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Closing down Sale - Everything Reduced from about 50% OFF up to 90% OFF


Hi all, we are closing down after quite a few years in the industry. We are madly counting stock and listing items as we go once we sort out what's what. So new stuff is getting added daily, and prices may get reduced further as we finalise things, so its worth keeping a track. Best option is the link above, as items we are returning to suppliers or not got to yet will still be at normal price on the site.

We want to clear everything by 31/8.

No returns on sale deals.

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    No returns on sale deals.

    I don't think it's legal to say that.

    There are consumer rights in Australia that can't be waived…

    It is against the law for businesses to tell you or show signs stating that they do not give refunds under any circumstances, including for gifts and during sales.


    naughty, naughty…..

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      Logged in just to upvote jv.

      I didn't really find anything of particular bargain value on the site.

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          Are sheeple people who lack originality?

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        You were logged out at one point????

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          OZbargain just like Lifehacker/Gizmodo log you out automatically after a period of time (when the cookie expires), its very annoying.

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          Totally agree. i wish Ozbargain would just keep me logged in. its not like anyone is going to use my account so I don't see any need for the automatic log-out. There's been many a time when I've wanted to vote but didn't because I couldn't be bothered logging in.

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      Perhaps he meant no return on sale deals because by then the shop would be closed already.

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      Maybe they meant to say "returns due to change of mind"?

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        I suspect you're right.

        From their Return's page, they used to have a 100 day return it policy.
        "If it's not right, and you change your mind for whatever reason, just send it back to us within 100 days of your order and we'll refund your money….no questions asked"


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      Good luck returning something once they've closed completely….

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        What would you like him to do then if he is closing down?

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          What would you like him to do then if he is closing down?

          Accept returns until they actually close down…

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          "Good luck returning something once they've closed completely…."

          Different to what you are saying.

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      jv… you've done it again.

      Seriously mate, what you have stated is technically correct HOWEVER I consider it more than reasonable for any person reading the OP's announcement to make the required leap of logic and conclude that it would be darn near impossible to return an item to a store that is no longer open. If the doors are closed permanently it is impossible to get service!

      I get what you are saying jv, but seriously, please give the OzB community more credit than the bogan brigade who might run off to ACA compaining about nothing.

      I will see your statement of "naughty, naughty…." and I will raise it with a "silly, silly….".

      The stakes are high! :-)

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        I don't know why it's upsetting you but it's a valid warning, especially as the OP's site still has "100 days money back guarantee" on his banner. If I was reading that, I'd assume they will be around for at least that period of time hence I can return the item during that period.

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        if the doors are closed permanently it is impossible to get service!

        The statement above however claims you can't return it, even while they are still in business…
        Read it…

        No returns on sale deals.

        Making such a statement is against the law.
        What if you receive an item that doesn't work properly???

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          Its not against the law to say "no returns".
          It's only against the law to refuse returns under the defined circumstances.

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          Its not against the law to say "no returns".



          It is against the law for businesses to tell you or show signs stating that they do not give refunds under any circumstances, including for gifts and during sales.

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          But they never stated they wouldn't give refunds, you just can't return it.

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          However even large retailers refuse refunds for faulty goods.

          I've never had that problem… They've always refunded or exchanged…

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          I stand corrected.

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          Australian manufacturers will cover any warranty after we have closed, just keep receipts. All products are authorised Australian products, not grey imports.

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        well said R3b3l66…

        Thumbs up for the Rep to mention there are no refunds, even if it its illegal to do so, the mere fact that they are closing down makes it practically impossible for a closed down business to provide a refund. Hence, its a socially responsible warning, which should be appreciated by anyone thinking of buying the items.

        If they were to follow JVs advice, and remove the warning, and have someone buy the product believing the law can force a shut-down-business to provide a refund, they will feel misguided thanks to the "law"

        • Thumbs up for the Rep to mention there are no refunds, even if it its illegal to do so

          are you for real ?

          what other illegal things are OK ?

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          have someone buy the product believing the law can force a shut-down-business to provide a refund

          depending on the circumstances…

          *Directors of the business may still be accountable even if the business closes
          *Credit card companies may still issue refunds
          *The manufacturers are also responsible for statutory warranties…

    • But then what does it matter if they close. Who would you return the goods to even if they did want to honor the returns?

    • The website still clearly states "100 Day money back guarantee" at the top of the page.

      No asterix or conditions attached to it.

    • +1

      Technically it is legal to state that items can not be returned when purchased at "closing down sales" provided the retailer actually closes down
      Using a closing down sale to avoid consumer rights is a big deal… but yah technically they can claim no returns as they are stating they wont be around to accept said returns.

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    okay, I'll re-phrase, no returns once we close the doors! Because we won't be around, so best people be forewarned I guess I'm saying.

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        mate you all need to just chill out and get back to work.

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        Did they say they were going into liquidation?
        I think they only said they were closing down.

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    Instead of sympathising with his closure, people are annoyed about his honesty when saying he won't be able to accept returns once his business is closed.

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      Agree, people are jerks.

      OP - all the best in the future.

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        Well, we don't know why they are closing down do we? Could be for a range of positive or negative reasons.

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          No one closes down for a positive reason. Listen to the last line of Melanie Safka's 'Citiest People'.

