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USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Micro SD Card Reader! Only $0.29 + Free Shipping from Banggood


This tiny, versatile card reader is compatible with Windows XP/2000/98/98SE/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 9.0. It can plug into any USB 2.0 port and supports microSD/microSDHC cards from 128MB – 32GB.

We're offering this product to you at an amazing price! $0.29 + Free Shipping.

Coupon code: bg2019

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    USD$0.29 is now AUD$0.31 (on paypal at least!)

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    Hey Bangood,
    Is this little card reader any good?
    Seriously, I have bought so many cheapies, some of them have terrible speeds, some of them get strangely hot, some of them have crumbled to pieces in my hand.
    How is this one?
    I am very careful with my 29c…

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    • Damn straight! That's almost enough for a soft serve cone at McDonalds.

      I'd hate to be the guy with 29c in their bank account unable to buy a soft serve though….

      • +2

        Like the guy says.. with the current PayPal conversion that IS a soft serve at McDonalds.
        This guy could be taking ice cream from children card with his card reader of unknown quality. Damn straight.

    • +1

      keeping true to your name, huh?

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      Hi! I understand that you might be wary. We have sold many of these card readers and have had no negative feedback from our customer regarding the quality. If you are still worried, please see the reviews posted on the product page (follow the link).

      • +3

        Thanks Bangers - I think we are all pretty OK to take a daring risk for 29c (its just jokes)

  • comes up as 1.99 here.
    After PayPal ripoff exchange, that's over 2 dollars.

    oh, forgot the code…

    • Apply the coupon

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    You forgot to mention that we need to tick the box "(Drop Shipping Order, Removes Banggood Logo from Package)" ???

    Ordered two times for two readers

    • I don't get it - why do we need to tick that? Are Banggood banned from Australia or something?

      • drop shipping

  • +1

    Nice- fast/easy checkout aswell. Time is money.

  • +9

    You can't even post half a letter in Australia for this price

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    • +2

      you mean, oxymoron

      • an oxymoron is a type of contradiction, moron ;)

    • +1

      I think when 2.0 was new and all the rage, they called it HI SPEED? (it was compared to USB1.1, 480Mbps vs 10Mbps).

    • +2

      usb 2 = high speed
      usb 3 = super speed


    • +2

      USB 1.1 is Full Speed
      USB 2.0 is High Speed
      USB 3.0 is Super Speed

      They only make sense at the time they came out.

    • +2

      USB 4 = High on Speed ;-)

      • the new better highER definition for TV is to be called UHD (Ultra High Def, of course)

  • Hmmm 29c for eternal happiness…

    • +4

      quit bragging about your valuable data :P

      • You can risk it if you want. I've had card readers that cost more than that screw up my memory cards.

        I love bargains like anyone else, and if it turns out to be nasty, then big deal, you wasted only a few cents. But if it has a chance of affecting (damaging?) something else that's much more valuable, I'm not prepared to take the risk. You can't go cheap on data.

        Neither would I buy some very cheap but no brand memory card or USB stick.

        • +1

          ive had all my usb flash drives die at some point. heck, every electronic device will die at some point.
          the moral of the story is not to buy an expensive device that has less chance of breaking, but to always have multiple backups of important data.

        • That is generally good advice, but not always feasible. Say you take your assignment on USB to school and work on it there, save your work, and then it screws up there… you still have the backup at home, but not the most up to date version.

          Unless you're bringing two USB sticks with you, saving one, then removing it and saving the other.

          If you're keeping two copies of everything that's work in progress, it can be difficult keeping everything synced.

          I'm not saying buy expensive, I'm saying buy reliable, or a reputable brand you can trust. They might be expensive, but they might also be on sale. And the most expensive stuff is not always the most reliable either.

        • With the availability of online storage, I really don't understand why people are still using USB drives for school/work. I can't remember the last time I used a USB drive for that ..

          The only use I have for them now are to boot tools off of or start installs.

        • +1

          They are fast, convient and don't require the Internet. I don't have home Internet, I just use my phones Internet so I don't want to waste that on downloading files that I already have.

          So it if need to get documents from one computer to another quickly why not just use one of my many USB sticks?

        • +1

          If you are from America or other more internet advanced countries maybe you can redownload whatever contents again within minutes. But in Australia superfast internet like usb transfer rates doesn't exist or will cost you half a fortune.

        • If your school/work doesn't offer free internet, then just wow…

          Pro tip: setup your cloud storage software to sync whenever it has a connection and you can upload the file from your school/work PC, then it will automatically be stored on your phone when you get home. No need to use your own internet (or lack there of).

          Work smarter - not harder!

        • A lot of businesses routinely block most internet content Ryan, usually for security & productivity reasons.

        • I used to work in IT for a company like that, most backwards idea ever. If you're required to work outside of usual hours, they should expect no less in return IMO!

        • Unfortunately, it is a necessity in some industries…

  • thanks OP !

  • Bought one, hope it works…

    • Keep your receipt :-)

    • +2

      Sure thing!always looking for them!

  • paid via paypal through link credit card $0.31 cents

    • Ha, mine was cheaper :)

      Sub-Total: AU$1.99
      Air Mail: AU$0.00
      Discount Coupons:bg2019: AU$-1.68
      Total: AU$0.29

  • +1

    It's AU 31 cents by Paypal. It hurts badly.

  • "This coupon could only be used 150 times."

  • This coupon could only be used 150 times.

    —> you must be kidding…

  • Great offer, thanks.
    Just got one for $0.31 (Aus)

  • I ordered a torch http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/98488 on April-1 and still have not seen its sight yet :(

    • Flat battery?

    • it's OK, just received mine.

    • Yeah, only just receieved mine on friday, very slow delivery, but the torch is fantastic, really happy with it

  • Dam it's just 29 bloody cents dont ve so stingy mate! you won't die, give it a shot.

    • $0.29 foe once or from one person is fine

      but in 1000's or tens and thousands of people then it is a problem

      • Only buy one to try it out first then if ok buy 999 later. :-)

  • I'm currently waiting for my torch and jacket also.. :/

  • Thanks……..bought one for $0.29AUD through paypal

  • Express Checkout with PAYPAL so no need to create new account/password!

  • +1

    I get this now:

    This coupon could only be used 210 times.


  • +1

    This coupon could only be used 210 times.

  • Hope the rep will bring more $0.30 deals in future

  • Doh, missed uot :x

  • This coupon could only be used 210 times.

    • Well I hope the other 10 people enjoy their bargain after Broden came by

  • Missed out

  • Yeah. Missed out too!

  • Thank God, I got one just 15 mins ago.

  • Should be marked as expired now
    Edit: beaten to it

    • -1

      It already has been marked expired………pay attention much?

      • He edited himself before your post! Pay attention much?

        • your nickname suits you well, He actually didn't mate. You can make changes after your posts with the edit button. Back up your statements much??

        • +1

          try editing your comment now :P

  • +4

    Wow banggood.com is a risky click at work…

  • +1

    i bought it at full price. its $2 geez

    • +4

      But it's ozbargain, not ozfullprice. Shame on you.

    • +1

      Repent you sinner!!!… say 3 discounts and polish your credit card as pennance.

      • +1

        I'd also recommend some self-flagellation with a cat'o'nine tails made from cheap HDMI/USB/LAN cables, just to be on the penitent side…

        • Self-flagellation with Monster cables would just be missing the point ;)

  • +3

    Mac OS X 9.0

    What witchcraft is this!

  • By the way, I used to go out with BangGood, and I think a more accurate term would be "BangAcceptableButNoCuddlesAfterwards"