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Spend $100 or More in One Transaction at Kogan, GET $30 Cashback to Your PAYPAL Account


As per description.

Spend $100 or More in One Transaction, GET $30 Cashback to Your PAYPAL Account

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  • Wow 30% discount. Good

      • +226

        taken* ;)

        • Oooh mothercking SNAP! :p

          most votes ever?

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          That feeling when a comment gets more positives than the deal itself.

        • Ooops? you should be apologizing.

        • Proves this place is full of grammar nazis? XD

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          Ooops? you should be apologizing.

          Welcome to Australia, where s is generally used instead of z.

        • Proves this place is full of grammar nazis? XD

          No, that particular correction was well deserved.

        • +1

          Woah…okay, did not expect that many votes o.O

      • +16

        a '+' from me for not saying "should of".

      • +13

        Fire trucks on the way please direct to burnt area

      • -2

        I love some sweet delicious irony :)

    • +2

      UP TO 30% discount

    • -7

      I don't read 30% off… it says $30 off if you spend $100 or more… which means if you spend $500 u will only get $30 not 30% off

    • -4

      Whats up with the negg… grow up… giving negged ain't get u a shit
      …Justify the negging

  • +6

    Will you please put "at Kogan" in the title?

    edit: Thanks neil!

  • +1

    $30 cancels out the shipping cost of an ipad 4 ($29) effectively giving you free shipping and $1 discount :(

  • +21

    I bet they added $30 to the price of popular items just before they announced this

    • +13

      Yes, another false advertising attempt from Kogan.
      Here are just two examples I dug up using wayback machine
      Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 (16GB, Black): Now = $459 +$19; a month ago = $419 + $19
      Apple iPad 4 with Retina Display (16GB, Wi-Fi, White): Now = $499 +$29; a month ago = $479 + $29.

      • +4

        Nice. Although part of the increase could be due to the AU$ devaluation as well.

        • I suppose.. but on the other hand we should also take into account the price drop of a phone like S3 after S4’s launch. Anyhow, I usually don't get too excited with Kogans cashback offers and free shipping offers cuz they are known to inflate prices before such offers.

        • and which these items have a depreciation rate that will offset that

  • These IP camers are $59 each with free shipping.
    Is two cameras for $88 a good deal?
    Any one bought any of these?

    • +1

      Ive got one of these cameras but from ebay, if your patient and can hang out to bid, u can get a better deal..i paid $30 for mine inc. shipping

      awesome cameras…ptz, zoom, everything!

      then again $88 for 2 and you don't have to wait it out! sounds pretty good too! lol

      • VGA (640 x 480) @ 15FPS, QVGA (320 x 240) @ 30FPS.

        bad quality. pass.

    • +1

      If you need 2, then $44 each is reasonable.
      I don't have a camera from Kogan, but I have one from EightGroup, posted here a few months ago I think for $39 delivered.
      I'm using it as a baby monitor.. it's not 100% ideal, the motor appears to continuously run, and that significantly reduces the effectiveness of the microphone.
      I use tinycam app on Android to monitor.
      With Dynamic DNS, you can monitor when away from home as well.

    • From memory these only support WEP and WPA, not WPA2. Means downgrading the security on your wireless network or having a separate network for the cameras.

      • +1

        The Kogan cameras support WPA2.

        The problem is the cameras from eBay have random Firmwares on them and some don't support WPA2.

        This is why its a good deal from Kogan, you can be sure you are getting a decent firmware.

        • Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately the Kogan website only states WEP and WPA. So possibly a risk?

        • +2

          I purchased mine from Kogan and its currently connected to my WPA2 802.11n network.

          I only get 4fps via wireless though, seems decent considering the distance (its outside)

        • anyone know how to setup external access to multiple IP cameras in your home?
          I can only view one obvoiously with one external wan IP.

        • you should be able to set up pat. so they share the same ip address but uses different ports to differentiate themselves

        • Its very easy… just set different ports and use port forwarding.

          Making sure you have a password on either the kogan cameras or your security camera software.

          I use I-SPY for all my motion recording, external access etc.

        • cool, anyone got any instructions on how to do this?

          what ports do you use…I thought it only uses port 80.

        • Port forwarding may help! This is just a guess based on my knowledge. I haven't actually tried anything like this myself.

        • There are instructions from Kogan in setting it up.

        • can you share those instructions?
          new to all of this.

        • You get a link in the box when you buy it, you might find it somewhere on the kogan support page.

        • Kogan send you here (you need to download the zip file with instructions)

          I don't like being asked to download a zip file, but it seems legit.
          Link from here… http://help.kogan.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/293/14/wire…

    • i want one ip cam to use for my synology.

  • Everything I even vaguely want is sold out.

  • +3

    Nexus 4 8gb for $338 shipped

  • can you do multiple transaction with one Paypal account?
    say I want to buy multiple items then split into 2 transaction of $100 or more each, do I will get $30 + $30?

    EDIT : never mind, just read the T&C which stated only one eligible transaction per Paypal account…

  • How about (4*[$29 32Gb usb] + free shipping - $30) = $86/4 = $21.50 each delivered

  • I have two paypal accounts!

