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Kindle Fire HD 8.9" $229 Free Delivery @DSE


For those of you waiting for the Kindle Fire HD to goes down in price from our AU prominent local retailer, here we go. This 8.9" normally sale for AU$299, even Amazon hasn't discounted yet. Still on US$269 + delivery. I'm not sure whether this is a price error by their staff, but I have gone through the checkout successfully.

For the price it is absolutely a kill against brand new iPad 4. The apps selection perhaps might not be as great as Apple Appstore, but hey you can install Android Google Playstore (some apps not work, but mostly are, especially the popular one).

Cheers! 1st Time posting a deal folks, hope this contribute back to OzBaaargainerrssss!

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  • How does it compare to a Nexus 7 though?

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      It's almost 2 inches bigger?

      • Wikipedia helps. Originally a 7", the Kindle Fire HD also is available in a 8.9"version.

        In the pics the bezel looks huge.

        Does anyone recommend this as an iPad alternative for old relatives? For basic e-mails, apps, viber etc.

        • Worthy alternative to an iPad at a fraction of the cost of said iPad. The only negative is it may be quite confusing for them old folk to learn and navigate the UI. Nowhere near as simple as those Apple devices

        • In the pics the bezel looks huge.

          Thats a feature on a tablet. Makes it easy to hold without obscuring the screen.
          With a phone, you want it small, but that means holding by the edge.

        • +1

          Thanks for the feedback.

          I found this review helpful since it covers so many aspects of the Amazon way of tablets and content.


          "It's akward at first. You have to unlearn anything you have gotten used to from an Android tablet or the iPad, and you'll find yourself reaching for UI elements that just don't exist. But once you're past that hurdle, the Kindle UI isn't awful. I dig the recently used apps and content carousel, and it's a pretty handy way to jump back into a book or movie. Sometimes things are done different just to be different, but I think Amazon spent a lot time building this UI, and deserves credit for something new."

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        my gf wishes i was 2 inches bigger…

        • +19

          Make sure she gets the black one then :)

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      The next Nexus is supposed to be announced soon

    • Expect lag (compared to a Nexus 7).

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    Just download the Amazon app store, pretty sure most of the apps there are compatiable aswell.

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    Great price - the first review I looked at had it at £229.. but the downside is still no micro SD slot. I bought the Nexus 32G for this price - it's a great little machine.

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    @beakeroo: can't really compared to Nexus 7. I personally like it, but eventually choose this one because of the bigger screen, really helpful when you do lots of reading. 7-8" for me doesn't really works for me. In terms of the specs, only Nexus 10 comes across as the closest contender, with the price & value you get. However, again it sells for AU$479 + delivery.

    Against all detriments, such appstore variety limitations, i still prefer this one. You either go for the top notch Apple iPad/Nexus 10 or split between the value/price. Most of all, i love Amazon products. In case Sh** happens, for whatever reasons, battery, screen, etc2 - just contact them, they'll get it replaced. How bout that for peace of mind.


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      I would recommend a Microsoft Surface RT over this for $350

      • +2

        The display on this beats the surface hands down. One redeeming feature of the surface is the included Office, but unfortunately it lacks the equation editor found in the standard x86 Office which is a deal breaker.

      • +1

        While the surface is a bargain it's still 1.5times the price of this which is a big difference.
        Not to mention the surfaces are always pictured with the keyboards yet they are over $100 on top of the purchase price (and are one of the main things that really set them apart from the rest).

        I'm not saying don't get a surface they are brilliant, but don't think tat $350 is all your paying because you will want that keyboard.

      • +5

        it's all about the apps and Android/IOS still rule the roost

        the RT is becoming a failed project due to no support on x86

      • -3

        I would not recommend as it is still rip off price considering student ID gets you a 32 gigs Surface RT at only AUD$219 see how much they have marked up at $350? And they are still making a profit not a loss at student ID price regardless just like Apple selling students at so called " academic price " but the company is still making a profit plus getting a good name for being so kind to students, NOT.


