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Optus 40 (I Want to Just Use The Data as a Second SIM)

Hey I bought a $40 Optus sim a while ago which I want to just use the data as a second sim. What is the best way to set the aim up when activating

Rechargeable speaker

Hey there. Not sure if there is a product. But looking for a Bluetooth rechargable speaker that also have Chromecast compatibility for when I'm at home? Thanks

USB Modem for Mobile Broadband

Hey, looking for a usb modem for mobile broadband. Don't want to spend much on it. The ones from Officeworks unlocked? Thanks

Security cameras

Hey peeps, bought a dahia nvr and chinese cameras. I would like to setup remote viewing. I can do it easy enough, but i read these cameras should be setup securely. So i need help in doing so. I have …

Best Price for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x

hdey guys looking for a 64gb note 4x. wheres the best place to buy?

Roaming - Best Way to Receive Calls in NZ.

Hey guys best way to receive calls in NZ. Atm i have WW prepaid. Which doesn't work.