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Microsoft Surface RT Reduced Price All Models - 32GB Model for $389 (+10% Discount for Students)


Microsoft has reduced the RRP on the Surface RT tablets. Pricing now starts at $389 for the 32GB model.

"Windows RT is a new Windows-based operating system that's optimized for thin and light PCs that have extended battery life and are designed for life on the go. Windows RT only runs built-in apps or apps that you download from the Windows Store."

Microsoft online store dropdown box prices have yet to be updated, however new prices display correctly upon checkout. Free delivery.

32 GB Surface RT - Tablet only = $389 (from $559 RRP)
32 GB Surface RT - Tablet with black Touch Cover = $499 (from $679 RRP)
64 GB Surface RT - Tablet only = $499 (from $679 RRP)
64 GB Surface RT - Tablet with black Touch Cover = $609 (from $789 RRP)

Students get an additional 10% off - thanks to Obake for the post. (Microsoft store only)


For example: 32 GB Surface RT - Tablet only = $350.10

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    ….is this an admission that the original RRP was too high when launched…..mmmmm!

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      New model is coming around the corner as well.

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      No, it is an admission that Windows tablets are less desirable than Palm and Blackberry tablets.

      If someone can hack it to run Linux / Android then the hardware might be worth buying with a bit more discount.

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        I'm not sure if that is correct. Here are some tablet sales data. http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS24093213

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          Microsoft have 1.8% market share compared with 39.9% for Apple, Samsung 17.9%, Asus 5.5%, Amazon 3.7%. Of the 31.5% classified as other one would assume the all but a few are running Android.

          When you look at operating systems, Android is 56.5%, iOS is 39.6%, Windows is 3.3%, Windows RT is 0.4%.

          I'd suggest the link you've provided provides ample evidence that further discounting can be expected.

        • +4

          You posted a comment stating that "Windows tablets are less desirable than Palm and Blackberry tablets". The link shows windows tablets are more desirable than palm and blackberry tablets combined.

          I do not own any Microsoft products. I support ozbargain by contributing deals regardless of my personal opinions towards them. If this offer is of use to someone then great. I'm sure it will drop further in price over time, but then again doesn't everything.

        • I would be careful (in other words - don't) linking desirable with sales figures/market share. By that argument, Porsche/Ferrari are less desirable than a Toyota/most other manufacturers.

          Although, a Windows tablet does not cost >10X as much as an Android tablet, tablets are in a very price sensitive segment especially with all the low cost Android tablets marketing only one feature - low price.

          Put it this way, how much market share would Microsoft have it their tablets were 20-30% less? Or it the RT tab came out at the current price?

        • or simply write off the entire product line like HP Tab.

      • +2

        This is not a Windows tablet though, it's Windows RT which is completely different.

        • +1

          True that. I hate how they're calling this Operating System "Windows 8 RT". It sounds like "Windows 8 home" or something. People are going to buy devices running this Operating System and then be in for a baaaad time when they realise they can't install software on them (except through the Windows store).

          It's redeeming feature? Office. It is the only tablet with office on it. That should be its marketing pitch.

        • Who's calling it Windows 8 RT? It's called Windows RT.

    • +2

      Actually I think it's more to do with the wrong product at the wrong time. There's no compelling reason to buy one (i.e. lack of apps in the windows store). You buy a Windows tablet, you kind of expect it will run Windows apps. At least, that's how the general consumer will see it.

      Despite what you may think of Windows 8, if Surface Pro was released first to give developers ample time to produce apps, then there might be some argument for Windows RT. But right now, unless you like the limited array of Windows 8 apps (and I'm a Windows 8 / RT dev!!!) there's really no reason to get one (and I'd strongly recommend if you are considering any kind of light-weight device, consider one of the Atom devices that have hovered around the $400 market lately - at least you can run some x86 apps albeit not terribly quickly.).

