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So Much Business from Forgetful Customers?

After having to follow up on Bank overcharges and a replacement headphone that was not sent back to the distributor- I wonder how much $$ businesses get from forgetful customers or customers who …

Fat tax

After researching smoking taxation and alcohol taxation- both behaviours that increase the burden on our hospital and health systems- I was thinking perhaps we should impose a tax on processed foods …

Good quality shoes for a wedding?

I'm looking for quality shoes that I can purchase around $200. There are a few UK sites selling good quality Loake and Grenson shoes but may be a bit beyond my budget. Any idea on shoes that …

Cheap USB Solar Chargers

I was just wondering if anyone has purchased a cheap solar usb charger that sell on ebay for around $10. Was thinking it would be nice to use it with my Sony powerbank for a nice off-the-grid …


Yatango Tethering

Anyone else not able to tether their yatango mobile Internet using an iPhone 4? I've done everything from full restore to network restore/apn settings etc. The tethering option has disappeared.

Breaking up Monopolies- Is it our responsibility?

Hi everyone, after the collapse of ispONE and watching the ensuing migration to either Boost (Telstra) or Aldi mobile- I was wondering what people thought about the responsibilities involved in breaki

Minerals Resource Rent Tax misunderstanding?

Hey guys, I was wondering if any resources gurus could explain to me why the original Minerals Resource Rent Tax (Super profits tax) was such a big issue a few years ago.

Freelander Tablet Thread!

Hi guys,