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ShoppingExpress Father's Day Frenzy 15 Items eg 8GB Laptop RAM $65, 3TB WD $118, D-Link DIR-600L $10


Featuring 15 Hot products in today's Father's Day Frenzy Sale (Ep.4) - with 3 Products added every 3 hours from 9am till midnight. Scroll down to see the time deal will be activate. Limited stock available so if there's something for you, be sure to be early~~

Deal starts 9am AEST

  1. Belkin 90W Universal Laptop Power Adapter - $29 - Staticice $53

  2. TP-LINK AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter Starter Kit - $39 - Staticice $75

  3. Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 Black Mid Tower Computer Case - $98 - Staticice $99

Deal starts 12pm AEST

  1. SanDisk 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive - $18 Free shipping - Staticice $21

  2. Kingston 8GB 1600mhz SoDimm Laptop Memory - $65 Free Shipping - Staticice $66

  3. HP Pavilion G6 Core i7 Desktop PC with Keyboard & Mouse - $899 - Staticice $1170
    Core i7-3770 | 8GB Ram | 2TB 7200R HDD | Nvidia GT630 2GB Dedicated Graphics | Windows 8 |

Deal starts 3pm AEST

  1. Logitech G330 Gaming Headset - $19 - Staticice $29

  2. Targus 15.6" Citygear Backpack - $59 - Staticice $75

  3. Asus FonePad 7" Phablet 3G Tablet + Phone Combo - $259 - $259 - Staticice $277

Deal starts 6pm AEST

  1. Belkin M200 Wireless Mouse - $12 free shipping - Staticice $24

  2. NETGEAR Wn3000rp Range Extender - $59 - Staticice $69

  3. Belkin Screencast AV HDMI - $89 - Staticice $120
    ULTRA popular deal on ebay posted days ago

Deal starts 9pm AEST

  1. D-Link N150 Wifi Router DIR-600L - $9.90 - Staticice $24

  2. Samsung NP355V5C-S04AU 15.6" - $449 - Staticice $669
    AMD Dual-Core A6-4400M | 4GB Ram | Screen 15.6" | 500GB HDD | AMD Radeon™ HD 7520G + HD 7670M Dual Graphics with 1GB gDDR3 | Windows 8 |

  3. WD Western Digital Green 3TB 3.5" Internal Hard Drive SATA3 - $118 - Staticice $133

All stocks are limited, with limited quantity per customer.
For Non Free Shipping Products, shipping cost starts $8.95 and averages $10 Australia Wide
No Grey Imports, All Genuine & carries Australia's Manufacturer Warranty.

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  • +5

    Ordered the TPLink POwerline kit ta

    Before this was posted, but do like your static ice references that is nice.

  • Yeah, great work collating/listing the price comparison, thanks.

  • What is the difference between this mini kit TL-PA411 and the TL-PA511?

    Edit: found my answer - PA511 has the gigabit Ethernet port and PA411 is just Ethernet.

  • how does the TP-LINK AV500 compare with the Netgear XAVB5101. Netgear has a gigabit port but not sure if on AV500 makes any difference.

    • The AV500 has a 10/100Mbps port on each adapter whereas the XAVB5101 has a Gigabit port, the XAVB5101 is will perform better better but they're both only rated at 500Mbps.. I guess it will all come down to electrical interference and distance.

  • +9

    Before you get all excited just notice that where shipping isn't included it will most likely bump it up to a comparative price on static ice.

    • Noticed that as well ;)

    • wonder if postage can be combined with orders in different time slot for the day?


    • It might also be worthy to note that the lowest price on staticice does not include shipping too, and the store that offered the prices may charge higher postage cost than us making the gap bigger.

      So best to check the places that offer the lowest price first.


  • 32GB USB is looking good
    BTW, this place has a good rep?

    • +1

      Absolutely, just have a look here

  • How does the Belkin 90W Universal Laptop Power Adapter work? Does it switch voltage to suit different laptops?

    • Just had a look, how interesting i'm not sure myself but I think i'm going to buy one for my misplaced toshiba netbook charger.

    • Not much information on this unit, however the model number is F5L135AU90W, but the picture is showing F5L134AU90W, which is in ultra-slim design, with USB and has more expensive RRP on the belkin website. No information about the 135 at all. So which exact model is this one?

  • Any thoughts/opinions on HP PAVILION P6-2412A Desktop PC Black H4H73AA - $899 ? I need something for home office and light Photoshop/illustrator use

    My other option would be to get one built to spec from someone like MSY, but looking at it I can get an i7 at the price of an i5 with simlar specs and an OS…
    Thanks :-)

    • +1

      It'll be fine for your use. Just be aware that the graphics card is nothing special. You'll get a better pc by building it yourself, or getting one of the custom built pcs that come on ozbargain from time to time.

