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Buy One Get One Free All Light Globes @ Masters


Buy one get the same one free on all light globes @ Masters

Finishes June 30. Refer here for sale items.

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    do you think this would include LEDs?

  • Why does the thumbnail show the correct orientation but when you click it it re-orients to the side? I think we have a Ozbargain bug..

    • Not OzBargain, it's a browser issue. The image is saved with orientation data (like when you turn a camera on it's side), so the thumbnail is correct. You then click on the image & the browser displays the image, but most browsers ignore the orientation info. AFAIK, Firefox is planning on fixing that soon. If you download the image to your computer & view it with a half decent picture viewer (ie. probably not something from Microsoft), it will be displayed the right way up.

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    works on LEDs and works online.

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    as for a good deal -this is a shining example

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      You're a bright spark.

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        I'll take your comment lightly.

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          Never a dull moment on ozbargain…

        • it always brightens my day.

  • One of our room has :

    Philips Tornado - Extra Bright
    20 Watts
    1250 Lumens
    Cool Daylight

    and this is really good one but cannot find it on this website :(

    • You didn't state if the globe was ES(screw) or BC(pins).

      Here's a link to a GE(General Electric) one. http://www.masters.com.au/product/900005283/ge-lighting-20w-...

      Compact Fluroesent Lights(CFL), are really common these days and come in all different sizes.
      Don't get caught up saying I need to buy XX brand. As long as the wattage is similar the lumens(how bright it is) will be similar. Just make sure you get the right colour(Cool White) ~5000k, infact, your philips globe is ~6500k.(Blueish)

      The spiral(tornado) globes are brighter watt for watt, than the "tube" style ones.

      Ref: I work in the electrical department at another hardware store.

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    Thanks OP - genuine great deal here.

    Philips Ambient 7W Wide Beam GU10 LED Globe Warm White
    I have these - just ordered 30 for my house.

    Give a great white light and are the only ones i've tested that are a true replacement for a 50w halogen. Don't go for any kogan LED… their terrible.

    Awesome deal. You could easily buy 'em today and sell 'em on Ebay for an easy profit.

    How did you find out about this awesome bargain? Newsletter / website?

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      Hi Robbie! Are these a straight replacement, or does one need to replace the drivers for these too?

      My house is full of GU10 Dimmable Halogens (with the pointy pin ends). I thought it's more than just the globe, it's the globe + a $100 'dimmable' driver but I could be wrong.

      Also - how is the angle on these? Is it nice and wide or does it produce a spotlight effect?

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        Sadly these are non-dimmable and the website doesn't even specify if they're 240V or 12V

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          If it's MR16 base, it's going to be 12v. GU10 bases are 240v.

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        You sure it's GU10? GU10 is a flat knobly end whereas MR16 is the one with two sharp pins.

        If you have drivers/transformers, then your downlights are gonna be MR16.

        The angle on these is around 30ish whereas most MR16 50w Halogen downlights hit the 50-60 range.

        If you have a dimmer, you're gonna have to keep the dimmer on full blast, otherwise these won't work or they'll flicker. Easier option is disconnecting the dimmer full stop.

        • Yes! You guys are right. It's MR16. That makes sense actually, a more 'sturdy' connector for 240v, and just the little pins for 12v.

          So to do a full conversion I do need these MR16 LEDs + 'dimmable drivers' or ballasts, correct? Any idea on websites where I can find a quality one of these (obviously I've found a few on eBay, but I don't want to risk it!)? Do they sell them at Bunnings/Beacon/Masters?

          Thank you OzB community!

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          What have you got right now?

        • I believe I have 12v MR16 Halogen bulbs with dimmable transformer 240v drivers.

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          Depending on the brand of your transformers, they may work with these LED globes. However, you won't be able to dim them. The dimming is dependent on both the globe and the transformer as both need to be capable of dimming otherwise it won't work.

    • Thanks Robbie613.

