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Complete Bed in One??

Hey all Does anyone know where to buy a good quality complete mattress and base in one…on wheels…instead of standard bed? Does such a thing exist?? TIA.

Boxing Day Sales 26 Dec 2019 Dyson

Hey all Does anyone know if Dyson particularly the Hot and Cool Purifying Link will go on sale Boxing Day? Thanks in advance.

Recommend Physiotherapist Melbourne CBD

Hey all Can anyone recommend a good and genuine physio in Melbourne CBD for a fracture? Asking for someone who's been seeing one but after 2 visits no real treatment just a general arm …

Tefal Bread Maker Not Working Suddenly

Hi everyone We have this Tefal bread maker PF110E kept in good condition and clean, and suddenly when we went to make bread the motor part that turns the pan paddle just won't work or move at …

Recommend Accountant Melbourne CBD

Hi fellow Ozbargainers It's tax time :( Can anyone pls recommend a good accountant in Melbourne CBD? Help. Thanks in advance.

Cleaning Dust from Fan Heater

Hello fellow Ozbargainers Well we have this really good fan heater and a lot of dust has collected on the inside parts of the back of the heater. Can't seem to unscrew the back as requires …

Using E-Tax or Accountant?

Hi all Tax time. Am I better off doing free e-tax or going thru a proper accountant to get the max $$ back? I've looked around and accountants are charging $160 for a BASIC tax return. TIA.

Portable Washing Machine

Hi guys Looking at buying a portable washing machine and have checked out the other posts but Aldi one is no longer available and I can't seem to find a proper seller like shop in Melbourne CBD …

Wondersmile Invisible Braces

Hey all. Has anyone had any experience with Wondersmile Melbourne? Is it too good to be true. Invisible braces and at fraction cost of traditional braces seem so good. Too good to be true??


Klook and Skybus Delivery Timing?

Hey guys, just discovered Klook and there is a Skybus special but got to travel early next week. Has anyone had any experience with them? Do they send tickets immediately otherwise can't …


Lenovo Laptop Repair Melbourne CBD

Hi guys, our Lenovo is stuck in repair mode. Can anyone please recommend a legit repair person in the CBD area? Thanks.