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Solargain 300L + electric booster $3k installed - is this a good solar hot water deal?

Hi All, Just moved into a new house and we have an old instantanious electric box on the wall in our laundry sucking electricity and cash like its going out of fasion. Im in sunny perth, so I figure …


Will Myer Pricematch TVs?

I have a heap of myer gift vouchers to burn and I am after a TV - but their advertised prices are a joke. Anyone had any luck with myer pricematching tvs? It looks like dick smiths runs their …

Air conditioning

Hi all, Just moved into a new house. Already has a split system in the lounge, but I want to get a smaller one in the master bedroom before things start to heat up.

Basic PC from a bricks and motar store - No Windows 8

Hi all, Chasing a basic home pc as the in-laws one has carked it, they would prefer from a bricks and mortar / "we have heard of them!" store. I figure something like this would be perfect:

Best 55" LCD TV for $1000 - $1500?

Looking for some suggestions for a 55" LCD in the $1000 - $1500 range.

Cheap surf clothes?

Anyone know of a cheapy place to buy surf brand clothes? Ive got a few bargains off amazon lately with the high aussie dollar, any other places? Cheers

Pink netbook

Hi All, Noticed a few months ago there was a few cheapy pink netbooks (I believe even sub $200) floating around (I assume they couldnt flog them cos of the color) Now looking for one for a gift, any …

Paypal & DealExtreme Gift Shipping

Hi All, Great forum. I am trying to send a friend that is living in Canada an xmas gift direct from DealExtreme, but the paypal checkout will only allow me to add either an Australian, or US …