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Does 'low Stock' Always Mean There's No Stock Available in Kmart?

Every time I go to do click & collect or just shop in store, any item that says low stock is actually out of stock. Do they just say it's low stock so you continue to buy the other items in …


How Long Do Big W EFTPOS Refunds Take?

I always thought they were more or less instant. Been waiting several hours now.

Lebara Mobile

Does Lebara Prepaid Have Vowfi/Wi-Fi Calling?

Anyone using wifi calling with Lebara prepaid? A relative said they have it on their phone with Lebara but they are not good with phones can could be confusing it with the wifi icon.

Are Food Delivery Companies Paying Their Employees Better since They Jacked up The Delivery Fees and Added "Service" Fee?

I feel like I am being robbed every time I use one of those apps. Ends up costing $27 for a large meal from mcdonalds delivered. May as well just order a few pizzas and a drink for $8 more. I …