        • +2

          Most students CAN NOT get Surface RT for $219. That is the price for the educational institution. I haven't heard of any universities offering to go through this to give their students an opportunity to buy Surface RT at an amazing price.

          On that note, I think I might email my uni's IT department regarding this matter :)

        • The big problem is that the deal is until end of August. University's rarely move that fast. It took us over 6 months to arrange payment for Dreamspark. And then the uni has to sort out who collects the money and how it gets transferred.

        • Yeah, i don't think I will even get a reply :P

    • I'd be interested in what you recommend as a cover and if you have done any customisation of the setup, like using a launcher, rooting/new ROM etc.

      I bought one for someone who has never use a computer in her life, but is clever and willing to learn: my MIL!

      If she can e-mail successfully, use Viber and find a few apps she enjoys, then I will be very happy.

  • +2

    No GPS in the kindle, though I suppose 8.9" is a bit big to be carrying about anyway.
    No SD-slot is a pain with only 16GB. But again, you'll be using it at home, so can just stream media over wifi.

    Great value in hardware for $229. I hope they don't cancel it.
    I think I'll get it and install Cyanogenmod.

    • Android development on this tablet: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1999
      Hascode has the AOSP / Unofficial CM10.1 (android 4.2.2) ROM and goldflame is using that as the base for a PAC version of the same ROM.

      Has anyone here bought this KFHD8.9 and intends to run one of these ROMs?

  • Does anyone know what the deal is with the movies and tv shows. Streaming content that is.

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      That's the 7" version mate not the 8.9".

      Difference is screen size, resolution (720p vs 1080p), 8.9 also has a bigger battery and a faster processor.

  • +1

    Got one thanks OP, after a little bit of play they seem like a nice little tablet

  • +1

    Got one too :)

  • Looks like a great tablet. Just got one. Thanks.

  • Argh! Must resist temptation!

    • What are you using now? I resisted for 2 years since my last tablet, which is enough :)

      • +1

        Don't have a tablet currently. Just using my PC, laptop and smartphone.
        I find that when I have one I hardly use it.
        I think I will buy now and find a purpose for it later because that's the ozbargain ethos.

  • Does anyone know whether this is the model with "special offers" or the ad free version? Cheers

    Edit: For those who are interested - on amazon it says special offers are only in the U.S, therefore I would assume the model in DSE doesn't have ads. Even if you do have a model with ads then you can opt out for $15 after registering the device. The amazon price for the model without ads is US$284.

    • Many reviews of this device mention that the ads are only on the lockscreen - and they are quite subtle.

      Has anyone bought one yet and checked the lockscreen for ads?

      Has anyone found a decent cover for the device at Amazon? I can see plenty there and also on eBay. I've seen feedback that the Amazon ones are pricy but worth it. However there are probably lots of opinions!

      Here's another list of accessories including covers and stands:

    • The Australian models don't have special offers, it was mentioned in the press release when they announced the fire would be available in Australia.

      After more searching I've found that streaming will not be available in Australia for the foreseable future (due to distributed deals) but books, apps, magazines and so on are available.

      Anyone that wants to watch videos may have to download handbrake or pay for the individual episodes (if there available I'm not 100% sure on that).

      • Thanks for this update. Since the Amazon Store is open here there was the possibility that the ads would be built in.

        I'm interested in watching MP4 videos on the device; what format can the stock tablet play and can an Android video player be installed from the Amazon store or side-loaded from the Play Store or via a file manager?

        • I don't have much experience with android so this is partly speculative; Kindle Fire has a fully custom skin based on the android operating system there are hacks (jailbreaking equvelents) that can turn your kindle fire in to a standard Android device which would enable you to use normal Google Play stores and other standard apps. Amazon has created its own store, their own android based iOS you could say given they have their own App Store, Music Store and Movie/Tv Store.

          There should be some guides around showing how to use Handbreak to convert your video files and I'm hoping they can be dragged and dropped but I won't know until it arrives.

    • +2

      Hi folks, AU version of Kindle Fire HD has no ads, confirmed. In regards to Video - just download MoboPlayer apps, pretty much like VLC player (can play almost all format of videos). For great windows explorer, use this ES File Explorer (good for drag and drop, cloud, etc2). Hope that helps.