      • I wouldn't touch an atom tablet, just from the fact that it seems core i3/5/7 powered tablets are almost the same price and are much more capable.

        I've seen atom tablets retail for stupid prices like $800+ and I can't believe anyone would buy one, it's basically a touch screen netbook with cut down OS and SSD. Consumers shouldn't fall for that…

        • +2

          At $800 I agree, but I can't find any i3/i5/i7 ones around $400.

        • Joxer - You should try one out yourself. The Atom name has been marred by horribly-performing netbooks from the past. The Atom Win8 tablets of today are nothing like that. I find it quicker to navigate around my Win 8 Atom tablet than my Nexus 10. It feels smoother and more responsive.

    • Thought it was just another almost 12 month old device getting a price cut

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    Note: the actual storage space available for the 32GB model is around 16GB as the other half is for the OS.

    • +30

      You still have a SDXD slot to extend it. It is not limited like on some fruits

      • -15

        Good luck showing your parent how to set-up an SD card on it though.

        • +11

          Don't you just plug the card in and copy stuff to it like a normal computer sd port?

        • +2

          Yes, exactly. Though in the current version you can't strictly use the SD card for your media libraries (that functionality is included in the free 8.1 update due later this year).

          But yes, you can drag and drop files on the SD card as if it's a disk/folder on your computer just like with any card reader or USB device.

    • It's more like ~20GB (source - I have a Surface RT). SD slot can add another 64GB for ~$50. USB port allows for thumbdrives/external hard drive attachment too.

      FWIW my Surface has tons of apps and games installed and I have about 10GB free space.

  • Is the cover worth 100 bucks? What's so special about it?

    • +6

      cover is a special touch pad keyboard but still not worth $100

    • The touch cover is excellent - and makes a great compromise between portability/simplicity and a decent typing/touchpad experience.

      $100 is expensive, especially if you don't intend to use the desktop features much (Office, etc.)

      • It's hands down the worst keyboard I have ever used. I would changed to the hard keyboard straight away. I could not even type one sentence without unintentional spelling errors. Design looks pretty… But buy at your own risk.

  • +10

    I'd like to point out this is windows RT, NOT windows 8, although it looks very similar expect android-like functionality (in terms of getting everything from an app store). Also I'd suggest not spending the extra $110 on the touch cover and buy it separately from eBay.

    • +5

      Actually get the type cover instead. It's infinitely more superior to the touch cover.

  • +6

    Still too expensive if you ask me. No desktop and not enough decent apps on the store mean you are buying a glorified W8 phone that runs office with a keyboard. By contrast the Acer a510 with keyboard was had for $510 and being an atom does everthing and has the 64Gb SSD. it's about 5mm thicker which is the only downside. These should be $400 with keyboard max.

    • +2

      Have you used an acer a510.
      If so, you surely would not recommend it!

      • +4

        I think Jackson meant he has a W510. A510 is an Android tablet while W510 is Win8, has an atom core and 64GB. I bought one from JB for $384 about 2 months ago and the keyboard dock from OW for $169. The battery on the keybaord dies within a month, but was able to get a replacement. So far so good. Been using Android for about 2 years, the lack of apps is a pain initially. But for web browsing, office applications and being able to run many lagacy windows apps work for me.
        Win RT just doesn't make sense!

        • +1

          Spot on was talking about the w510, bought one for the mrs and it's the single best piece of tech she's ever had in her opinion

        • +1

          RT makes sense, it's just been poorly presented, explained and marketed. I believe the ARM chip that the Windows RT tablet uses is quite a bit more power efficient than our traditional CPU's.

    • It's all about the target market. I know many people at work who simply want to use MS Office and surf the net and use gmail. The RT would be perfect for them.

      It's the most well-built 10" tablet going for $389 right now - and that also includes a nearly-full MS Office (the RT version doesn't come with some advanced features).

  • +2

    Available for educational institutions for about half this price.

    • +1

      How does one access this?

    • Would you mind sharing further information about that.

