expired PendoPad 7" Tablet 4GB, Android 4.2 Is $79 @ Coles


Pendo page description
(Specs pasted below)

To Coles catalogue page
There are better 7" tabs out there, but this seems cheap enough. Might tide you over if you missed the DX scamboogery or HN Amicroe 7" tab.

Weight: 320g

LCD Panel
Screen Size: 7" 16:9
Screen Resolution: 800x480

Touch Panel
Touch Module: Capacitive
Multi-touch: 5 point

Type: Lithium-ion polymer battery
Capacity: 3.7V/2800mAH

Type: Cortex A8
Speed: 1.2GHz

Type: Mali 400

Multi-media (Hardware decoding)
Photo Viewer: JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG
Video Format: AVI(H.264, DIVX, DIVX, XVID, rm, rmvb, MKV(H.264, DIVX, DIVX, XVID), WMV, MOV, MP4(H.264, MPEG, DIVX, XVID), MPEG, MPG, FLV(H.263,H.264)

DDR3: 512MB DDR3

ROM Flash
Nand Flash: 4GB

Front Facing: 0.3MP
Rear Facing : NA

8Ω/1W speaker x 1
MIC: Yes
G-sensor: Yes
Bluetooth: NA
WIFI: 802.11b/g/n
3G: Compatible with 3G USB dongle
Memory card socket: Support SDHC/SDXC(up to 32GB)
USB interface: Data transfer supportive : MICRO USB X 1 ,USB 2.0 /HOST
Headphone jack: 3.5mm standard headphone jack
DC connector: 2.5MM power connector

Keyboard: Wired Supportive
Mouse: Wired Supportive
Operating System version: Android 4.0.3 [Coles catalogue says 4.2]
Language: Multi-language supportive
HTML5: Supportive

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  • +8 votes

    Screen Resolution: 800x480 is a BIG NO.

    • +3 votes

      Reminds me of Optus Mytab days. In sepia.


      1280x720 or 1366x768 should be the norms. 480p resolution is so old.


      My 2.8" phone is only 320x240 and it's good enough.
      Our 32" bedroom telly is only 852x480 and also looks fine.

      Does everybody need HD on a small screen? No.

      • +10 votes

        it's probably about time to move on from the nokia 3310 mate

        • +2 votes

          lol I still have one in a box somewhere, must recycle that. Thanks for reminding me :)

          My current phone is a 14 month old Huawei X1 (V2.2). There's still quite a few phones with 2.8" screens for sale out there including the Samsung Galaxy pocket (also 320x240).

          Personally, I like having my phone in a trouser pocket and anything bigger looks silly IMO. So long as it works as a phone, alarm clock and I can play Pinball Deluxe, Air Control, Solitaire…actually I have about 200 games installed (some are GBA emulation under GameBoid) and most play fine.

          What more do I need? It's sufficient and if I lose it or break it, it's cheap to replace.


        It is about $79 for a SD on a small screen. If it is $7.90 i am sure it is a good deal.

      • -3 votes

        Fine if your phone and TV is good enough for you
        then its good for you.
        Its just that some of us like higher resolution screen.
        But i guess some peoples eyes are just not up to par.
        Are they.

      • +1 vote

        Your TV looks ok because it's showing 25 frames per second. If you were to use your TV as a computer monitor then it would be terrible. What resolution computer monitor do you have - 640x480?

        That tablets resolution (800x480) is more suited to something like a 4" phone. Yes you can read a web page on that resolution - but clearly you would rather not because you have to keep zooming & panning.

        For showing a movie, yes it is adequate (as in DVD video is (PAL) 720x576 or (NTSC) 720x480).


          What resolution computer monitor do you have - 640x480?

          Sorry? You're comparing apples with oranges and you know it, Scumbag.

          Of course I don't run 6x4 on my PCs — a ridiculous question. Unless it was meant to be rhetorical, in which case: haha, love your work. Let's move on.

          A lifetime ago, yes I did, and even half that (320x200 / 320x240 — Amiga days (sigh)).

          Like most people, I sit much closer to a monitor than a TV. No, I don't use my TVs as computer monitors and I'm usually at least 3 metres from a TV.

          So I'm about to give best-case values for the Sammy and worst-case for the oldie. At the risk of apples/oranges myself I'll compare two different screen sizes. But still it seems unfair to bash on a cheap "lo-res" JB HiFi special from 2007 doesn't it?

          Let's see:
          Sammy 51" @ 1920x1080 = 43.2 ppi (1)
          Soniq 32" @ 852x480 = 30.5 ppi (2)

          (1) I don't have Blueray, so at best this TV outputs 720p and 1080i.
          (2) 480 native res but feeding it 720p signal from STB.

          Now honestly OzB-ers from 2, 3 or 4 metres viewing distance, would you really miss those 13 pixels per inch?
          I don't. More is better? Yes, but do remember that resolution isn't the whole story!


        That's crap resolution. My 32" bedroom tv has 1366x768 which is HD. I can tell a big difference even on my smaller TV between SD and HD resolution.

        Also when it comes to text on a tablet PC i find it's harder reading on a lower resolution.

        • +2 votes

          What's apparent with ours is:

          • having just an analogue tuner (it's a 2006 TV) it's using an HD STB. If I switch output res on the STB, there's a slight visible difference.

