expect "itunes gift cards" just as the newspaper ad suggests.

  • Shame its not online this time

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      It's a deal I'd actually rock up to HN for. These cards are gold when there are teenagers around to buy gifts for…

  • also $7 Philips In-Ear Headphones SHE3500BL

    Herald Sun, 15 Mar 2013. Page24

    One deal per customer. Available in store only. Offer valid on $20 iTunes Gift Cards only.

  • past experience shows that the individual franchises will try to wriggle their way out of this deal.

    • Deliberately hiding all the itunes cards
    • Saying machine no longer working/reached limit
    • Saying sold out.
    • etc
    • Go in the day before grab two and hide em in the store for the next day.
      Machine not working .. no worries I'll rain check these.

  • Man… half price itunes apps. tempting.

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    Just head straight to your local officeworks. This promo is bound to sell out fast in HN stores once the word gets out. Officeworks have always been compliant to pricematch. Plus they might even beat it by 5% (well it worked for me the last time HN had this BOGOF offer)


    But Saturday and Sunday is MY time.

    This should be Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm

  • I have purchased this deal previously from the HN at Bondi Junction, Martin Place and Moore Park and never had a problem.

  • It's Australia wide! Just got some from City Cross, Adelaide. The manager said the promo was alongside the headphones and just had to tell the girl at the counter it was cool to process

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    Anyone has captured this ad from one of the NSW newspapers ? Thanks!

    • Did you read the post?
      Last time I checked, the Tele is one of the NSW newspapers!

  • yes I did which is the pick at the top of the post from the daily telegraph

  • Yes in daily telegraph page 10

  • Just picked up my iTunes cards that I had ordered way back on 15th December 2012. The advertising in store says the offer is valid for 5 days so the offer is current as of now.

      • Dandenong, but probably all other stores too.

        • thanks,i'll try my local HN and then straight to OW :)

        • i called my local HN(Taren Point. NSW) to ask if the offer is available from today and a guy said yes but limited stock! I popped in one hour later and a girl told me plenty of stock but starts tomorrow! Left the shop, went downstairs and asked a guy in JB HiFi and after he asked the manager he told me they don't price match from HN!!!!!!!(2 months ago the same shop pricematched an ipod that was on special at HN) I was not in the mood to fight so i will be returning tomorrow :)

        • Typical rubbish service you get from HN, everyone always has a different story.

  • Officeworks price match, 5% price beat, ING paywave extra 5% savings"""
    And at Officeworks, (NO QUEUE) have fun at HN.

    The last time I went to Officeworks everything worked out instantly, and I found that Officeworks where more common around my area.

  • Has anyone successfully price matched at OW today? Did you need the paper or was the photo above ok? Thanks!

  • Last time HN had this deal I purchased with no problem and the sales guy asked how many we wanted, so we got 8 cards

  • Just looked online and they only have $30 upwards.
    So I guess no buying online this time around.

  • Is there any good bargains on iTunes for content like movies , tv shows, books ?

    • Pretty much everything is a bargain when it's 50% off. If you like magazines, 50% off those is an excellent deal, especially USA magazines which can tend to be dirt cheap already.



    Showing no stock at all stores I looked at, but available to order for pick up in store, or delivery is $3.

    • Thanks, $3 is well worth my time to go to HN or OW :)

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      I'll pay the $3 as it's a pain in the but for me to get to a harvey Norman

    • thanks! much safer and i don't have to drag family members around to get an extra couple, it's worth the $3 extra

    • Thank you! I'd rather not buy in store, have had nothing but bad experiences with HN sales people! definitely worth the $3 delivery!

    • THANKS! Saved me a specific trip, in the rain! :) Showed no stock on all my stores, but "available for back order, more stock coming in" on the site! I can wait 'til they contact me! Gosh, I love this OB community!

      • I ordered for pick up and they emailed me pretty quick that it's available to collect. That way you can wander in whenever it's convenient. I'm gonna go crazy subscribing to half price magazines.

  • Bought at harvey norman liverpool megacentre. The racks were full. So no need to rush.

  • Bought at gepps x Adelaide. Racks were also full

  • Officeworks matched the deal for $16 :)
    Plus 5% off ing direct.

  • OW Castle Hill didn't price match it. Manager sent me to buy it from HN across the road.

    • Ask to speak to the manager and show them the policy. Threaten to report to fair trading.

  • got a call from HN, I believe from BJ stating only 1 order per person. ordered 3
    family member also got a call & I answered it & they said come & pick up

    I presume you can order online at 2 different stores & pick them up?

