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External Blu-Ray Burner

Looking for a decent but cheapish external Blu-ray burner. Any ideas or suggestions?

Company Approached Wife, Offering Her Jobkeeper. Suss?

My wife liked a linkedin post about a company. They contacted her, gave her paperwork to fillout stating she had a job with them, and to backdate JobKeeper from the 1st of March this year. She has …

Gaming Mouse Recommendation

Need a new mouse. Like a high quality gaming one as they are very sensitive and responsive. Any good deals out there at the moment? Thanks


Reese's / Hershey's Icecream at Coles

Was wondering if anyone tried out these Ice Creams currently on special at Coles? Was wondering if they were worth it for the price.

Cheapest Coffees in Melbourne CBD 2018 Edition

Hi All; Getting sick of paying $4.50 for decent coffee. Does anyone know where to get good coffee for around the $3 or lower mark. 7/11 Need not apply. Thanks.

Victoria Solar Tariff Rebate

In the process of getting Solar panels and am wondering which energy provider I should be moving to. Whether there was much room to move in the 11.3 Cents per KW area. Furthermore, don't want …

Solar Quote - Victoria

Was wondering if anyone thinks this is a good quotefor Solar? Any pitfalls? Thanks.

"Feed Me" Option in Restaurants

Hi all; There are many restaurants these days offering a "Feed Me" Option. Was wondering if anyone had experience with these, as to whether or not these are a different form of an …

Where to Buy Half a Cow in Melbourne for a Reasonable Price?

My Friends in QLD can get half a cow butchered for the cost of around $4 a kilo. However, when checking online, there are some places that service Melbourne, but they charge the same if not more then …


SaveTheDeals.com Discussion

Hi, Does anyone know if this site it legit / tailored for the Australian Ozbargainer? Am interested in joining, but it might be a scam / not suitable for us. Thanks.