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Looking for Tough/Rugged in-Ear Headphones for Tropical Climate and Heavy Use

hi i have gone through multiple pairs of the normal in-ear headphones due to the plastic cord deteriorating from the climate as well as being continually rolled up and unwound. sound quality is not …

I need a refundable airticket for country entry

which airline gives prompt repayment and is hassle free giving refunds and i can avoid any charges/deductions ie not out of pocket.

Looking for 7inch Allwinner A20 tablet and wireless router

i read that the cortex A7 is super efficient cpu and allwinner A20 is the chip that uses it so...

Have U Bought a Mobile from

I was looking at this page:

Where to View/Compare E-Ink E-Readers?

Any places where i can check out different options. Dick Smith seem to only have kindle. If anyone knows of a physical shop in Sydney that would be ideal but would settle for good comparison website.

Website suggestion: 'Click Through' stats as part of initial listing

As Ozbargain is rapidly becoming more popular deals are getting closed out sooner/faster. Perhaps the 'click through' stat could be on the 'home page'/ 'new deals' page where the deal is initially …

spam txt "1300 659 083"

Anybody just receive this spam sms? i am trying to work out how they got my mobile number... Unable to find any details via web search. any thoughts/suggestions?

Fly to Shanghai/Beijing and Visa Questions

Hi all Aiming to head to Shanghai within a week (by 17/18th sept or so) and looking for a cheap flight. Prefer to leave from Sydney but will consider another domestic airport if it is worthwhile …