amaysim $30 60GB Starter Pack for $10, amaysim $40 100GB Starter Pack for $15 + Bonus 600 EDR Points @ Woolworths


Amaysim $30 60GB for $10 - Woolworths

Also has 600 Everyday Rewards points which is equivalent to $3.

Must be activated by 31-Jul-2024 to receive bonus data.

Amaysim $40 100GB for $15 - Woolworths

Also has 600 Everyday Rewards points which is equivalent to $3.

Must be activated by 31-Jul-2024 to receive bonus data.

Mod note 23/5: The catalogue terms under the amaysim sims, which mentioned the offer being available until 21/5/24, actually appears to be referring to the Vodafone Sim offer on the prior page. Further down the terms for amaysim sims, state that both price and points being available until 2/7/24. If your store does not have the special price tag up, price check/scan at checkout and please report if it scans at full price. We have reports that the specials tag wasn't on display in store but it may still scan at this price at checkout.

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  • Offer valid Wed 15 May - Tue 21 May 2024

  • It's worth checking after 21-May, as many Woolworths have the SIMs specials for more than the weekly special cycle, i.e. recurring special.

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    I hope they repeat the deal on 365 day Amaysim soon.

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      The half off? They sent me an offer of 25% off with bonus data on a renewal.

    • This current deal is close to half price

      $240 plan is down to $175, then you get $50 cash rewards, so $125 net after cashback.

      • No unlimited international calls on the $240 plan. It was included in their previous $99 plan.

    • Yea waiting on this. 365 days 60GB about to expire soon, got it for $42.5 ($60-$17.5 cashback) last year this time.

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    Does anyone know of a cheap plan for a family member visiting for 90 days ?

    All the starter packs I see are only 30 days and are kinda screw up after that.

      • Legend ! Thanks

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      I am in similar boat. Check out Felix too. There might be referral codes here.

      • I did get a couple of felix ones . They are $10/month for the first 3 recharges. Wasn’t sure if I could add any other referral code on top of that deal ?

        • No, I don't think you can. my bad

  • Whats the cheapest 365days sim now with small data allowance for kids

  • Last activation required manual Id checking which took a couple days. Wasn't happy about that.

    • Was that an Amaysim SIM?
      What happened?

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    No sign up in store. Scanned at $10 and 600 points. Asked Live chat and they said 90days from purchase activation expiry.

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    Can you use this sim for pay as you go instead?

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    Still, available, bought one today.

  • Beware:

    Amaysim SIMs need internet access to be activated.

    I normally use Optus SIMs and they have limited internet access built-in to the SIM to allow you to activate without any other internet access.

    I messaged Amaysim via Facebook and the person I spoke to just kept saying did you try the activate link I sent you. They confirmed there's no internet access with their inactivated SIMs.

    So pretty useless in my opinion.

    I tried to activate an Amaysim SIM today, and it wouldn't work. Luckily I had a spare Optus SIM (last one) so I could get internet access.

  • Re: Amaysim SIMs

    Woolworth won't refund ANY SIMs.

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