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Hulu Plus 2 Months Free (CC & VPN or DNS Req) Usually $7.99 pm


Perfect for those of us that got the smartydns free months.

I was able to use a 28 Degrees Mastercard with an added 0 on the end of my postcode for the zip.

See this guide for a more in depth guide to Hulu plus from Australia:


To find out how to get Hulu Plus on your device unotelly has great guides signup for a 8 day trial set everything up then go back to smartydns / whoever you prefer to use:


If your new to streaming (thanks to the smartydns deal) also checkout the following standard offers.

30 days free, if you cancel before the end of the 30 eventually you'll get emails offering another 30 days free.

10 free rentals, claims to have newer movies.

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  • Signed up for this, good deal.

  • Do you need to run through the VPN every time you watch something?

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      Yes, or just use a service like unblock us / smartydns / theres a free one out there. I find smartydns works fine.

      • Tunlr is free and seemed to work well enough last time I tried it out. They only tunnel the Hulu website (not the actual videos) so the performance is quite good. This is also what UnblockUS does.

    • I used the following guide to set myself up with a free trial of unotelly and it works a treat! Definitely will be paying for the service

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    I use Hola Unlocker in Chrom (Firefox too). Works a treat!

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      Media Hint also works.

      • any idea how to use media hint on an android stick attached to the tv?

        I have media hint on my pc and it is working fine.

        • Sorry, I've only used it on desktop myself and couldn't get it to work on Firefox or Chrome on mobile.

        • You can use a VPN service like ibVPN ( I use it ) on a PC and then share that VPNed connection from your PC to your other dumb media devices like settop boxes or android TV. Although depending on the android TV stick, you should be able to set up the VPN settings on the stick and just turn on VPN stuff when you need it. I use ibVPN on and android phone and iPad and PC and it works great for the these purposes.

        • I used tunlr to set the dns and I downloaded hulu plus apk onto the android stick.

          Or can you access HULU website directly without using the hulu plus app?

    • Hey mate, is that just an extention for Chrom?

      Sorry, total noob when it comes to things like going around VPN restrictions here.

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    can't use my Australian Paypal, so I have to use my CC?

    • Yep and some people say it won't like an Australian credit card. Took my amex no probs.

      • Worked fine with Bankwest Zero Platinum Mastercard too.

        Probably not worth posting a deal for, but if you buy a 2013 Sony TV you get a year free of Netflix and Hulu Plus once you change your region through VPN or UnoDNS.

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      It seems to work fine with ANZ Visa, although you might get a call from the bank asking if the charge is real or not.

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        Nab debit card worked for me

    • ING Paywave visa debit card works fine :) have to stack your ozbargain stoozes!

  • yep

  • Sounds like a good deal, didn't like my Commonwealth Bank MasterCard the last time that I tried though.

    • didnt mind mine

  • ANZ Debit card worked :)


    EDIT: Using Hola Unblocker.

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    After 2 months, those who are interested to continue their Hulu Plus subscription should consider buying 1 year code subscription from eBay (international sellers).

    I got mine recently for less than US$24 for 1 year subscription. Not sure if it legitimate but it was activated.

    • Can you please post your seller details and also the ebay link.

      • +1
        • You'd think eBay would take them down on request by Hulu if they were dodgy.

      • +1

        His item is not longer listed. (Maybe taken down by eBay or just expired)

        Anyway, this one is even cheaper. Buy at your own risk


        • im tempted to give this one a go…

        • I bought this one, all good so far. The code worked and I see the 12 months in my Hulu account. Wonder if it'll last…

        • .

        • Did it 'Stack' with your 2months free - giving you 14months of premium?

    • Yeah definitely not legit. Probably bought with a stolen credit card, you could continue for the whole 12 months without a problem, or have your account cancelled after a couple of weeks.

      • If it has conditions of you not changing your password or user name then its shonky.
        There is a lot of people out there selling free lifetime netfix. There seems to be a way to hack Netflix and gain access to active accounts. They then pass on someone else's sign in details for you to use.

        • +1

          Based on my past experiences, the seller will send you a set of code. You redeem the code on netflix or hulu plus website.

        • Well yes of course, but the codes are bought as gift certificates with stolen credit card details.

        • Probably

        • Did the code last for 12 month without any problems…?

        • Still working after 2 months

        • Selling free Netflix…?

  • Thanks OP. Signed up with an old Auspost Load & Go card that I never use and has 0 balance on it.

  • -1

    Worked fine with my CBA Travelmoney card, which is in $US… pre Aus dollar meltdown. :)

  • PayPal wouldn't work for me (Australian account), but my BankWest debit Mastercard worked directly. Ta

  • Perfect

    Used my VPN with Private Internet Access

    worked with ANZ debit card and added a 0 to the end of my postcode

    Thanks :)

  • +1

    28 Degrees and additional 0 on postcode worked for me.

  • I forget does the Apple TV have a Hulu Plus app if you're set to the US region?

    • +1

      Sure does

  • brilliant, thanks.
    aus mastercard and Hola did the trick.
    i was already logged on with Facebook and it just worked fine.
    will check out the Ebay subscriptions too.