      I just ordered 24 of these. Will try to pick it up tonight and then fit them on saturday into my existing halogen fitting! fingers crossed that it wont turn my TV screen blue (as i've heard LEDs can sometimes do when you fit them into Halogen fittings)

      Compared to the $40 retrofitted LEDs i was considering yesterday, this is a fantastic deal! if it works =)

      thanks OP!

      • Have you got an email saying that it's ready to pick up?

        • yup. got it within 2 hours or so.

  • It includes all the globes & does not include the Florescent Tubes.

  • when does this deal end guys?

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      picture shows June 30

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    Ends 30th June 2013. There are some massive discounts all across store specially in the lighing section. One of the Pendants has been marked down from $125 to $15.
    Hurry Jump online or come in a store.
    a few examples

  • HI, do you know whether or not they sell philips energy saver 6 packs something like that?
    I search from the website and I couldn't find any.
    If you've been there or remember saw it last time, please let me know. thanks

  • They sell GE & Olsent Brands in multi pack CFL energy saver.
    Check store stock online before u jump into store.

    • ah..thanks.
      By the way, which brand is more reliable GE or Olsent? or both the same

      • +1

        I would personally go to GE

  • Dude rep - why http://www.masters.com.au/product/902453256/philips-genie-18... is cheaper than http://www.masters.com.au/product/902453272/philips-genie-14...?

    Anyway - awesome deal - will get few of these bulbs.

  • Hi Viento
    Going by Surat's comment above, he wanted to know about 6 pack.
    Can you please find 6 Pack Genie @ masters?

  • I'm in the process of building a new home (awaiting prelim agreement) Would anyone here recommend I purchase led lights for the entire house? These require transformers to run ?

    • In living areas yes you want downlights. Have the builder install junction boxes in the ceiling instead of the bayonet fittings so you don't have a hole to patch up.

      Transformer is not required, you should use 240V LED globes. But be careful there are also 12V globes for sale designed to retrofit into 12V halogen fittings. And the packaging is often not clear which they are!

      Bunnings have Nelson 240V halogen downlights for $10. Pull out the globe and fit in the Osram LED globes they have for $12.90. Total price $22.90 each.

  • I love saving money as much as the next person, but I have concluded that the incandescent light bulb is the least dangerous to health. Fluorescent lights, including the popular compact fluorescent light bulb contain mercury. LED's are better in that they do not contain mercury. However they do contain a number of other poisons.

    (Quote from http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=led-lightbu... ) LEDs do have a dark side. A study published in late 2010 in the journal Environmental Science and Technology found that LEDs contain lead, arsenic and a dozen other potentially dangerous substances."

    Also they are known to suppress melatonin production. I quote from http://experiencelife.com/newsflashes/the-health-dangers-of-... "Scientists encourage consumers to choose bulbs situationally, avoiding LEDs at night. Melatonin-suppressing light is “dangerous only if we expose ourselves to it during the hours when we should be in the dark, and if the exposure is sufficiently intense or long,” says physicist Fabio Falchi, of the Light Pollution Science and Technology Institute in Italy. He advises people to rely more on incandescent light after dark, especially in the bedroom."

    There is also a very interesting article about the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs in America: http://www.poe.house.gov/index.php?option=com_content&task=v...

    • +1

      Re: Melatonin suppression. It appears it's not LED specific, but any "cool white", ie blue lighting.

    • -1

      Fluorescent lights actually have gases inside them, give off a horrible light colour, take time to warm up, use more electricity. LED lights can last 5 - 25x more than fluorescent lights.

      You make an interesting point about melatonin - never knew this.
      We tend to use lamps (CFL :) at night-time anyway.

      You're probably right that incandescent bulbs are the least dangerous to the health. But using 5x more power you're contributing to Co2 from the power station. Candles, anyone?

      • +2

        Fluros give a horrible light color? LEDs are famous for having terrible color rendition. Jaundiced yellows on warm white, blue tinge on cool white.

