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Dell EOFY Sale - Vostro 2520 15.6" Laptop $349 (Celeron 1000m, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD)


Saw this cheap low end laptop with $100 off. Was $449 now $349, Dell Vostro 2520 is configured with:

  • Intel Celeron 1000m 1.80GHz Dual Core
  • 2GB RAM
  • 320GB HDD
  • Windows 7 Pro
  • 1 Year NBD Warranty

Although Dell's website says HD4000 Gfx but I believe Celeron 1000m has crappier HD2500.

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  • +1

    Decent laptop for word processing, surfing the net and youtube. Looks to be of good build quality.

  • +2

    i like how the next step up goes from celly to i7

  • +3

    $349 can almost get you an i3 cpu. i.e. acer e1-571 after price match at ow from msy with $49 cash back from acer.

    • And OW willing to price match MSY plus a 5% difference?

      • Yes, see my post.

    • +1

      Even an AMD vision as in the $250 hp dm1 may be preferable to a Celeron with Intel graphics

  • Would this be the most affordable price for a new laptop atm? Or should I wait till all the eofy sales fully begin.

    • with this specs, $299 is what you would expect to pay these days.

  • +3

    I have a 4 year old i5 hp and it still has better specs than this.

    I know it's a cheap laptop, but still, an i3 can be had for same price most times

    • Ill give ya tree fiddy

  • +1

    Woah Celerons are dual core these days??

    • +1

      After Core 2 Duo was introduced, all the celerons thereafter are dual cores.

      • C2D chips were awesome and they overclocked well too

      • You're wrong. C2D were introduced in 2006 and it was a lot longer before dual core Celerons were available.

  • Its not bad , but dell outlet has better deals

  • Cheap

  • EOFY sale??? WTF???
    As mentioned you can almost get an i3 for the price. Better than an atom i suppose.

  • You can get a laptop with a Pentium B960 (Dual core, 2.2ghz), 4GB ram & 500GB HDD for $299 from MSY. +$90 to make it a 3rd gen i3. Not sure where the deal is here…

  • Do note that,

    • Celeron 1000m is a recently released chip that's on par with B960. Wouldn't have an issue with 1080p content.
    • It's Dell's small business range with Windows 8 Professional and Next Business Day warranty. A laptop is a lot more than the CPU.