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      The Australian Government actually encourages IP spoofing / the use of tools which circumvent geoblocking.


      • I knew I would get negged for it, but I honestly wanted to get my thoughts out.

        The thing is, the advertising is targeted to the country of which your VPN is in, therefore the advertiser is paying to target that market.
        And I'm sure that there would definitely be something in their terms of service that would be against it.

        Not meaning to be a buzzkill or anything, yes the creators are getting money for their work, but the advertisers are loosing it.

        I'd like to hear how everyone else comes across on this.

        • +4

          Terms of service ≠ the law. If they wanted to block it, they wouldn't allow Australian credit cards, simple.

        • I don't think Hulu cares, for them it's just money with no issues as long as the rights-holders don't complain.

        • They would be paying for the bandwidth… probably quite a bit with it going international and not within a partners network.

        • +1

          if you use a VPN, once it hits your endpoint (which is in the US), you're paying for the bandwidth to bring it back to Australia.

          If you use dns masking, it's a different story.. but it still works, so enjoy it while it lasts. :)

        • I'm not trying to be against you or anything but if they wouldn't really care, then how come they have so much trouble bring it to Australia in the first place? Are they just lazy?

          So in theory, if we are circumventing the geoblocking we're more or less voiding the reason they won't allow it here.

        • I believe geo-blocking at the CDN is very easy. Heck even only accepting cards that are US-only is very easy.

          It's possible that they're closing an eye to drive up numbers. If they have more users, they're worth more, and can command higher ad rates. The owners are TV networks who make money off advertising after all.

          It is just a theory of course.

  • +1

    "I recommend watching Hell's Kitchen, I don't normally go for cooking shows but watching Ramsay destroy people is hilarious."

    yeah after a few rounds you kinda realise it was all an act and Ramsay is actually a nice person IRL :D

    • +1

      Yeah he is a reasonable guy. I wish hulu plus wasn't censored for this show.


  • +1

    Sweet, signed up using my Entropay card that i set up for Netflix/unotelly, works great.

    Be interested to see the quality compared to Netflix

    edit: Drat..First issue… Hulu Xbox 360 App isn't convinced i'm in the US, android and PC are working fine with unotelly so it's not that…

    • Hulu Xbox 360 App isn't convinced i'm in the US

      Make sure your locale is set to US too.

      • yeah figured it might be that. Shame as Netflix Xbox app doesn't need that to be set.

        US ads on the service are interesting too, but only because they are new.. can see the ads getting annoying in a damn hurry, Netflix have got that part of it right by not having the ads

      • i've always worried MS would ban my ass for changing the locale. So I got a Roku.

  • Amazon Prime is offering a one month free trial. Which is the better of the 2 services?

    • Get both its free.

      • But you can't watch 2 at once, so get the Hulu while you can then get the Amazon when you're done with that.

  • When I enter my card details it ticks all the boxes, but on submit gives the error "Sorry our payment system is currently unavailable (Error HBL-17). Please try again later."
    Anyone else get that?

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    If anyones looking for a paid DNS I strongly recommend Unotelly I have found them to have excellent service and support

    • +5

      UnblockUS is also great and easy to use. Works well with Netflix on my PS3

    • And you can send in a screen shot of what you've written above and they'll give you a free month :-) unotelly that is.

  • I've been a Hulu+ (and Netflix) subscriber for over 12 months - having bought 12 month sub cards off eBay each time after initially setting the account up with an entropay credit card. Never had an issue. I'm on the NBN and it's fantastic. I've used unblockus the entire time (on ATV, PS3 and iDevices) - never once had an issue. Combined with Hola unblocker plugin for Chrome.

    This is a ripper deal, I hope all you new guys enjoy it, even though it's the summer 'down-time' for TV in the states there is an enormous amount of content to catch up with!

  • +1

    FYI, use this wonderful site to check out the programming on Hulu and Netflix


  • Another free DNS-based proxy: http://tunlr.net/

    Been using it for Netflix these last few months, works perfectly.

  • I bought 2x12 months codes last week for $15 each off of ebay.. both activated and now my subscription shows 1 year,11 months and 26 days remaining :)

    • I thought you are not allowed to stack 2 codes together?

      • Netflix you can't but hulu you can.

  • +6

    For those looking for a Smart dns service, I can highly recommend unotelly. I used to use unblock us but recently switched to unotelly. Far better service. Awesome customer service and they support a far wider range of sites and apps via their dynamo feature, also have an included VPN for the same price as an unblock subscription for any site that doesn't work over a smart dns. My favourite new feature with unotelly is free NFL game pass (normally $200AUD) by switching your game pass region to Netherlands via the dynamo feature.

    • +1

      Seriously someone downvoted me? Confused what for lol. :S

    • How does the free NFL game pass thing work? Is there a link to explain it?

      • +1

        Yep here you go: http://www.unotelly.com/blog/2013/06/how-to-get-nfl-gamepass…

        Unotelly has heaps more awesome features like that. Sign up to their free 7 day trial and just check out the dynamo settings page as well as the supported channels page. And no I am not affiliated with them in anyway, I just really like their service and think unblock us has a lot of work to do to offer the same value.

