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Birthday (20th) Present Ideas for Brother?

Hi guys looking for gift ideas for my little brother. He is turning 20 in a week and a bit Doesn't drink or smoke Any suggestions would be appreciated

Trying to Understand The Difference between These Two Stocks LRS and LRSOC

What is the difference between these two stocks and why is one so more expensive then the other also why does one have a expiration date

1440p Monitor Suggestions

Looking for a 1440p 27 inch monitor preferably 144hz + was looking at the lg g1850 but the low contrast kinda turned me off wondering if anyone has any experience with the MSI MPG27CQ2 or MAG272CQR …

Looking for Price Protection Credit Card

Looking for suggestions for credit card with price protection

Suggestions for 1440p Gaming Monitor - $550 or Less

Looking for suggestions for a monitor for new gaming PC build budget is 550 or less preferably 1440p resolution