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Nexus 7 32GB WiFi $255 + Free Copy of SimCity - JB Hi-Fi (See Comments)


My old man went to JBHIFI to pick up a Nexus 7 32GB WiFi. Was surprised when he came back with a receipt for $255 plus a free copy of SimCity. Apparently JB are running a promo that if you buy an ASUS PC, you get a free copy of SimCity (guess the nexus 7 counts). The store was JBHIFI Malaga WA. Cheapest I have seen (even cheaper than the previous deals posted). Retail JBHIFI price of SimCity was $64.

Mod: Removed free copy of SimCity from title, as it seems to be for Asus computers. OP's dad was probably given one by mistake.

Mod: There appears to be some confusion on whether this deal is a one-off or a replicable deal. See comments.

Replicable deal (3 say yes)
One-Off(2 say no)?

Australia decides.

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  • :0 - I want simcity, but I already have a nexus 7. :(

    • don't bother with the new sim city. i can rarely connect to the servers. Why did they have to make it an online only game :(

      • Which server are you playing on? Few to no issues on Europe East 1.

      • I hardly get issue. Was on Antartica - but obviuously that had bad ping. Moved to Oceania 1 and was able to play 98% of times at UNI and at home. The 2 % was an error i get saying my game isn't verified…

        • I can vouch for Oceanic 1 being pretty stable. That said, a little bird whispered in my ear and told me all the servers are physically in Ireland. Just get your friends to rock the same "server" and you're set.

        • Also, origin handed out free games. Score BF 3 though have no intentions of playing nor probably have suited hardware for it.

      • I haven't experienced an issue connected for the past 5-6 days, give it another go.

      • I heard there's an offline patch for it now..(?)

        • hacks, nothing official. I think the whole thing was overblown a tad. If it was an MMO (world of warcraft) there wouldn't be this much uproar. People always thought of simcity as single player game (its now multiplayer).

        • Well a MMO by its very nature has to be online. I'm not sure how you could ship a "Massively Multiplayer Online" game without the online bit.

        • exactly, how can you ship an online SimCity game without the online bit.. the issue was server load, not the fact it was an online game :)

        • +4 votes

          No, the issue was online. Server overload was just because people had no other choice but to play by connecting to a server.
          Their anger was at the fact that they had to be online to play a single player game. Lots of people didn't want multiplayer.

      • +2 votes

        No issues on Antartica and Oceania 2.

        Just waiting on them to bring back cheetah mode and let people connect to my game! (note it is currently set to llama so even if you click the third arrow its still llama, cheetah mode makes the minutes move by 2 not 1)

      • No issues on Asia or Oceanic 1

      • They made it online so that more people will buy the game and not download it, but still for this reason I hate ea. They have really gone downhill.

  • Resorted to giving that EA failure away now have they? :P

    • Maybe :p I accidental brought the game online the other day (shame because my dad offered me the game he got for free). Pretty fun game really. Shame about the mess they got themselves in.

      • How does one accidentally complete a multi-step process with a confirmation at the end? Just admit you did it deliberately, there's no shame in that.

        Despite some minor disappointments SimCity game delivers what was promised, unlike another recent release which broke my heart and stomped on it with big black colonial marine boots.

    • The game is good when it works, can't be bothered playing it again until Cheetah speed is enabled though. Feels like a waste of my time, sitting there on Llama speed.


      Thats the second time. They did it with Medal of Honor as well.

  • Are you able to upload a copy of the receipt? :)

  • Maybe resell the free game to a person that doesn't know about the problems :)

  • With all these recent price drops on the nexus 7, is a new nexus going to be revealed soon?

  • Sim city got so many 1 star ratings on Amazon that they stopped stocking it and refused to sell it.

  • Even if it's not the greatest game…It's freeeeee!!!!!

  • great deal if someone can post the receipt!!

  • Can't see any sign on the JB Hifi website of the $255 price quoted in the thread title. Bueller….Bueller….anyone?

  • As promised, the receipt http://i.imgur.com/qlhrFP7.jpg

    I tried to add it to the title, but wouldnt let me :(

    Anyways, enjoy the cheapest nexus 7 yet + free game. * my dad also mentioned he got a free 6 month subscription to the JBHIFI music service.

