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Person Rear Ended Me Lightly and Chipped Paint off My Plastic Bumper, Should I Contact My Insurance ?

Hi guys, was driving and stopped in traffic , P plater behind me was reaching for something and took his foot off the brake and lightly hit my car from behind and chipped some paint of my rear …

Best Way to Keep Bedroom Cold in Summer

Can't sleep in the summer nights for the life of me, and now with the nights getting hotter here in Sydney been trying to get a solution to make my room a stable cold temp. Had the kambrook fan …

Looking for A Fun Daily Driver for $35k or under

Right now I just can’t seem to get past the 2016 GTI with the driver assistant package. Requirements are has to be 2015 or newer. Prefer automatic due to being in Sydney and the daily driving …

Best Television under $1000 in 2019

Can be any type of TV. Whether it'd be smart or android tv, OLED 4k whatever. MOD: Post updated to be part of What Should I Buy. Suggestions by comments allowed.

Best Travel Card?

I know the citibank plus account is the favourite, but what does that have over the HSBC global banking account for example?

What Is The Best/Cheapest Way to Rent a Car in Europe

Hey guys need some help, myself and 2 other mates (all 21) are going to Europe for a month in July and want to rent a car for around 2-3 weeks for a road trip starting from Milan and finishing in …

Now That There Is Free Roaming in The EU, Whats The Best SIM to Go with?

I'm leaving to Europe on the 29th of June, visiting Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Croatia, whats SIM should i go with for some roaming data?

Best Speakers for a Party Setting $300 and under?

Looking for speakers with overall great quality sound and build which will last, any recommendations?