      • Thanks, ES File Explorer and Mobo Player downloaded fine on the KFHD8.9 via the Amazon Appstore.

  • This is a very good deal. But the Nexus 7 2nd version is due to release. Should I wait for that? -_-

    • Reviews portray this 8.9" as a slightly-smaller, much cheaper iPad Retina competitor, whereas the Nexus 7 is so much smaller that you should decide on the basis of screen size and resolution vs. portability (whether Nexus 7.2 will be HD resolution is probably still a rumour debate).

      The new Nexus 7 could be more expensive if it is HD, so expect it to be $299 or $399 in price to begin with.

  • Thanks rekabkram and bargainalways, if I can install moboplayer and ES file explorer via the Amazon Appstore, I'll be very happy to try them.

    If/when you have installed these on this device, I'd like to know how they go.

    • Installed both and they seem to work fine

  • does Dicksmith have refunds within a certain period?? just in case if i tried and didn't like it.

  • I'm still deliberating over whether to buy this or not. It is an awesome piece of hardware for the price but I don't think it will get used much outside of the toilet.

    • +1

      1 and a half hours a day… over a year that's almost 550 hours of use, that's a lot of books and movies.

  • +5

    Here's a quick first-use review:
    - Great, bright and colourful screen. Makes the old Optus MyTab look pathetic and looks better than my Nexus 4's screen.
    - Setup with an Amazon account and gmail was very quick.
    - It's a decent size for the onscreen keyboard.
    - Android Appstore includes a few video players including MoboPlayer (which has lots of great reviews by KFHD8.9 users).
    - My existing MP4 files played with the built-in video player anyway.
    - ES File Explorer and Viber are also there, in the Appstore, as free apps. :)

    Lockscreen images are beautiful. So in a way you get not just no promotional ads, but some nice images.

  • +2

    Some people might like to use this guide to side-load apps and load the googleservicesframework.apk and googleloginservice.apk in order to install apps like Gmail, YouTube, Chrome and Google Maps.


  • Ordered one last night for delivery. Still no confirmation. Hope it gets delivered soon. Here's another link how to root the kindle 8.9. I will be giving it a shot, when I eventually get mine. http://www.technikan.com/how-to-root-amazon-kindle-fire-hd-8...

    • The website shows low stock, so anyone with an unconfirmed order should phone and find out about the status of their order. I did a click & collect and phoned to confirm I wanted it ready for collection.

      Thanks for the root. :)

  • I think the Nook HD+ is worth considering too if you can get it drop-shipped. It's $149 usd shipped free in the US for similar specs except that it has an SD card slot plus has official support for the full Google Play store. Should be similar landed as this deal.


    Note you have to use a freight forwarded. A few have been discussed in the forums. Personally I like the look and greater functionality out of the box from the Nook than the Amazon tablet.

    • The Nook HD+ specs look great for someone wanting to mod the thing and use the extra storage through the SD slot.

      How can they sell it so cheaply at USD$149 and not tie customers into their store a la Amazon?

      • Barnes and Nobel are getting out of the color tablet business, the nook hd's previously were tied in to a similar setup to the kindle app store but it was a bit of a failure and so they are selling the tablets off at a loss. Some have said that the price of the Nook hd and the Nook hd+ may come down further as demand dwindles and as tablets are refurbished.

    • Wish Nook+ HD had a HDMI port.

  • +2

    I wouldn't buy from Dick Smith unless it was 90% off. Check out their Facebook page. People aren't receiving products or customer service is crap.

  • +2

    Great item IMO, posting this comment from the one I picked up via click and collect yesterday. Thought it was interesting that the 7" model was listed as a 'Dicks Deal' in store at the same price…

    Anyway I instantly rooted using the root many android batch file I already had on my system (grabbed composite ADB interface driver from XDA first), flashed the 8.1.4 exploitable bootloader (device came with 8.4.0 firmware preinstalled) and TWRP, flashed cm10.1 alpha, and now have a fully functional android tab with a few minor software bugs.

