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Filling out Employment Form - Some Fields Seem Useless

I often fill out employment forms for family and friends (for those who are English-challenged or just lazy). I’m curious why some questions are there on there - branch address for BSB (why do you …

Saving for Kid’s Education - What Options to Go for?

I’m looking for start saving for my 10-month old for his education. Based for my research so far, I’m down to a few options. mortgage offset account, pro interest saved and no tax on such …

Looking for a good Bluetooth adapter for car with aux only

Hi Ozbargainers, I have an iPhone 8 and a car with only aux jack. Is there any good adapter that allows me to plug the phone in to listen to music and only answer calls? Thank you

Car Insurance in The Name of Owner?

Hi Ozbargainers, we have 2 cars in the family both registered in the hubby's name. My question is does the insurance needs to be in his name or the primary drivers? With his current history, it …


Anyway to spend Telstra prepaid recharge credit?

Hi all, over the years, I've accumulated $250 of Telstra prepaid recharge credit (mostly due to ignorance). Now that I'm ready to move on, is there anyway to make use of the credit? …

When Will Price Drop for iPhone 7?

Hi all, I have been using iPhone 5s for more than 2 years now. Although I don't mind continue using it, I do envy the newer phones with much better functionalities. I'm always 2-3 …

20% Off at Kitten Knickers

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