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Consumer Rights Questions - Store Credit vs Cash Refund

Hi guys, Want to understand my rights as a consumer. Background: I bought an electronic item last year. The item became faulty and I took it to an authorised service centre for repair under …

The OzBargain 10-Year Club Thread

This thread is for OzBargainers who've been a member for 10 years or more. Joined OzBargain 10 years & 8 days ago, as of today. Time really flies!

Poll: How Much Do You Spend on Digital, Online Subscriptions Each Month?

Hello OzBargainers, Nowadays, many services that used to be part of the physical world became 100% digital, 100% web based - DVD rental became Netflix, newspapers became blogs and web sites, local …

NSW - Electricity & Gas Provider

My AGL contract is ending in 2 weeks time. Who's the cheapest at the moment? Thanks!

Moving Goods Interstate: SYD - BNE

Hi fellow OzBargainers, Need to transport some clothes, books & misc. personal belongings from Sydney to Brisbane. They're already packed in shipping card boxes. Altogether about 10-12 …

Please support HTML5 <meta> tag: theme-color

Hi Ozbargain developers, Happy Tuesday! Would love to see this implemented in the mobile site. I think it would make browsing and tab-switching so much easier on Android. Many thanks!


AGL Gas Price to increase by 17% (Sydney, NSW)

Just received a notice in the mail. Thinking of switching supplier. Anyone got a good deal? :)

Reflecting on the ongoing Supermarkets "Price War"

Dearest OzBargainers, First time forums poster here. Tonight was a calm and quiet night, I was perusing the recent Coles and Woolworths printed catelogues on the couch. While I enjoyed the …