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1kg Power Nutrients WPI in 17 Great Tasting Flavours $34.shipping $12 aust wide PLUS free shaker


Power Nutrients WPI is available in 17 great tasting flavours. Full quality and purity Guarantee. Try the choc-honeycomb, choc-peanut or the newest flavour choc-pineapple…. definitely the 3 most popular flavours.
only $12 flat fee shipping aust wide, same day shipping via couriers please (if order in by 2pm)
pick up also available at Wetherill Park NSW.
check out the prices, you can mix and match flavours.
Please use 'checkout' button under the search bar to input discount coupon.

FREE shaker will be automatically added to the order.

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    I always get from you guys, I ordered yesterday 10Kg of it . However no strawberry flavor puts me down !


    Would be nice to see the shipping in the title.

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    Most imp stat: Protein/serve

    37.2 grams of protein per 40g serve

    Looks really good. :)


      But do they taste any good? Can't stand horrid tasting protein.

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        I have tried their shakes before - tastes pretty good in my opinion. I loved their choc-peanut, choc-honeycomb, mango, vanilla,.. I remember trying and really liking a few other flavours too, but can't remember them now. If you've bought from Venom before (who I'm currently using now), taste wise these guys are definitely an upgrade!


          Yeah… I'll second that. Venom may be good, but tastes very "meh".

          Choc-peanut, choc-honeycomb eh? Sounds delectable. :)


      Guys, is the 'natural' flavoured protein supposed to be healthier for you? (at the expense of obviously the taste) or do they all have the same amount of sugar?

      Another dumb question - do all protein powders naturally come with the amino acids etc (even if it's not advertised on the product?)

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    "Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it's usage limit!"

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    FYI, their WPC has been shown to not be too great. Not "poor" but not great. Results are a bit mixed.


    2nd brand there.
    Orange means low protein content.
    Purple/black is best.

    It is the WPI on special here though

    **Edit: read this post -

    apparently the orange is like 40% protein only, but Protein n More are advertising it as 60% (WPC, not WPI)**

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      How does one determine the "results" of protein powdering considering the significant difference in each body/person, their diet and how protein will work with their training style and body itself?

      All body styles are different, even people with the same body type will have protein work differently to each other and there are so many other external factors that would impact these "results".

      Determining clear and purely factual "results" would be near impossible.

      Whey protein on its own really shouldn't different to much brand to brand, its the additional stuff that each brand adds thats different. If you want just protein and nothing else, this seems fine, but if your looking for a protein with several other things added to help you gain "results", then this isn't what your looking for, this product is what is advertised, an Whey Protein Isolate and nothing more.

      Its price, if I could pick it up, would be dam nice for a nearly pure protein product.

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        The tests on that webpage for this and other brands are not for the "result" on the person, but the purity/protein content of it.
        How it affects different people is a different matter.

        "Whey protein on its own really shouldn't different to much brand to brand, its the additional stuff that each brand adds thats different"
        Exactly - so some brands are adding other additives and advertising it as high protein.

        If this product is near 90% protein then good on them but I am just pointing out samples of the WPC were not.


          "I am just pointing out samples of the WPC were not."

          Fair enough.

          I assumed your post was like a lot of others on deals like this, well, assuming made an Ass out of Me.


        Read the links heywes, it's not the variability in individuals that is causing these results. Long story short, these tests are just proving or disproving companies claims of a certain % of protein per serve. mick123 is spot on.

        I'm not too sure about this company, Bulk Nutrients, Venom and other company I can't remember seem to be fine. I went with BN and I'm quite content.

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          Haha Yeah I kidna glanced it and went off the dial. Woops, my bad.

          Companies claiming higher protein then truely in the product is dam bodgey and a pretty serious issue.

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    I'm abit hesitant trying new brands after what happened with some of the other online brand's quality.

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      Is that why you negged?

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        I negged it due to it not being a bargain.

        professional whey WPI - 1kg = $34 + $12 delivery 27.9/30
        venom - 4kg / 4 = $31.25 Free delivery 35.1g/40
        bulknutrients - 1kg = $36 + same rate ($2 difference) 26.9/30 + AMINO ACIDS
        protein 4 all - 1kg = $35 + $12 delivery 36.2/40

        its not a bargain, its the going rate…………… thats why i negged it.

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          OzB used to be good. Now it's full of non-deals.


          So Bulk Nutrients is the only one that has amino acids in their protein?


          I just ordered 4kgs of venom it also has amino's.

          Use the code BBB or NOVA for a discount of approx $10.

          They have 2 discount codes available one from channel 10 and one from Nova

          feel free to edit my comparison.

          4 x 1KG Venom WPC = $80 delivered + FREE drink shaker
          4 x 1KG Venom WPI = $105 delivered + FREE drink shaker
          2x4KG Venom Mass Gainer = $117 delivered + FREE drink shaker

          1. Add any 4x1kg bag of WPC, WPI or 2x4kg bags of Mass Gainer to your shopping cart.
          2. Enter the coupon code* below into the payments page. Price will be adjusted once you enter this coupon code.





          How does the Venom WPC taste?


          I will post a reply to that as soon as i get it. i dont imagine it to be undrinkable. but expectations these days are that protein shakes should taste like something from wendys which isnt the right approach.


          taste is bearable for cookies and cream.

          kind of reminds me of arnoots cream biscuits.


    Same as carlenet:

    Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it's usage limit!

    Has this deal expired or is there an issue with the webpage?


    Whats the address for the Wethrill Park pick?


    With all this testing going on and finding protein companies aren't up to expectations, its hard to find a decent answer but maybe someone can help.
    Honestly, what is the best value protein for bulk buys?
    After some research I was leaning toward no bull bulk WPI.
    Want a good price for a good quality product, recommendations?

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    Protein testing is a serious matter going on these days for sure.These guys did too and posted the results on aussiegymjunkies forrms. I've been using protein n more for over a year and I have no issues at all. I have a ten percent off code it works out to be 26.4 per kg if you order 10 kg includes shipping

    Flavors are alright too . Strawberry ,mango , choc honeycomb are really nice.

    Am having venom night protein tastes nothing although thats a mango :p

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    Funny how the labeling is very similar to No Bull.


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    Hi Rep,

    Please respond to the results posted by ilikeit (linked again for posterity):

    Have any steps been taken to correct/remediate this?

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    We now have a purity and quality guarantee for ALL our products, if our product tests more than 2% discrepency of what is stated on the label we will give a full refund of purchase price and shipping PLUS $500 cash.

    We have implemented very tight quality control measures to ensure all product made and leaving our warehouse is 100% what the label says it is.

    we have also aquired Benedict's reagent ourselves and are now testing all batches and are offering a free test kit to anyone who requests one with their order.

    ps. coupon code is now working, pls remember to use 'checkout' button under the search bar, and NOT the big blue button.

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      Good to hear you are backing your product.
      People like me are now very weary of the "smaller" brands now. We assume they were more pure but the actions of 1 brand lead to tests of others that failed(probably same manufacturer).

      Do you think this will change the industry and mean more regulation?
      Hope so.


      Fair enough! Suggest updating your post to reflect this.


    ps, all protein has naturally occurring amino acids, we use the exact same supplier as Bulk Nutrients (Fonterra)…. all amino acid profiles are identical, they do not add amino acids to their protein powder and neither do we.
    full amino acid specs are on our website.


    wetherill park address for pick up is 24 hallstrom pl Wetherill Park.

    Pick ups from this address are avail from tuesday as we are moving in from today till tues.

    all shipped orders will go out as usual from our old facility.

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