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Private Health Insurance for Mid 20s

I'm currently approaching my mid 20's, and have been wondering if it would be financially advisable to get Private Health Insurance for the next financial year. At the end of this financial …

How to Safely Sell an Expensive Item Possibly Overseas?

Hey guys, Need some advice regarding selling a bag. The gf impulsively bought a designer bag recently and never liked it once in hand. She's keen to offload it but I've been around here …

South-East Asia Internal Flights during Christmas period

Hi all, I'm going to be doing a ~1.5 month travel throughout SEA over the December/January period. I'll be going solo for the second time. The first time, I had all the flights and hotels …

Chemist Warehouse

Cologne/Perfume from Chemist Warehouse

Has anyone noticed any problems with their colognes or perfumes from chemists such as Chemist Warehouse and Priceline? I mainly use Aqua and a couple of other colognes such as Ralph Black and CK …

Uncharted 4 $47.99 @ Costco Auburn NSW

expired Uncharted 4 $47.99 @ Costco Auburn NSW

Free $1 Worth of Bitcoins

expired Free $1 Worth of Bitcoins

Free Sample of Lacoste Cologne

expired Free Sample of Lacoste Cologne

Sydney to Adelaide return

Hi, I'm just wondering, where do you guys look at to find cheap airfares/package deals?

Bulk buy food?

Hey, Does anyone know any place that is cheap and still decent quality for buying alot of bacon/chicken/tuna? (In Sydney)

250ml Redbull Cans $0.99 ea at ALDI

expired 250ml Redbull Cans $0.99 ea at ALDI

Cheap Work Table

Hey guys, I need a cheap work table where I can have enough space to place some open textbooks around me. Plain table will be great, don't need it for anything else like computers.


I havnt seen the Fishpond $10 off for orders of over $40 around in a while. Has that discount stopped circulating? or are there any other new discounts for Fishpond now? Thanks