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Where is the cheapest place to get something 3D printed?

The little slider on my headphones is broken, so I want to print out a replacement I've found online. Where would be the cheapest place to do this? I don't mind waiting. I'm in …

What's The Cheapest/Best Value Antioxidant Anti-Aging Cream Available?

I've heard sunscreen is not enough, but it seems hard to find an affordable cream, or a good value one.

Cheapest eye-safe sunscreen?

The cheapo supermarket sunscreen is good enough for my body and face, but I want some sunscreen that won't hurt or sting my eyes to use on the skin around my eyes. The cheaper the better, I …

Legal question: Bag checks when the T&C sign is obscured

I have no issue with stores which clearly display the terms and conditions of entry and happily comply with bag check in that case. (or as I am a very private person, I leave it outside) However I …

Where is the best place to buy WHITE roses after Valentine's Day?

Hi I want to buy a few hundred white roses AFTER valentine's day Where would I find a good deal?

Best value protein powder/whey

What's the best deal on protein?

Best Place to Buy a 17in Laptop?

My old laptop is on it's last legs so I want to buy a new one. I like to open up multiple programs so a 17 inch or above screen is a must .