    So I presume HN online sends the orders to their franchises to process?

  • I price matched at office works, they are $16 but 4(B1G1F) was $38.

  • Can anyone who had a successful pricemach at OW post a receipt please?

    • OW taren point refused to pricematch, then the manager said yes, then they said no because the computer didn't allow to price match….
      I had an argument with the managed named BRIAN. I just asked him what is the real reason they refuse to honor the deal and he said it's the computer software!!!he also claimed that no OW anywhere in Australia will pricematch this deal! i walked out and went to HN taren point(online stock availability ZERO) and they had plenty of them activated so i grabbed 2!
      I don't even care about the cards as i have plenty of credit in my itunes account but i hate dealing with ignorant and incompetent people who try to get away with stupid excuses.

  • Most of the stores says out of stock. But bought online. Says collection upon notification or $3.00 postage fee.

  • just bought this deal online, and had to pay $3 for delivery, but based on my previous experience of going to a store and picking up, the $3 is worth it for my time (I know I'm not supposed to say that here on ozbargain).

    Now I have to stop writing this comment and get back to HN website so I can buy another for birthday and Christmas presents

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    Went to HN erina and purchased 6, had 2 other people with me, sales drone said had to do 3 separate transactions, put all 3 on one card, not many left because they have put them behind the counter, so if they say none left make sure you say you saw a heap behind the counter (the one on the far right as you walk in)

  • Grabbed 2+2 (went with wife) at Coburg (VIC) HN. There didn't seem to be too many $20 left on the back wall. Combine with this deal if keen: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/96815

    • I also got 2+2 (went with girlfriend) at HN Auburn (the main store). They had completely run out of cards, so just provided the Epay Electronic voucher with the activation code on it. Not so good if you wanted to give to someone as a gift, but if you're using them yourself, it's fine.

  • Went to officeworks Epping Vic with the ad from yesterday's Herald Sun staff checked with the manager all good 2 x $20 itunes gift cards $19 too easy stuff you Harvey Norman!

  • OW chadstone will price match but their final price for 2 cards will be $19.

  • Worked at HN O'Connor in Perth. Staff seemed to want to keep it pretty quiet though.

  • Ow Warners bay $16.. Ow market town $20 Newcastle. I stocked up! Managed to get kotara as well for $19… Xmas stocking stuffers done!

  • Grabbed 3+3 at HN Rothwell this morning with no dramas. I asked if there were any limits on how many I could get and the manager said there was but because I had our 4 kids with me it was fine because obviously I needed them.

  • A whole lot of cards left at Vic Richmond Bridge Road

  • OW Mildura (Vic) $20, no extra 5% off. Quite a few left though

  • I see it's available online. Adding one card to the cart says $20, adding two says $40.

    So I'm guessing I just add one to the cart and they'll just add the second one to the order on their end?

  • Great find, thanks!

  • Got 4 cards for $40 at HN Warrawong
    Also got 2 more cards from OW Wollongong for $19

  • Got 2 from OW Fountain Gate (VIC) for $18. They're next to HN, so thought can go next door if they refused to match.
    Not sure how they did it $18, the guy said it's HN price minus 5%. If my math is still good that's actually 10%, but no I didn't complain :)

  • I can't believe I am about to say this…

    I had a good experience at Harvey Norman today.

    I went in to the Adelaide City store, spotted some gift cards on the shelf. I asked the girl at the desk if they were doing the deal, she said yes. Here is where it gets amazing. As I turned to walk over to the shelf, she called me back because she had some cards behind the desk.

    After I paid for them I asked if she had to activate them, she told me no, because she had already done them, which is why they were in a special envelope under the counter.


    • scratches head how was that amazing ? the fact she had them under her desk that were already activated?

      i bought some yesterday and the cashier also gave them to me from under her desk with receipts to say they were activated, i didnt think that was amazing though shrugs

      • I am with Spinner on this. Usually the HN staff are not the brightest and a deal like this can have you waiting in line while they activate the cards sslooooowwwlly.

        Clearly there is a genius somewhere at HN that decided to active some cards prior to the sale.

        For something smart to happen at HN - this is amazing.

        • ok, ive never bought these from Harvey Norman before and can see the logic, bought another 4 today totalling 8 cards, will come in handy as gifts later on. great deal.


          No guys, they activated them under the promo cost basis so they can sell them at full price later and reap the profit.

        • Professionals!