    • I wouldn't go around telling people that, you will get both closed down as it's not allowed.

      • +1

        it is allowed.

        from paypal help centre:

        Can I have multiple PayPal accounts?
        Yes. You can hold up to two PayPal accounts at any time in the following combinations:
        * One personal account and one premier account.
        * One personal account and one business account.
        * One premier account and one business account.
        Each account must have its own email address and bank account.

      • We have had people brag on here they have 15 ebay accounts, not to suprising people also have more then 1 paypal accounts.

        • True Ozbarginers if you have more than 2 paypal accounts!

  • Nokia Lumia 610 comes in at $128 shipped, which is not too bad.

  • so if I buy 2 items, would it be better off go for 2 tranxs with 2 shipping charges or one tranx with one shipping charge, or no difference at all ?

    • Only can claim cashback once for each paypal account.

  • Was going to post this but you beat me to it.

    • +1

      40mins too late!

  • +1

    Guess this doesn't work with their mobile plans since they're on a different site?

  • +2

    Damn! bought the LG 4x last night at 10:30pm
    Called the customer serive after seeing this post - they can't guarantee if my order can be cancelled as its with their Operations team… Also they cannot offer me $30 as a good gesture

    Meh… I guess I can afford $30 loss if Kogan can afford $46k loss

    • Wow, so no more dealing with Kogan for you? Imagine if you need real after sales service?

      • Nah - if there is a deal, like other typical bargain hunter I will buy again from Kogan
        No hard feelings Ruslan :P

    • I'm impressed they are honouring the sales…. our friend harvey does not have the same credibility…

      • emm… they did honour long time ago
        Doesn't seem to be the case today.

  • +1

    I noticed a lot of products are $99… I wonder if that's a coincidence lol.

  • Any standout bargains?

  • +2

    Can I recharge kogan mobile with PayPal and get cash back … Just wild thinking, Bcoz I don't need anything else ?

    • you could buy me a phone…. that;ll take you over the $100

    • That's a great idea, is it possible?

  • Galaxy S4 $608 inc delivery, is that decent?

  • +4

    dont know what to buy

  • +1

    Nokia Lumia 620 for $189 delivered… good price…

  • Nexus 4 8G bargain or decent buy?

  • Do you think this presale item would be included if I bought other stuff?

    • Just asked Kogan on chat, and they confirmed it's included.

  • +1

    $288 delivered for a Canon S110… very tempting

    • +1

      good price.

      • +1


  • I wanted to buy their suitcases, at 99$, but went out of stock.

  • -1

    Can anyone confirm if the prices are the same, or has Kogan jacked them up?

    • -1

      The S4 4G at least has remained at the same price

    • -1

      I can't speak for the phones, but everything else looked the same price.

      • -1

        Thanks, I've put a post below, but if it looks like the majority of items are the same then I stand corrected.

  • +1

    Does anybody know if I link a 28 degrees card to my PayPal, whether I can claim for a price drop in the future? The S4 4G version is looking mighty tempting around about now…

    • I was going to ask the same thing…does anyone know???? It not… get $30 back now or wait 6 mths for price drop and claim then????

      • Same here, would like to go for the 55" smart tv but would rather pay with 28 degrees to get the insurance benefits..

        • +1

          I've done this before, it's valid action, linking your 28 degree card and claim the price protection

  • +3

    I thought it was weird, so I went and checked my old invoice for a Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 (16GB, Blue) $369.00
    Now $459.00 - $30 after Cashback = $429

    A few weeks ago Apple iPad Mini (16GB, Wi-Fi, Black) $308 inc delivery then $318 including delivery as per this deal http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/100825
    Now $339.00 NOT including delivery

    Just over 2 weeks ago: Samsung Galaxy Note II $498 including delivery @ Kogan as per http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/104738
    Now $529.00 NOT including delivery

    Looks like no deal so I'll neg so people can actually see the figures in this big thread. If I'm wrong about the figures just point it out and I'll revoke the neg.

    • +3

      I think the ozzie dollar increased some of kogans prices…. also the $529 for the note ii has been for a few weeks now… not for today…

    • yeah I had my eyes on the mini ipad, it was 298, then a constant 320 (all free delivery though) now 339 is definetaly jacked.

    • +1

      They did the exact same thing a few months ago - http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/95076 - when they offered 'free shipping' storewide. Coincidence that it could be the dollar being a bit weaker? I think not, not enough to cause such extreme price inflations that sama pointed out. It always happens around the time they have some sort of promotion.

      Kogan are incredibly dodgy.

  • Anyone used the Kogan Air Fryer? Can't find reviews online :/

  • Does this deal work on presale TV's?

    • +3

      included (via kogan chat)

  • Just bought something, when does the $30 get credited to my PayPal account?

    Edit: my bad, it's within 28 days…

    • -1

      Lose on opportunity cost, so not worthwhile…

  • Has the wireless IP Camera gone up?

    $59 each with FREE Delivery…


    • I think it is generally $59.

  • Hmmm… decision decision decision…

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