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Re: Amaysim SIMs Woolworth won't refund ANY SIMs.
17/06/2024 - 14:00
Beware: Amaysim SIMs need internet access to be activated. I normally use Optus SIMs and they have limited internet access built-in to the…
17/06/2024 - 12:34
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25/05/2024 - 17:22
Unless you are a Prime member the minimum purchase required is $59 for free delivery. At their current price of $13.59, that's 5 bottles. 7…
22/05/2024 - 18:10
Cenovis Sugarless Vitamin C Chewable 500mg Tablets 300 Pack - $9.25 @ Woolworths
Cenovis Sugarless Vitamin C Chewable 500mg Tablets 300 Pack - $9.25 - Woolworths Cheapest I've seen this product since pre-COVID.
22/05/2024 - 16:48
It's worth checking after 21-May, as many Woolworths have the SIMs specials for more than the weekly special cycle, i.e. recurring special.
20/05/2024 - 16:55
amaysim $30 60GB Starter Pack for $10, amaysim $40 100GB Starter Pack for $15 + Bonus 600 EDR Points @ Woolworths
Amaysim $30 60GB for $10 - Woolworths Also has 600 Everyday Rewards points which is equivalent to $3. Must be activated by 31-Jul-2024 to…
20/05/2024 - 15:55
I thought so. Now you have the current info. Prices are changing a lot lately. I have been buying $30 Optus 40GB SIMs for $10 on special at…
16/05/2024 - 12:09
The Amaysim direct price isn't cheaper. $30 for 32GB vs. $12 for 50GB at 7-11. Amaysim has a special for 80GB at $15. Must be activated by…
16/05/2024 - 11:52
The Amaysim direct price isn't cheaper anymore. $30 for 32GB vs. $12 for 50GB at 7-11. Amaysim has a special for 80GB at $15. Must be…
16/05/2024 - 11:51
I am having trouble understanding what's going on with Rivers. If you go to the website and look for men's shoes, the 'search by sizes'…
15/02/2024 - 19:08
I just bought an Oral B Vitality Precision Clean and it has a NiMH with a capacity of 1500 mAh (from what I can gather from online…
23/08/2023 - 16:03
I remembered I do have an Optus account, so I logged in to check the profile details. For some reason the mobile number was some unknown…
20/07/2022 - 15:29
Hi bargainers, I had to activate an Optus Data SIM today and ACMA have made the Telcos add 2 factor authentication as part of the…
19/07/2022 - 13:53
Optus has discontinued the unmetered data for it's prepaid mobile broadband data SIMs as of 19-Jan-2022, i.e. Epic Data and My Prepaid…
28/01/2022 - 10:12
Towel rack: very clever. Save power and live like a king/queen! heh.
03/06/2021 - 14:12
I'm looking at one for charging my laptop. The recommended regimen for charging L-ion batteries is between 20% to 75-80%, rather than let…
03/06/2021 - 14:10
You are 'cooking with gas'! heh. I'm looking at trying my first Smart plug for charging my laptop, maybe the Smart powerboards are better…
03/06/2021 - 14:07
Same model is $24 at Officeworks if anyone is interested.…
03/06/2021 - 14:04
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