    Ps: there are a lot of doubters around here :p

    • I am doing Negotiation class in uni and your dad should be my lecture!!!

    • Do you know why it has "retrieved parked sale" on the receipt? Is this a rain check from an earlier sale?

      • that could be because the check out operator had to 'park' the sale to get a manager authorisation for the pricing. If it is busy it is not unlikely that they will 'park' the transaction and serve someone else whilst waiting. I have done this before where I work (not JB HiFi)

  • You also get a free game with simcity if you buy/register before the 25th, which I assume will apply to this if they are literially just giving you a box of sim city. A choice including deadspace 3 (which is relatively new)and also some favorites like mass effect/most wanted/battlefield. Link for more info - http://www.joystiq.com/2013/03/18/ea-offers-choice-of-mass-e...

  • I want the game. I kinda want the tablet. I don't have much money. Do I really need this? Dammit OzBargain! :p


      You don't need this. Please save your money.

  • how much the game worth if selling?

  • Can you pay more to get it without the new Sim City?

  • the SimCity, is it the limited edition?

  • Call me a masochist, but I'll give you $20 for Simcity if you post it for free :)

  • Is there anyone else out there who has managed to get this???

    Not at all doubting the OP, just wondering if it is being performed at other JB's/for other customers.

    • There is no promotion at jbhifi in westfield gardencity Brisbane. Not $255 and they don't give simcity for free even for a higher price. Staff there said they do price match for physical receipt and simcity is free for computer purchase only

    • Bought a Nexus at JB Hifi Prahran last week.

      The guy behind the counter mentioned something about a free copy of Sim City, but when he tried to put the thing through it didn't work. I checked with the other guy who we had talked to about the tablet, and he said it was only for computers, and didn't include tablets.

  • So i just popped into JB Hifi and spoke to, who i think was the department manager of laptops/tablets, and he advised that the deal posted in the OP was a one off special provided to the customer due to the customer being screwed around on a new TV they also ordered.
    It was not a special, and could not be done again.

    Plus as mentioned above SimCity was for PC purchases
    Plus the extra of the JB Hifi Now is only for 500+ spend on PCs/Tablets
    Neither of which apply normally to a Nexus 7.

    This is not a deal, it was a one of sale to get some goodwill back after a screw around.

    • Agreed not bargain, a one of deal that the op failed to mention.

    • This is just untrue. No goodwill no returns, my old man laughed at the fact. He just walked in and asked for a deal, nothing more. There was no screwing around of any sort :p

    • -3 votes

      "This is not a deal, it was a one of sale to get some goodwill back after a screw around."

      Sorry, but you're simply wrong.

      • Looks like you wrong Flyingmoo, try harder next time


        he's hardly wrong, he went into a JB store and was told the exact same shit as all the other pathetic good will receipt posts on this website. no one has since been able to purchase it, JB staff have been told australia wide that it is NOT a deal.

        way to downvote someone for reporting back after wasting their time going into a store, hearing about the pathetic excuse of an OP for misleading comments, and also being wrong.

        removed the word "crappy" to refer to most commenters on this website as to not offend a bunch of you cry babies.

        • How is he "hardly wrong" when he was 100% wrong about everything I quoted.

          Way to downvote because you're mad and wrong.


      JB HiFi have been known to claim this many times over to stop loads of people buying this good deal, but in this case, after 5000 clicks only two have been able to buy it!

      cool story bro! not sure why you're being downvoted to hell for telling the truth.

    • i got the deal in the OP's post.
      late yesterday arvo at hornsby jb hi fi
      didnt pay $255 sale ended after the weekend.

      paid $269 got sim city for free.

  • -2 votes

    since no one can actually buy this "deal" there's no real point posting it here

  • So one way of getting this "deal" is to order a TV get screw over and …

  • Given the last few comments, this deal is unpublished unless OP has further information that contradicts that infromation.

    • OP says that no TV was involved:

      There was never any TV involved. My dad hasnt brought a new TV in years. He went it and asked the guy for a deal on the nexus 7($255), the to his suprise they gave him a copy of SimCity.

      • Well if no TV was involved why has no one else been able to get even the price, let alone the full deal with SimCity and JB Hifi Now?