    Google Music free trial just came out for us coincidentally, using it on this tablet is awesome. Its a great interface for my library, streams my music tethered to my phones data just fine, and the kindles speakers are actually decent.

    Overall pretty happy with the purchase for the price, thanks for posting!

    • Hi Humpster,

      Can you log-in Youtube? My rooted one still could not log in youtube. Do you know why?

      • Youtube is part of google. you need the google infrastructure installed.
        If you have google Play app-store working, i'd expect youtube account to work.

        • I installed Google Play then installed "Vending". The google play icon then was replaced by the green robot icon. So do you have any suggestion to install the latest google play infrastructure? Thank you for your reply, Manic

        • Sorry, I have not even rooted mine yet. You are well ahead of me.
          I guess there is another APK needed. Are you signed in and syncing to your google account?

        • Yes. But the Vending apk seems not allow me to sync anything. Let me have more try and update you

  • Thanks heaps OP.
    Almost happy I missed out on the $110 HD tablet from DX.
    A beautiful piece of hardware, and not to hard to break out of the Amazon restrictions.
    At least they do not try to stop you side-loading applications. That alone is enough for most things,
    though I think i will need to root it for Google Maps.

    Amazing price. Amazon is selling them for $335 with slow delivery and no GST.
    Cheaper than an ipad mini, but much closer to a full iPad-retina.

    DSE site says they still have them for on-line order.

    • if you refer to the Freelander PD80, I sold it in a week given the tablet isn't optimised. Dont let the decent specs fool you (quite laggy after using it for a week). the plus side is that I have sold it for a good profit tho lol.

      • Thanks fchis, that was the one, and you make me feel better :)

  • My order is still listed as "Awaiting fulfilment" :(

    • That's not even listed on the status info page.
      Hopefully they are getting more in.


      • Is anyone else in the same situation as me?

        • Yes it's very frustrating, I couldn't pickup because my local dick smiths don't stock them so had to pay for delivery and now I haven't heard anything.

        • Yeah.. been told they're out of stock and it's on backorder. No estimated shipping date.

        • Mine arrived today, not bad at all. Easy to load books (in midi format) and movies (in mp4 format), can just copy and paste in the folder. Dead easy, not quite as fast as a galaxy or ipad but who would really expect it to be.

          Picture quality is absolutely amazing and speaker quality is fairly good too (I'd say better than the iPads.

          Haven't had too much of a play yet but I love it especially for the price.

  • Sorry to read that you are still without news from DS about your order.

    I was going to ask if anyone had ordered a good, slim case on eBay or Amazon. Amazon seems to only have $30+ cases, plus delivery, which seems a lot more than what iPad cases go for. Dig a bit and there are some cheaper ones too, like this:
    Poetic HardBack Protective Case for Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Black (USD$8.95) [link removed since my post above was deleted; search if you are interested]

    There's one local seller who only sells the 7"accessories. Oddly.

    • I grabbed the belkin verve folio from dick smiths (although my kindle fire isn't here yet), I picked this one because it looked and felt decent and you can set up an adjustable stand thing for watching videos.

      $40 for a case is a bit steep for a standard one but its the best one I could see.


    • Yeah I was looking at that case also, but they didn't ship to australia

    • I'm using the neoprene case from my old EeePC - fits perfectly.

      • Great suggestion; I eventually found my 'original' EeePC 7" and it's a perfect fit, as you said.

        Some local eBay vendors have ultra slim stand/cases for $15 delivered.

        I read that the new versions of the FireHD could be up to 3x faster than ours, but I'm mainly using this for light use.

        FYI fo anyone intested in Zinio on this tablet: I noticed a northern California county library allowed online registration, with just a name and local address, which means anyone who has a 'local' county address could get a library e-card, then use that e-card number for Zinio.
        This yields a number of mags not in my local library; so now I have my local library and a 'local' California library for my virtual California address. :)

  • New kindle models are discussed here:http://bgr.com/2013/07/09/amazon-kindle-fire-hd-2013-exclusive/

    For those of you who missed out. I noticed someone had offered one the bought on this deal for $190 buy it now on Ebay.

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