          • The HD channels do look noticeably better than the SD. The worst SD is the heavily compressed Go and this is also apparent on this TV. Paradoxically, the sharper your picture, the easier you'll see compression artifacts caused by the broadcaster

          • The overall PQ is better than our FHD Sammy (10 months old). In 2006, there was no Store/Home mode. The contrast on the cheapie kills the Sammy, despite its bag of enhancement tricks (dynamic contrast, black level boost etc).

          My vision is better than 20/20 so I'm not romanticising or imagining it. We've viewed them side-by-side, being fed the same TV signal and those who have seen both happen to agree.

          When prospective home buyers came through our place in 2009, the lady was raving about how sharp the old one looked. I told her it's just a cheap SD panel, but she wanted to know the model and where to buy it.
          She must also be blind hey?


    focalprice.com have a 1024 x 600 dual core tablet for US$57.

    just search "Y27B"

    previous post wasnt a referral or affiliate link.

    • +3 votes

      That's VERY cheap and I'm seriously tempted, but…

      If there's a problem with it (assuming it has a warranty) it's a hassle to mail it back.
      Whereas this deal is Coles — there are hundreds of stores across Aus.


        yeah, but you're paying way more for a way crappier tablet.

        it has a warranty.

        if you get 6 months out of it you'd be happier than if you bought this pendo pad.

        • +3 votes

          I understand your point, purely on spec it's better, yes. No argument.

          But still:
          Does it conform to Australian safety standards? (ie, might it burn my house down?)
          Does it only come with UK charger pins as shown?
          Is there an Australian service agent? I suspect not.

          if you get 6 months out of it you'd be happier than if you bought this pendo pad.

          Really? You'd bin it after 6 months?
          I refuse to believe we've become such a throwaway society. I try to repair things and if it doesn't work, I'll harvest parts for other projects.


          aus safety standards - don't leave it charging when you're not around.
          UK charger pins - just buy a plug adapter $1 or so on ebay.

          for the specs Vs price I'd give it ago (though I just bought a 10" amicroe tablet from HN for $166.

          most electronics I buy is second hand (mobile phones, computers). they don't come with a warranty but then I don't spend too much on them. US$57 isn't much for a new tablet. I'd take the punt.

          sorry, when I say "bin it" i mean that it is no longer useable and ripe for appropriate "afterlife" treatment. such as spare parts or with something like this (probably not something I could fix myself) I'd flog it on ebay.

          I throw very very little away. if you could see my "man cave" you'd appreciate. ;)

        • +1 vote

          You're addressing someone who still enjoys an xbox 1.
          The original 2002 xbox 1.
          Which only outputs 480P

          Oh noes! My eyes!


          Xbox 1??? I just refer to mine as a XBOX!
          It annoys the $#!t out of people who have a 360 when I correct them! LoL
          Likewise, I've still got a Playstation too! NOT 2!


      Still a different product and therefore incomparable.

    • +5 votes

      Btw i own one.

      It is shockingly bad, battery is horrible, extremely slow.

      Do not recommend..


    8" for cheap is better.

  • +2 votes

    Why do they selling this frisbee again??

    Where did they get this frisbee out again?? Coles was selling this few years ago with about the same price(abt $79-$99), and they changed for the Huawei one last year which is better…

  • +1 vote

    If this is the same as what Aus.Post has had at $ 129.00
    it's CRAP, IMO.

    If you want to encourage a child to engage with Gambling & [soft?]Porn, it's the "perfect" gift.

    Eg, PlayStore doesn't work. Instead, you have access to a few customised app search engines…

    …and - if you put just about any search key into one or both of them - you get maybe 1 or 2 related app's…

    …followed by a page full of totally UnRelated app's… to do with gambling & suggestive of [soft?] porn.

    (Compare to an Android or Win 8 tab, whose app search engine returns (mostly) related app's.

    One Win 8 tab even comes with the KhanAcademy.org app on its initial "Charm" menu & it lets you download their cost-free tutorial videos (by course), eg, for viewing where there is no Internet… outback, car trips, etc.

    …providing a totally different orientation.)

    So, if you're looking for a "cheap" tab to give a kid:

    • If you want a "Poor Dad" consumer, try the PendoPad 7 (I wouldn't!)

    • If you want an "Rich Dad" producer, I'd say: Go for something better.)

    (The ref's are to Kyosaki's book: "Rich Dad, Poor Dad")

    Also: 512 MB of RAM is a big limitation.


      Thanks, noted and it's put me right off getting one. Thankfully, my local Coles didn't have stock yesterday!

      But on the Google Playstore thing O_o If it's running 4.2, it should have the Playstore shortcut on it, surely?
      Such a fundamental thing?

      • +1 vote

        Bought one yesterday 12/6, no Playstore just a 1mobile Market app. Minimum apps installed. Terrible screen. Worst than the Huawei Y201 handset in terms of colour saturation.Not recommended.


          Will you be returning it for a refund?


          I tried one of these and believe me overall its very bad, screen, speed, apps, battery all terrible.
          If you want an el cheapo tablet try the Amicroe Touchtab II sell for $86@ HN its much much better.


          Yeah, but I'm such a tightarse OzB'er, I refuse to pay that price when they had it for $68 recently (deal is here somewhere). I did the store pick-up option, only to be told by my local HN it was on back-order.

          Roll on midnight and snuff the miserable life outta this dud deal!


    Reading the title for a sec, I thought it was a 4G tablet! LoL.

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