        • Well obviously its because there was a TV involved because some other ozbargainer said so, now lets all accuse the op for sharing a deal he pulled out of his ass so that he could get mad invaluable ozbargain street cred.

        • lol why would my dad or I lie to you regarding some tv lolz… i posted it for the benefit of someone looking to buy a nexus 7 (the ozbargain community). I have no reason or advantage to lie. JBHIFI on the other hand do. I dont make any money from lieing, JBHIFI do.

        • I just assume that he got lucky and someone put it through, but other stores are saying it's not correct, this stuff happens.

  • JBHIFI are playing you guys are you got suckerd in. Just spoke to my dad, there was no TV, no goodwill, nothing. He just walked in and asked for a good price on the nexus 7. They also gave him a copy of SimCity listed as the Asus promo. Ofcourse JBHIFI dont wanna price match, they will say anything not to.

    • The free sim game is not part of the deal so its rather better to remove that from the post. I went to jbhifi and they said sim game is only for pc purchase over $500 not tablet.

      • He received it, its on the receipt (at no charge). Im just relaying the deal that he got, nothing more.

        • When you post something, it is also about sharing a deal that other people can also get. I've edited the title and description.

        • How am i meant to know whether other people are able to get JB to price match. OW currently have the same tablet for $269, its not to hard to believe that JB did it for $255

        • Not to OPs fault- the guy doing the deal pretty much included a code he/she shouldnt have.

          Perhaps the manager wanted to meet his daily/weekly says target and were closing deals at losses.

        • How am i meant to know whether other people are able to get JB to price match.

          @CaptainKoopa - Not expecting you to know that beforehand, but @highdealer's suggestion to edit the post (after we had more information about the Asus promotion conditions) was not an unreasonable one.

        • Yeah fair enf :) i assumed it was a promotion, maybe just at that store (to many copies of simcity to get rid of maybe? :P)

  • Not much of a deal.

  • We now have 2 receipts from 2 different members at 2 different stores.
    Both including Nexus 7 32GB and SimCity(free)


    Another person got the same deal. Why everyone so snappy about it?

    Is this enough proof? Mod, please add simcity back into the title. *sigh - I dont understand why this was so difficult for everyone else but mose.
    Maybe mose is elites bargain hunter and knows how to talk sales people into deals.

    • I've added it back with an explanation. It's up OzBargainers to see if they can replicate the deal.

      • Thanks :) I suppose it depends on the communication skills of the buyer and how nice the sales person is :)


          You don't have to have good communication skills or the sale person don't have to be a nice person. if the promotion is legit then they can't refused to sell you. you should be able to just walked in and walked out with the items. Sorry OP, thanks for sharing but This deal is clearly just one off deal and only belong to Forums.
          Please see the ad from JB…Clearly stated that Buy any Asus laptop or ultrabook and get a bonus simcity game.

        • one off deal that 2 people have got at 2 different stores? yeah but i thought because its an asus tablet, it may have been applicable. I guess at atleast 2 store in WA it is.

        • -1 vote

          so two people out of the 5000 that clicked this thread (lets say at least 500 have tried to get it and failed)

          seems legit brah! this is forum shit

        • Yeah maybe. At least one other person got use out of it. lol not sure about 500 people trying it though :p

        • i got the free sim city game with it but did not pay $255 like OP.. i actually had to pay $269, sale ended on the weekend or something according to the salesman

    • Both of those receipts are for WA, including one being the original posting.
      So 1 other WAer got the deal.

      We should change it to WA Only then

  • Something is wonderful in the State of Western Australia.

  • only in WA?

    Any other states?

    • only 2 people have manged to get this (both in WA). If you dont mind getting turned down by JBHIFI then try it.. but some people have and JBHIFI arnt going along with it

    • i have got this deal for not $255 but $269 simcity included in NSW

  • Hi all first time poster here.

    i tried to get this deal at hornsby nsw yesterday
    the guy wouldnt sell it to me at $255 because he said that was the "weekend sale" price.

    still managed to get it at $269 with sim city for free. just thought id let everyone know.


  • Went into a JB today and asked about the deal.

    Said that the free Sim City promo was over.

    Deal is expired.