expired Unannounced Jetstar Japan International Sale


Adioso has detected a bunch of sales from Jetstar japan. These can be used as cheap return legs for flights from australia. This has not been announced by Jetstar Australia, as far as I know, but the flights are available and bookable.

Details as follows:
Narita to Sydney $193
Osaka to Sydney $203
Narita to Melbourne $204
Osaka to Melbourne $214

You can see a summary of the return legs here:


NOTE: Although these are sales in the japan->australia direction, they can still be booked as part of a normal return ticket from Australia to Japan.

If you look at:


You will be able to see the normal outbound prices - the return leg is the bit on sale. ie:

Sydney to Osaka ($428) + Osaka to Sydney ($203) = Return for: $631 (pretty good!).

You don't need to do anything special on the jetstar site - just book as per normal - you'll just see that some of the RETURN flights only are about half the price of usual.

Also, if you like, you can watch these fare changes too as they happen by going to: http://adioso.com/feed/au (choose airport if you like).

Happy hunting!


Update #2: More edits to the description of the sale for better clarity. Sorry for the confusion all.

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    You realise that these are FROM (and return to) Japan and not TO Japan, right?

  • +4 votes

    You realise that most people would be returning back to Australia, right?

  • +1 vote

    You realise that some people would like to return?


    I'm pretty sure that if you are travelling on a tourist/holiday visa, you are required to have a return journey booked. Shows an intention to leave the country you are visiting, and not staying on illegally.

    Just my recollection.

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    i must come back


    Hah, sorry guys, I obviously explained that badly.

    The discount still applies no matter which way you book, it's just that they only the return leg is on sale.

    So, for example, if you go to the jetstar site, or to:


    Choose a flight, then when you choose the return leg, there should be plenty of $203 return tickets.

    (Or you can do the same thing on the jetstar site directly, you'll just need to work out yourself which are the cheap days).

    Sorry for the confusion!




    I seem to remember Jetstar having a sale a while back in which return tickets from the Gold Coast were ~$400 inc. taxes. So while they're good, I'm fairly sure they've been cheaper. Wish I had've booked then though!


    Did no one notice that if you actually go through the links, the fares FROM Japan are on the Japanese sales website, hence they are paid for in YEN. Of course anyone can purchase these fares, provided you pay with Yen. Follow the links from adioso.com, check for yourselves.

    Melbourne -> Narita
    Jetsaver fare $456AUD
    Plus fuel surcharges, etc $521.60AUD

    Narita -> Melbourne one way.
    Jetsaver fare 15,700YEN
    Plus fuel surcharges, etc 30,750YEN
    Your one way fare from is $475AUD

    Return fare = $996AUD

    Now go to the jetstar website and chose a return airfare from Australia… I did the same dates and got a fare of $725.40AUD

    This is NOT a bargain.


      Hmmm, I'm not seeing the same thing. For example, go to:


      Choose a return day of say 14 days (June 2) and press book now.

      For me, jetstar site says $356 outbound and $136 SALE FARE return (ex taxes).

      Click through to next screen, and it adds up to $632 total return all inclusive (as per my original post). In my book, $632 all inclusive return to osaka is pretty good (ie: same direct flights with JAL are $1,975).

      I'm not sure what you mean by needing to buy in yen, this shouldn't be needed. Just use the jetstar site as per normal.

      Let me know if I missed something above.




          Gotcha, sorry I meant people to use the one directly below that (the australia-to-japan) for actually doing the booking. The japan sale link was merely to show how much the discount was.

          Also sorry, looking at your example, the Melbourne - Narita flights are a bit more (round $712 by my calc), which whilst not rock bottom prices is still fairly decent.

          Though with the crazy USA sales going on these days, it seems like less of a bargain eh?

          Odd that Jetstar didn't announce it either way (their sale page is blank at the moment) considering it drops the fares a fair chunk.

          Strange beasts airlines.



        I think what you're saying is when you're booking a RETURN flight from Australia to Japan. The flight leaving Australia is the standard price but the flight leaving Japan is on sale.

        I actually didn't get what you mean and I think a few other didn't.

        I thought you meant that ONE-WAY ticket from Japan is on sale. But when you actually book it separately (ie. buy ONE-WAY Australia to Japan plus ONE-WAY Japan to Australia), as foderme said, it's actually not on sale, and the return leg has to be paid in Yen.

        So the flight from Japan to Australia is only on sale when you purchase it as part of a return trip (which is what most people buy anyway).

        I'd recommend changing the description a little bit to avoid confusion. Good site BTW, been using it for a while now.


          Hey cacbm,

          Cheers for that (and thanks for the feedback). I've updated the description further to hopefully make things clearer :)


    Well I put in dates within the uni holidays and I was able to get about $670 return including tax and baggage


    adiosofenn, your website rocks. The new rss feed makes a great idea even better. adioso has to rank alongside ozbargain as the best aussie money saving websites.


      Hey young_dazza,

      Really glad you like it! The RSS stuff is a little bit rough around the edges at the moment, but we're working on making it bigger and better at finding all the bargains around.

      Cheers and thanks!



    I'm not sure if anyone here can read Japanese but I actually think that this sale is for those in Japan to come to Australia perhaps??



    This is a bargain. On the Jetstar site I configured and optioned a return journey for AU$725 including tax.

    Well done! Nice find.


    Hi adiosofenn,

    Really neat website, definitely appreciate the work you've put into it. I have one question though (asking here since I can't find a contact us link) - but is there a way to configure searches to look for return flights only instead of one-way and return? It would definitely filter out a lot of unnecessary results for me.

    Thanks a lot!


      Hey Cyssero,

      Thanks for the feedback! Regarding searches - all searches are one-way by default; You choose return flights when you click through with the "Select and find return", but you can just leave this on "one way only". Sorry, hope that makes sense.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.




    went to book right now and it's over folks :(

    just got my leave approved and it's over before I could book.

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