        Triphosphor fluro bulbs are much easier to find than high-CRI LED bulbs.

        • What do you define as "high" CRI?

        • 80+.

          High-CRI lamps are less efficient than low-CRI lamps, so generic bulb manufacturers are more likely to sell bulbs with high lumens or watts without regard to CRI, as more people are familiar with brightness, lumens, and watts than CRI.

          e.g. The Cree XR-E is 75 while a Philips fluro tube from Bunnings is 85 CRI. Better LEDs have a higher CRI, so cheapies might not be the best option if CRI is important to you.

      • Sorry robbie613, I have to strongly disagree with you to the fullest possible extent, unless you are mixing flouros with compact flouros (CFLs), in which case, i'd agree with you. CFLs are one of the biggest con jobs i've ever seen - that was widely accepted.

        My flouros light up instantly (or as close as you can get). CFLs on the other hand (which are utter rubbish), take 5+ minutes and fail far more quickly than flouros. LEDs are almost instantaneous.

        Warm white (as eug mentioned) are absolutely gorgeous for light. I would never buy anything but warm white for a light - unless I wanted to make guests feel unwelcome ;)

        Also, flouros are very cheap to run. I will still pay the premium for the 40W flouros, as the 35w flouros give out far less light, and if you compare the economical value (light levels v/s power consumption), the 40w flouros kick the butt of the 35w flouros, ie. the 35w flouros are a con job.

        For reference, I typically use my flouros for about 30 minutes per day. I've had the same 16 flouros for 9 years. None have dimmed or failed. On your figures, LEDs will last me 40+ to 200+ years under the same circumstances - and I doubt that highly.

        On the other hand, every single CFL i've ever used has lasted 3-4 years (despite various brands, prices, etc). My LED lights are still running strong and I've had no failures.

        In summary:
        Incandescent: Was best bang for buck and the environment, but short life
        CFL: Biggest con job. VERY bad for the environment, poor value for money
        Flouro: Excellent value for money, long life, not good for the environment
        LED: Average value for money at present, long life, not good for the environment

        • You have to factor in the environmental impact of the extra power consumption of incandescent. Also the number of house fires caused by them.

    • Yes, LEDs do contain elements such as arsenic, but two other things are important: the amount, and how easily it can leach into soil or water when disposed of in a landfill. The amount of arsenic is small (only the blue LED semiconductor contains some), and it's unlikely to leech out of the semiconductor wafer. Burning coal to generate electricity releases significant amounts of radiation per year in the form of natural radioisotopes in the coal. Less power use = healthier air.

      CFLs are a different matter altogether of course, where the fragile glass envelope is easily broken resulting in the release of a few milligrams of mercury.

      I use CFLs and LEDs where I can, and halogens where absolutely necessary.

      The linked article about melatonin suppresion states the blue light output of LEDs is a problem rather than 'warm white' style light. Therefore, use warm white instead of cool white lights.

      The other link is from a Republican senator in Texas. They are strongly biased against government intervention in what people buy so it's natural they take a negative opinion on the 19th century technology incandescent phaseout.

  • Rep,
    Why don't you (Masters) stock cool daylight 240V LED light globes???

  • Would Bunnings match this deal? I don't live near a Masters store.

    At my local Bunnings they have a board at their entrance advertising their guarantee to beat any competitor's price but I've never price matched there before.

    • only if both stock same item

      • only if both stock same item

        Thats the joke. They stock subtly different models to avoid price comparison, let alone matching.
        Its getting like mobile phone plans.

  • This offer makes Philips light bulbs pretty good value.


  • Those 20W GE spiral 6-packs are ridiculously cheap at 12 for $16.80

    Are they the same quality as the ones sold individually? A shame they only come in warm white (aka yellow by me :-)


  • THANKS! Just when I was dreading to having to replace all 54 cfl bulbs in the house! Started buying some from bunnings last week, good thing I haven't installed them yet!

