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Pull up Banner (Retractable Banner) and Digital Print SUPER Special $90 + Delivery


Pull Up Banner Stand With Printed Graphics - Single Sided

85cm X 200cm Silver Roll UP Banner Stand with Carrying Bag!!

Product Features:
☆ High Quality and Brand New Full Colour Printed on Panaflex
☆ Brushed aluminium base in Silver colour
☆ Double layer carry bag
☆ Package size: 90x12x16cm
☆ Weight: 4Kg
☆ Fast Shipping
☆ 100% Customer Satisfaction is our success.

Artwork have to be supplied ready to print in EPS, AI or PDF format.

Delivery Australia Wide by courier $15.00

Note: N.T & W.A some Area's Of QLD Standard Delivery time is 10 to 25 Days Depending on Suburb.
If you require urgent Please Contact for Express Shipping.

Shipping carrier have Authority to Leave the parcel if un-attendent.
Please send all artwork and enquiry to
[email protected]

Thank you

[email protected]

Limited Stock

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    This looks like SPAM

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      jv**what makes you think that?

      • It reads like an advertisment and there is no mention about why this is a bargain.

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          Mate , We running a business and Businesses have Promotions and Bargain over an over(Depending on the Business)
          We are on Promotions on this Particular Item.

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          You still haven't mentioned why this is a bargain?

          Read the posting rules…

        • +1

          All I can see is a piece of paper with text on it and you want us to pay $105 for it…

          The paper is probably worth $5…

        • -2


        • More info would definitely be useful, but the post actually makes sense to people who are looking for pull-up banners.

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          Why Don't you buy one & Look at the Quality, If Any Issues with the Quality Will Refund your Money.

        • +1

          Why Don't you offer one for free so we can Look at the Quality, If there Aren't any Issues with the Quality we Will consider paying you Money.

    • jv it seems the same item is $149 on eBay -


      so this may well be a bargain.

      However, I agree with you that the OP's post fails to mention the usual price, any saving from normal price, why this price is a bargain, and so on.

      Also, the OP's attitude could do with some improvement.

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    Why are your measurements in inches and weights in pounds on your website?

    • +3

      They haven't updated the website since we went metric in 1965 ???

    • USA & Canada use inches/pounds on their printing instead of mm/gsm (like the rest of world). Lots of online printing sites exist purely as a white label package of another printer's products, and my guess is the underlying site is generated from an American company.

      Not to say that the product is coming from the States, in fact if delivery is that quick (and only $15) then the product must be in Australia (made in China of course).

      Source: I am a print broker.

      • +1

        I am a print broker.

        Do you fix Epsons ??? Mine broke.

  • How long is this offer likely to be on?
    I need to rejig and convert some artwork

    Also, what kind of base is for your 10/12oz vinyl banners?

    • While Stock Last.
      We approximately 20 Stands Left.
      Printing can be done any time.

      10/12oz vinyl banners, They Vinyl Based Banners.
      but the one is listed here is Panaflex Print.

      • I mean these banners/flags http://printmania.com.au/209-10-oz-vinyl-banner/339-custom-v...

        what are the options for bases?

        • -1

          For these Banner/Flags just Printing Available.

          At this Stage we just have the listed Stands.
          Apart from that Just All Type of Printing which you see on our Website

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    Do your prices include GST ?

    Because I can't see any reference to this on your website.

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    Vista print wipes this crap deal

    • +2

      vistaprint doesn't sell them….

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    The same item is $149 on eBay ->


    So this may well be a bargain.

    However, I agree with jv that the OP's post fails to mention their normal selling price, the savings from the normal price, and why this price is a bargain, and so on.

    Also, the OP should have followed jv's suggestions and edited their post.