    • +2

      I'd like to know more too. But as a side note, students get 10% off: http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msaus/en_AU/list/ThemeID... Makes it $350.10

      • Thanks obake. I could not find this, only the US one. Added to post!

    • Found it myself:

      Not really any use to most of us. Only available to Institutions. Meaning a teacher or student can't purchase it, only the school can (needs ABN and a Purchase Order).

      And not really 50% off, it's 50% off the original price, not the new/current price.

      • yeah considered getting one via this but they would only purchase one per staff member.

    • +2

      Not quite. Microsoft have offered a special price of $279 for a 32gb Surface RT with keyboard cover.
      The school needs to participate and send the order to Microsoft by 31st August.

      The school I work at will offer this to our students and families soon. Not a bad deal!

  • +1

    Discounted price seems to show up at the checkout.

    64gb version is $499.

  • +2

    I just bought it, very nice compared to other windows tabs

  • +5

    The only other Australian retailer (that I know of) that stocks the RT is Harvey Norman. They may price beat or come out with a competing offer soon.

    funny joke this

  • +1

    So just to clarify, is this a limited time discount or full RRP?

    • +1

      i think that this price is the full RRP. should be discounted more.

    • Yes this is new reduced RRP by Microsoft.

      • +1

        So there is no discount off the manufacturer RRP? So what are we looking at here. I'm confused :-/

        • +1

          The bargain comes from microsoft not jbhifi. Microsoft reduced RRPs. (I.e 32GB RRP from $559 to $389). The devices can be purchased directly from the microsoft store. I have updated the listing to be more clear.

  • +4

    This is too little too late from Microsoft. I was in the market at the start of the year, but the Pro took too long to reach our shores and is far too expensive for what it is. Very happy with my Samsung 500T.

  • +7

    How is the rrp a bargain?

    • The bargain comes from microsoft not jbhifi. Microsoft reduced RRPs. (I.e 32GB RRP from $559 to $389). The devices can be purchased directly from the microsoft store. I have updated the listing to be more clear.

    • Only in the sense that it is a recent large drop in RRP price. It's an excellent tablet that could easily replace a full PC for many people. I paid full price for mine (~$700 with touch cover) and have never neen happier with a technology purchase.

      But I'd expect a 2nd gen model fairly soon, and this price may not seem such a bargain compared to an updated model (the Surface RT does occasionally suffer from being underpowered).

  • +3

    If anyone is going to TechEd this year, expect these on sale for ~$99, with the surface Pro at ~$399.

    Source: This was the deal at the recent TechEds in Europe and the USA.

    With any luck the new Haswell surface's will be out by then and selling at a discount. Not holding my breath for that one though.

    • HP Touchpad madness! Bring it on!

      • +2

        That's if you can afford the ~$2,000 admission price to the event ;)

        • +1

          Unless work pays for it :)

        • +1

          Yep looking forward to TechEd. Hoping to score a Surface Pro if they're doing the same deal as TechEd's elsewhere.

  • This needs a touchpad, but it's so expensive

    • +2

      That's what the cover's for

    • +1

      Firstly, the cover has a touchpad/keyboard built in.

      Secondly, it's only useful if you want to use the desktop/Office side of it, and when doing that it's probably going to be more convenient to just plug in a USB mouse.

      The tablet interface is 100% touch.

  • +2

    Here is an experts opinion of the Surface RT, you could even call him a Microsolf evangelist (or stooge) and he thinks they are crap and not worth buying at any price almost.


    • +2

      Paul's argument is not that Surface RT is 'crap', it's that they are not much cheaper than full Windows 8 tablets (which have more functionality), and the next version is due any day now, and it is likely that the newer Intel CPUs will make it feasible to have cheap Intel-based tablets with the same battery life/size/weight advantages as current ARM tablets (i.e. the best of both worlds).

