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Rose River Apple Spice Alcoholic Ginger Beer 500ml $3.90/Bottle or $24/12pk Pickup, Normally $70


These seem very cheap. I picked up a case to try them out and ordered another for delivery - Delivery was only $7 (would of included in title but ran out of room).

Not sure when the deal expires, it doesn't say on the website. I'm assuming this is a deal, the other flavours are all $69.99.

It's a very sweet drink but still quiet nice. Be quick, stock seems to already be running out.

Edit: Best before date on my bottles is 30/05/2013 but they taste fine to me (possibly lost a bit of fizz but they aren't flat).

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    Awesome deal, I picked up 4 cases tonight at Albany Creek QLD they have a pallet so those in quick will get them. Rather sweet but very nice over ice with a slice of lime :)

  • What is the used by date on them?

    • Best before on mine is also 30/05/2013. I haven't had these before so I don't know what they normally taste like but I like them.

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    30/05/2013 however they are dark bottles which block light, pretty sure they should last a fair whack longer out of light. They certainly taste fine now

  • Oh no sold out! Jokes, wonder how long till its all Gone? At these prices it sure wont last.

  • Thanks, ordered a case. Hope it's not another one of those "Old Crow" price error bull.

    • Hey that was a good deal. Didn't get the 12 packs for $4.90 each (they didn't have that much in stock) but they still sold me the 12 cans for $4.90 a 4 pack!

      • You were one of the lucky ones.

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    Bought a case as well. Never tried it and hopefully it taste good.

  • Cheers, OP - look forward to receiving mine :D

  • Thanks O.P. Got the last case at the Munno Para store.

    • Not really a cider man myself.

  • Delivery is 7 bucks per case, so will just pick up 2 cases myself. Can't wait to try it!

  • 30/5/2013, well at least it might ferment a bit more and get a higher alc %…
    If flat run it through the soda stream machine.
    Going out to get a case today, Cheers OP

  • only 4 loose bottles in Toowoomba. now I'm grumpy, and still thirsty!

    • 9 left at Ipswitch if you want to pay the $12 delivery but does reduce the value of the deal a fair bit.

      Edit: Redbank plains store has 12 for the same delivery price of $12. $36 for 12pk is still nearly half the usual price.

    • Cheers XyleneFree you just saved me a trip

  • Just scanned @ Noosa instore @ $24 :) no delivery fee, and more avail. @ first told me online only, but got the Manager involved, and when he scanned the ctn was surprised to see it @ that price… but I was/am happy… BBQ arvo ahead, cheers op!

    • Marden store showed in stock on-line, but none actually when I got there 5 minutes later.
      Chap there assured me that Norwood store had them in stock.
      Went to Norwood.
      None on the shelf there, and none showing in stock, but a member of staff reckoned that he had seen them on a pallet that was just being unloaded.
      Bought 2 packs.

  • Plenty in WA. Picked up two cases after ordering online last night.

  • The deal for singles is even better, buy five and they come up as $10 for 5. So I bought all the singles there. 40 for $80!

    • I tried adding 5 bottles to cart and it came to 19.50. Not sure how you got $10?

      • This was in store.

    • +2

      Same as buying the 12pk for $24. Either way works out $2/bottle.

  • Nice one OP, picking season has arrived! Stock is running out in QV Melbourne CBD store…

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    tastes like bundy's from the supermarket supposedly with alcohol.

    • I have to say it tastes nothing like bundy ginger beer..

      • Agreed,was hoping for a little more bubbles and zing but it's still very drinkable,i definitely wouldn't pay anywhere near $70 a case though.

        • I've been getting through my case pretty quickly but I couldn't justify $70/case either. $50 would probably be my max and only on occasion.

  • Just picked up my 4 cases - 6 are in the fridge chillin' - 42 of his friends are lonely!

  • Ordered two cases - click and collect from Springwood

  • This stuff is like passion pop, the first couple of mouthfulls taste ok, but after that you start regretting being such a cheap prick and start wishing you spent a little more. My local bottlo did them at 6 for $10 I tried one and thought it was ok but its taken me 3 months to finish 12 of the bloody things.

  • Rouse Hill NSW had about 8 cases sitting there yesterday

  • Thanks :) ,I got 2 from my local.
    It was my first time tying this flavor and its nice, barely taste any ginger but you can taste the mild flavor of apple spice (cinnamon?). just wish I had more money to buy a few more.

    I wonder what this would taste like if I added some ginger liqueur?,will try it.
    I look forward to tasting the other flavors.

    Cheers and keep the Ginger beers sales coming

    • Apple cinnamon was what came to my mind as well but the after taste I'm left with is ginger beer. Something different. It's definitely sweet enough to add something else to it.

  • I went an bought 3 cases from the Noarlunga, SA store. They didn't have any on display, but they had "plenty" "out the back".

    It tastes quite nice in my opinion.

  • Mine arrived this morning.
    + 1 for the deal and + 1 for the taste!

  • +3

    Thank OP! Ordered a case for delivery, got a call the other day asking if I wanted a different flavour for the same price because of the short expiration date. So got my case of the original delivered today with expiry in December this year :) great service from dan murphys!

    • Very good service indeed. I've since been back and gotten 3 more cases, too cheap to pass up even if they are now past their best before date.

  • Picked mine up today at Melbourne Qv