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Onkyo ABX-100 iPod/iPhone Music Playback System $111 (Free Shipping with 3 Years Warranty!)


Visit any hi-fi store these days and you'll see countless dock-and-speaker systems for iPod or iPhone. So, you may ask, what sets the ABX-100 apart from the crowd Onkyo's keen dedication to build quality and audio performance, that's what. The first thing you notice about the ABX-100 is the elegant brushed-aluminum dock cover and matching solid aluminum foot-base. Sliding open the cover reveals an easy-to-read graphical LCD display and touch-sensor buttons. Here, eye-pleasing looks are complemented by ear-pleasing sound. The ABX-100's top-side dock for iPod/iPhone connects to precision-engineered amplifier circuitry inside. A pair of full-range speakers then deliver room-filling resonance for your podcasts and music. Further connectivity is provided by a 3.5 mm analog audio input that enables you to hook up other audio devices, such as a portable CD or MP3 player. It all adds up to a stylish and simple audio solution for your office, den, or bedroom.

The ABX-100's built-in dock for iPod/iPhone lets you play back all your favorite music and podcasts in a variety of audio formats. Your iPod/iPhone is automatically recharged whenever it sits in the dock, and you can operate major functions on the device with the ABX-100's remote controller.


iPhone (3S, 3GS, 4) / iPod touch(Gen 1 - Gen 4) / iPod classic / iPod with Video/ iPod with Color Display/ iPod with Click Wheel / iPod nano(Gen 2 - Gen 6) Audio Connection and Power Recharging
Tone Control (Treble/Bass/Super Bass)
3.5 mm Analog Audio Input {Also work with your Desktop PC, Notebook or other Mobile device Tablet which have 3.5mm Audio out!}
Sliding Brushed Aluminum Dock Cover
Solid Brushed Aluminum Dock Cover
Touch-Sensor Buttons
Graphical 128 x 64-Dot LCD Display
3-Mode Ambient Underside Illumination (Normal/Dim/Off)
6 cm Full-Range Bass-Reflex Speakers
Programmable Timers (Once or Every)
Sleep Timer
Snooze Function
Shuffle and Repeat Mode
Active Bass Control

iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod touch (1st to 4th Generations), iPod classic, iPod nano (2st to 6th Generations)
*Updating iPod/iPhone software is advised before using the ABX-100.

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  • All of the info above still sounds generic. What makes this a bargain and how does this stack up against the competition .e.g JBL, Harman Kardon, Bose, Klipsch, B&W, Bang&Olufsen etc.?