      I think Paul, like many people, ignores the benefits of a device that is somewhere in between an iPad and a full PC but in a tablet form factor. He sees it as a crippled version of the Surface Pro rather than a device that can be used like an iPad but with a few really beneficial extras (USB, SD card, HDMI, desktop).

      • In other words, it is crap.


        • +2

          A chromebook is crap to a techie.
          A chromebook is fantastic for my parents.

          Crappiness depends on how the device will be used…

  • +1

    App store has > 100,000 apps now… Not sure why people are complaining specially since its been less than a year.. Store is growing extremely quickly. get type cover not touch if you do intensice document work!

    • +2

      It is a valid complaint that there isn't the selection available on iOS/Android, but it's not a complaint I really see from people who use Windows RT; it's a complaint from people who have some preference for non-Microsoft products.

      The app selection is good enough for most people, and the excellent browser experience makes up for many missing apps (modern webpages are essentially apps, and their app versions tend to be mostly just a wrapper around a web app anyway).

      My advice is to check the availability of any must-have apps before buying. I have more (and better) apps on my Windows tablet than on my Android tablet FWIW.

  • I'd prefer asus's me400c full win8 tablets, and their prices has been droped as well.

    • The ME400C is selling for $380 at Costco Melbourne. And as you said, it's full Win8 not just Win RT.

    • +2

      I prefer Win8 as well (which is what I bought instead), but for people who just want to surf the net, send emails, and run MS Office, the RT could suit them well. The build quality on the Surface RT is way better than the ME400C, and it also has a full-sized USB socket to plug flash drives into.

      RT is also "malware-resistant" at the moment as malware authors don't care about it - great for parents who love clicking on popups or dodgy links, or opening random PDFs in emails.

    • I have an ME400C. I thought I would be hooked on the device, but found it far too slow to be useful. While Atom has come quite some distance since the early netbooks, it still has a long way to go.

      Obvious usability bugs with Windows 8 hinder the device substantially. Ie, Firefox (not using Metro) intermittently won't scroll using touch, instead thinking you must want to highlight text.

      This device now lies around with a discharged battery.

      The keyboard/trackpad from Asus was a gigantic waste of money too - the keyboard is semi useful, but the trackpad is hopeless.

      • +1

        I've never had much luck with touch scrolling on Chrome and Firefox, even with the previous touchscreen laptop I had (thinkpad x201t) running Vista and W7. I just use IE10 on W8 - it works just fine. I don't know why some people dislike IE so much.

        I haven't encountered any usability bugs with Windows 8 - only with Chrome in desktop mode (so that's really a chrome 'bug'). IE10 in both desktop and metro mode are really smooth and responsive.

        • IE10 is ok , chrome is still better if you use all those add on . Chrome used to be fast without all these add-on, but i cannot live without them anymore. It is a lot more productive.

          But if you do not use any extension of add-on, i think all 3 major browsers are the same.

  • This is tempting… I have an acer w510 looked at these before I purchased but found the acer to be cheaper.
    Anyone's thoughts? I have w wireless dongle that i need to use (and change the APN etc a few times) can this be done on windows RT?
    Also anyone know how long shipping takes from Microsoft to Melbourne? I'm off o/seas next Tuesday night.

  • +1

    Time to replace the nexus 7?

    • Sold my nexus 7, now have surface. Its a big step just from the feel, repsonse is slower.

    • dont nexus 7 i feel like is better =]

      • wut?

        • Translated: Do not. Nexus 7, I feel like, is better :)

      • Its not, it feels cheap, like your translator ;)

  • win RT will be a lot more useful when VLC is done , hopefully out soon :)

  • +3

    Its still too expensive imo.

  • Surface is overated. I think the whole tablet thing has a long way to go.

    • Time to stop living in the past, tablets are so easy to use, boot up times or suspend are often quicker. Then there's windows, you dont have to use it or be locked in with microsoft.

  • -1

    take another $150 off, make it $239 and it 'might' be worth considering.