    • Thanks to OP also.

      Just bought $300 worth of CFL bulbs for 50% off.

      Still can't trust cheap LEDS bulbs from China's websites/ebay yet. Still prefers CFLs though they only last 1/3-1/4 the life of the LEDS. Pity that Masters CFL globes are not the Philips Tornado globes that are found in Bunnings.


  • What colour temp are people using for bathroom and kitchen areas? My bathroom is approx 2m x 3m and has 3 halogen downlights, would a 35W 36D for each be sufficient (assuming normal non-energy saving bulb for comparable measurement purpose)?

    • I just tried out 2 of the 35W 36D last night (actually they were a philips model not on the website and $27, but its was 8:30 pm so too late to run to another masters). They are rated 2700K 7W 36 degree though.

      I'm personally impressed with the brightness/colour and have moved forward with getting 18 of the $20 non dimmable for my main living areas. Ie (http://www.masters.com.au/product/900049253/philips-ambient-...), course there are $22.50 dimmables too.

      I'm personally not bothering with anything but the main living areas though, the cost-benefit is more obvious there and doing more would take the cost from $180 to $500 even with the 2 for 1!!

      • With the 2 that you bought, are they not the Ambient model?

        Also with the 18 you bought, these are 20W equivalent according to the link, not 35W.

        • The two that I got were myAmbiance 6.5w 35w equivalent non-dimmable GU5.3 36D philips. They are in much smaller packaging than the others. Seems to be the only ones at some masters stores.

          The box shot shows 4w on the linked one but they were reportedly 7w from the description. Anyway hit total had click and collect fail on those 18! Had to wait 25 minutes at the store for my supposedly ready order, only for them to produce completely the wrong bulbs (GU10 blah blah). Clueless. By then I had to go and had to can it.

          I've ended up buying 8 more of the 6.5w ones and canned the rest, with little inclination to shop at masters in the future.

  • Has anyone had chandeliers installed in their home? If you did, how much did each install cost approximately? Thanks =D

    • Putting one of these up tomorrow. http://www.masters.com.au/product/900039318/cork-5-light-fit...

      Will cost me about 10-20 min. :) Have a feeling that isn't really what you meant though

      • Meh, I also have a feeling that the sort of people who need "a man in" to install a chandelier don't shop at a hardware store. Come to think of it, real men don't buy chandeliers. Well, they might, but they'd call it a light fitting :-).

        Yours just 2 screws to hold the base-plate to a ceiling joist?

        • Yeah standard 2 screws fitting. It isn't actually very heavy, would probably be ok just hanging from the plasterboard. I wont do that though just to be sure. If there isn't already something behind the ceiling there i will just cut a piece of timber and screw through into that.

        • Tell me how you go. How long is the chain?

        • Actually i removed all the chain already, i will be pretty much mounting the hanging part to the ceiling. At a guess it was about 40cm.

          I only have 2.4m ceilings and being 195 or so makes low hanging lights a problem :)

      • Thanks Duff, I mean't install from scratch without having a junction box etc in your ceiling (which old chandeliers have to prevent them falling from your ceiling). Does the hardware that came with the light seem simple enough to install by yourself?

        • Well it came with a ceiling bracket that you attach to the ceiling with a couple of screws. 3 terminal block in the part that attaches to the ceiling, nothing special.

          Obviously these are meant to be installed by an electrician. I am not going to tell you to do it yourself but short of tightening the 3 screws that you 'need' the electrician for there is nothing complicated about mounting it.

  • Great deal - 10 x OLSENT MR16 50W 12V 60D for $12 and the second one was free! :) That's 20 @ $12!

    • Cheap! But it will cost another $12 to run them for 48 hrs or so!

  • Great deal. I just got 8 x Phillips dimmable energy saver ones which are usually about $14 each

  • Just for those who don't know yet, the buy one get one free also applies on car headlight bulbs.

  • bought 8x Philips dimmable LED downlight, work a treat.

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