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          I spoke to a shopowner a few months back during a clearance sale. Said she was closing down due to being made a brilliant offer for the property. So it happens.

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          Either way, it's probably something the OP spent a lot of time and money investing in, so it's bound to be a sad time either way. Why are you being so picky?

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      Exactly. This is why I feel more and more disengaged from the OzBargain community. Many of the people here are selfish and only care for what benefits them, no matter what pain others may be going through.

      I wish you the best for the future, OP.

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    I quite like how it says:

    "Become a member
    Save a further 5% on this product


    • +10

      I'm going to wait.

      • I'll sit with you on this one and wait for the 5% before any purchase…

  • Hi Rep, are we still able to pick-up orders or is it delivery only?

    • delivery only now, $9.95 all orders anywhere in Oz

  • I got to page 6 before getting a 502 error, but didn't see any bargains. Actually, I saw socks being sold for around 15 bucks a pair, which I thought was a massive rip off.

    • +2

      socks prices fixed now!

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    We have officially closed our St Kilda store, but we are there removing fittings and re-painting etc, so we can do in-store pick-up till about Friday at the latest.

    • Thanks, good to know

    • Hi rep,

      I'm interested in making a purchase and coming to st kilda road to pick up, but when checking out the $9.95 delivery charge is automatically ticked and there's no other option.

      There is a payment method of 'In Store Pick Up', but even when I tick this the $9.95 delivery charge remains.

      Is there anyway to remove this delivery charge?

      Many thanks!

      • sorry we were updating it, but the traffic kept killing the site. Now there are only two payment options and one delivery option, I just need to keep it simple at this stage, particularly as most of the stock has now left the shop and is being warehoused temporarily.

  • You are closing down because your price point is too high or there are numbers of competitor in the market??

  • +2

    RRP $31.95, our price $30!

    OZBARGAIN OF THE YEAR! I think that's like 90% off or something…

    • +1

      I think this is a much better deal

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    we are working through prices, some items may not have been fully marked down yet, bare with us, we had something like 10,000 sku's, its taking a while to get through it all, but we are working on it.

    There will be more items appearing in that link each day this week as we move through the boxes of stock!

    Site has slowed due to traffic from multiple adverts we ran this morning. apologies.
    we are also running some stuff out on our daily deals site www.outdoordeals.com.au if that helps.

    • Do you mind me asking why you are closing down?

      • +1

        Is it really your business? Schweppes.

      • +12

        combination of reasons, margins are obviously tight, but we also had some internal company issues.

        • I wish it was that simple!

    • why don't you provide a discount code that works on all items

      • +2

        Maybe because not all the items has the same markdown?

      • +2

        because we are still returning some stock to suppliers and we are also doing a physical stock take on remaining stuff as we go.

    • +3

      …bare with us…

      Somehow we will bear the weight of this calamity together, at least until all your shops are bare.

      • +1

        perhaps it was different kind of invitation

        • I'll approve anything that involves my bare butt.

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    can I purchase the computer you are using right now?

    • +7

      no, not mine, but we are getting ready to upload shop fittings and possibly other IT to the site as we go!

      • +15

        It seems you've already sold your web server.

        • +1

          Yahahahaha, excellent!

  • -3

    What's the reason for closing down OP?

    • +1

      combination of reasons, margins are obviously tight, but we also had some internal company issues.

      • Fair enough then. Hope it all works out.

        Why do people on ozbargain neg legitimate questions? FFS.

        • +2

          Psst.. ctrl+f the response you got from the OP and search up :)

  • +5

    Site down with reason "502 Bad Gateway"

    • -1

      Same here

    • +8

      Somebody bought the server already ;-)

      • +2

        Dammit, I just made that joke.

        I don't think I've ever had an original thought.

        • +1

          It's ok, you're getting more votes for it because late readers see your later comment before mine in the thread ;-)

      • +1


  • Like anyone goo a bother going to court for such a tiny matter lol.

  • +2

    I can not access the website www.outdoorgearstore.com.au
    It returns a 'Bad gateway' message.

  • Looks like OP closed website already.

    • Probably got ozbargained. Can't handle all the new traffic.

  • +7

    +1 for your honesty in answering peoples candid questions OP.
    Never good to see another business close, so all the best to the staff of your stores.

    • He didn't answer my question

      • did eventually, sorry flat out with server crashing all day long, just catching up now! - no daughter involved!

        • lol - hilarious - good play, sir

  • +6

    apologies guys the increased traffic seems to be killing the site, just trying to arrange more bandwidth for the traffic, plus we have a few people working the back-end trying to update stock quantities and prices. bare with us, maybe check back later - there will actually be more deals as we keep adding!

    • +8

      you know what, guy? You're all right. I wish I'd come across your store before it was closing down.

  • Is it a stock $9.95 fee for delivery?

  • Is there any pick up in Sydney?

    • +4

      Considering the store in in St Kilda, VICTORIA. I would highly doubt.

    • no sorry, everything is being moved to one Melbourne location, with delivery only, all delivery $9.95

  • you mean discounting.

  • +8

    Reading this is like watching pack of wolves closing on for the kill.

    • +1

      But the pack of wolves don't have to pay first

      • +2

        And the wolves wouldn't have ready internet access, or ozbargain membership.

        Geez, this is nothing like wolves when you think about it…

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