  • +2

    Fighting with wireless1 for the title of "Most tags in a deal"?

  • apologies Dupe

  • Do you all buy insurance for your computer orders?

  • Please fix Free Shipping for SanDisk 32GB Cruzer Edge Flash Drive USB - $18.

  • Can we consolidate shipping?

    • Our shipping charges you more ONLY when the items you ordered exceed the total weight allowed that Shipping Rate. So it could cost the same when you order more than 1 product from us if they didn't exceed the range.


  • Anyone know if the TP-AV500 is compatible with other AV Homeplug? I have the WD Livewire in my house and would like to extend the network to another area.

    • i tried to find similar things out.

      apparently if they have the same inside chip (atheros xyz for example they will) but i couldnt find what tplink had.

      just get a mate to buy u a second set, and ditch the wd livewire.

  • Dup

  • thoughts on the laptop? i'd like a new laptop to repalce my 2008 macbook - mostly for web and also to do some media editing.

  • I would get an i5 laptop if you are doing media editing. The samsung with the A6 APU would probably do the job, but it wouldnt be very fast.

    • thanks for your input. yeah i think I'll look for something with a bit more grunt and new technology (SSD).

  • any stock on sony xperia Z, I miss it….

  • +1

    The Samsung NP355V5C-S04AU 15.6" - $449 + $29.95 shipping & insurance isn't much of a deal.

    MSY current price is $499.

    The A6-4400M CPU is slower than i3.

  • really keen on dlink router but is $20 worth it? shipping costs as much as the item

  • +1

    isn't this a dupe of this?

    even the formatting looks identical

    • Wasnt a dupe when the OP first posted this. The SE rep added today deals to yesterday post so now it is a dupe.

      • OP posted earlier than me, i would put a link on old post to direct here instead, thanks for pointing out.

        • +1

          Sorry rep. I was waiting for you to update, but didn't see anything happen, so I thought would be great to help out :)

        • no dramas, i am glad you helped out and did a good job too - 2 thumbs up :).

  • TP-LINK AV500 Mini Powerline Adapter Starter Kit out of stock… :(

  • Disappointed there are no decent HDD deals, WD Greens…come on guys

    • I was excited but then I saw it was a green. Would have been happier with one of the other coloured WDs.

      The reviews on newegg have stopped me ordering one (lots of failures and when it does work, its slow).

  • Waiting for the awesome Samsung 840 deal ;)

    • +2

      Yes…stay tuned :)

      • Don't do that I just bought one which was shipped yesterday.

  • +1

    SE Rep would you be able to do free shipping on the Belkin M200 Wireless Mouse? I found a seller on ebay selling for $15 with free shipping http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Belkin-M200-Wireless-Optical-Mous...
    EDIT: The seller is shopping_express_clearance… is that in any way affiliated with shopping express lol?

    • +1

      LOL - i wished i can positive you 10 times. It will be free shipping - just forgot to add the word into the banner.



      • Yay awesome thanks SE :)

  • +1

    Got a Belkin ScreenCast, wouldn't have known about it if it was for this post, thanks OP.

    Doubt it will work well but it's another gadget to play with.

  • Grabbed a Logitech G330. Thank you!

  • +1

    Just curious if the rep is willing to re-do the deal on the 1TB Hitachi portable drive (or something similar)?

    As the saying goes, you don't know unless you ask.

  • $14.15 to ship a headset to WA is really unfair though.

  • please delete comment, thanks!

  • Hey ShoppingExpress rep, I've been waiting over a week for a reply on a dead Sandisk 120GB SSD bought in June 2013. Totally unacceptable.

    • Hi RadioBirdman,

      Please PM me the ticket id so i can get one of our staff to follow up. Apologize for any inconvenience caused.

      Kind Regards

  • Hi, I ordered a Hitachi 1TB from the deal posted on the 20th I paid by bank transfer, how long does it usually take for the payment to clear?

    • Hi Nero,

      Depends on your bank but usually payment will clear within 2 to 3 working days.


  • Any news on what the holdup with the TP Link Power Adapter Starter Kits is? I ordered that and the Screecast on the same day. The Screencase was ordered a few hours later and yet it arrived last week. But the TP Link Power Adapter is just showing as pick on the website.

    • I have received an email today saying it is shipped. So i expect i will have it tomorrow or Friday :-)

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