        • Thanks. Very strange that the NFL are running that promotion with the Netherlands and nobody else.

        • +2

          Yeh bizarre but works perfectly :) add the dns to your router and install the game pass apps on iOS or android devices and it works as well. Automatically detects you are able to access the games without logging in.

          Then you get all the other great features like Netflix and Hulu unblocking, hbo access with hbo Nordic, aljazeera sport which shows the epl etc etc

  • Works fine with CBA MasterCard debit. Cheers op

  • +1

    I've used both Netflix and Hulu Plus. As my main interest is in TV shows, Netflix was too outdated for this purpose. Hulu Plus was up to date, but I found the ads intolerable & too frequent.

    • I use Ad Muncher and don't see no ads

      • I use Ad Muncher and don't see no ads

        I use that too, but doesn't make a squat of difference on xbox 360.

        I tried IP blocking ads and all sorts of other stuff on the xbox, hulu are content nazi's with their ads!

      • +2

        I tried blocking ads on Hulu and instead of 90 seconds of ads I got 90 seconds of a black screen that complained about me having an ad blocker enabled.

  • Nope, it is still not accepting my payment details.
    Anyone got any suggestions?

    I've tried with Hola, without Hola, with Amex credit card, with Mastercard credit card and with Mastercard debit card. Always gives the error "Sorry our payment system is currently unavailable (Error HBL-17). Please try again later."

    • Try whilst using a dns service like unotelly or unblock us. Hulu accepts my standard westpac master card debit card fine.

      • Thanks but still no go. I registered with Unblock US and can watch free Hulu espisodes fine, but it's still not accepting my pmt details. Giving up on this now.

  • +1

    Also with Vudu they have a great DVD/Bluray to digital service. Costs $1 for conversion per disc if you buy 10 or more movies.

    Also I'd recommend you all get a Load and Go card. When you register it will let you put in a US address (I used a pizza place in Delaware) meaning you can have your own US billable credit card number.

  • +1

    Just noticed it has 'Ugly Americans' . Will now have to sign up for sure.

    • That show is awesome… it's playing on SBSTwo at the moment as well I think… I saw it last week at least…

  • Signed up successfully, but videos are sooooo slow :(, wish I had nbn here in Sydney city

  • Anyone know if something like giftcards.com where you get a virtual visa giftcard through your email work?

    EDIT: Forget I asked. Giftcards.com requires US based CCs also

  • Thanks OP.
    Had Unotelly set up already.

    So, I setup account thru your Hulu link with 28Degrees Card and used a Hilton Hotel Delaware address/zip and my email no problem. (Got 2 months free)
    Then setup US iTunes account with the Free App trick ("Purchased" Hulu Plus: they're all whinging they cant rewind/fforward movies anymore with this App version)

    Went to my AppleTV (change location=USA) and login as subscriber, no problem.
    Billing details say $7.99 will be billed to my iTunes account - but I didnt enter my CC details there during setup.

    My Hulu account/details page via laptop show 2 months free, added device 1x AppleTV.
    Next billing will be 7 October.
    So meantime, hopefully I wont get billed to my US iTunes account.

    EDIT: Never saw/got/entered an activation code.

    Note: (from Hulu FAQ)
    I just signed up for a free trial, why do I see a charge on my statement?

    If you've recently signed up for a free trial with Hulu Plus, you may temporarily see a $1.00 charge on your statement. Don't worry, this is just an authorization hold to confirm the billing information you've submitted for your Hulu Plus account. This hold is instantly reversed and is never collected by Hulu. Because the authorization is reversed in less than a second, it's possible not to notice it on your statement at all. However, you may see one of these holds on your statement as a pending transaction for up to 5 days (some banks take a little longer to release them).

    …..And….Best of all …

    How Do I Place My Subscription on Hold?

    You can place your Hulu Plus subscription on hold for anywhere between 1 to 12 weeks. This is a great option if you know you will not be using your account for a little while (i.e. summer vacation, business trip, etc.). Please note that during the hold period, you will still be able to log in to Hulu.com, but the account will operate just like a free Hulu.com account. The additional Hulu Plus content and device access will not be available.

    To put your Hulu Plus subscription on hold,

    Click on the Account link or visit hulu.com/profile
    Locate the Billing Information section on the left-hand side
    Click Put subscription on hold
    Set the duration
    Click Submit

    You can place your account on hold up to three times in any three-month period. This is to help ensure the feature is only used when an account will be inactive for an extended length of time. Your Hulu Plus subscription will be re-activated automatically after the specified duration. You can visit your account page and re-activate your subscription at any time.

  • Stopped subscribing to Hulu Plus after they stopped accepting my CC and PayPal details. I now have just Netflix so that's good enough, and if anything I want is on Hulu, 95% it's available for free.

  • Just curious, what content are people looking forward to most with Hulu Plus? From briefly comparing this with Netflix on the WDTV, Netflix seems much more appealing to me (personally), and I'm not sure if I want to renew Hulu later.

    I'll give it to them though, their player interface is much smoother that Netflix! I've been experiencing lots of freezing when navigating on Netflix.

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