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Weighted Blanket Suggestions

Hi Guys, Looking at buying a weighted blanket for my wife. Has any one got any recommendations? Thanks.

Looking for a Intel 1150 Motherboard

Hey guys, I'm looking for an Intel 1150 motherboard to replace one of mine that is playing up. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it will just constantly beep on startup. I've seen a few …

eBay Australia

Would This Get 15% off on eBay?

Can someone with eBay Plus let me know if this would get 15% off? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SCA-Tool-Cabinet-6-Drawer-Combo-... I guessing it doesn’t but just want to check.

ASICS Nimbus Shoes

Looking for a pair of ASICS Nimbus or maybe even Nike Pegasus shoes. I saw the deal in April for $80. I'm guessing I won't see that again but something close would be nice.

Looking for a Cheap Tool Chest

Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a cheap tool chest. It won't get used very much so I'm not after something expensive. Just something to store my tools in nicely. Just wanted to get …