expired BlackBerry Z10 Cashback $100 + Tradein Old Phone


Just saw this ad in the SMH

Buy a Z10 (outright or on plan) and then claim $100 cash back, and also trade in your old phone.

They have the trade in prices on the bouncemobile.com.au website - of course conditions apply (working condition phone blah blah blah)

So maybe find the cheapest one - last deal was $399 from wireless1 but thats finished

Deal started 18 July so anyone whole bought one from then can claim

Includes phone being bought on a plan!

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    just fyi. found in the extra fine print in the T&C's

    To be eligible for the Blackberry Trade-in Program you must:

    "have purchased a new BlackBerry Z10 STL-100-2 between 18 July 2013 and 31 August 2013 from either a Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Harvey Norman, JB HiFi or Fonezone store (including their online stores) in Australia (a "New BlackBerry Z10")"

    not sure if it will apply to other retailers?

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    I hate to say this but do consider that this phone will no longer be supported in the near future….

    Unless if you are a bb fan, get something else.

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      in that article "Analysts say that service and hardware would have zero value"

      would that mean we'll see a BB stock (phone, whatever else they produce) fire-sold off, similar to the HP tablet of a couple of years ago

      my cheap senses are tingling :D

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        I bought it at $409 (Australian stock) in a recent sale. If Harvey or JB price match somewhere to the mid $400s, that would be ideal. I doubt Blackberry will be gone. Don't listen to everything the media report. What they forgot to mention is that Blackberry may be taken private - not sold off at all. The market for Blackberry is strong outside the US and Australia too. My Z10 is a reliable and quality phone. Reception is greater than any mobile prior and the on screen keyboard is superior to the iPhone's or anything else. Screen is sharper than iPhone 5's too - and brightness levels exceed all others (superb for viewing in sunlight). But build quality no where near the iPhone - one thing that could be improved, yet not bad. Buy it for email/messaging, the unified mail box. a brilliant browser, and stunning reception. It also looks pro. It was my first Blackberry after getting sick of the hopeless Android (software) design. I would have gone for an iPhone instead was the reception and messaging experience vastly improved, and the price much lower.



        Analysts say that service and hardware would have zero value


        BlackBerry's once-lucrative services business and hardware unit would have zero value in a break-up … according to Raymond James.

        There is a vast difference between what the analyst was quoted to have say, and your paraphrasing of the quote.


    I'm a Apple fanboy but would love to grab one of these when fire sale comes.


      This is the fire sale. They were around $700 when first released. Brilliant phone, but don't buy it for the apps (if that matter to you). Still sideloading (specific) Android apps is possible, and people say it works okay. I use the browser as it's very quick and the text razor sharp.

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    If they had this deal for the Q10 I would have bought it locally. Sick of my iPhone 5 now.

    Also with the update for BB 10.2 it make it pretty good. And people are still quite interested in its physical keyboards or decent software, since there are heaps who still use the old BBs such as the bold 9900.


    If this was for the Q10 I'd be on it in a second


    For those who have it, which gps software do you use?

    Having trouble finding a good price or retailer for that matter. JB Hi Fi and Telstra haven't listed it.

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      BlackBerry Maps. Has voice turn by turn navigation and traffic statistics. Some people use Waze or Google Maps which are free apps you can download


    Ok, ready to pull the trigger on this deal, just can't find a good price.


      My friend bought a Z10 yesterday, I told him to get it from this deal for $399 qnd don't worry about the cashback which he did:

      This $100 trade in is a great deal, but as the participating retailers are charging high $500s outright and above, it is much better deal for people getting a phone on a 24 month contract with Telstra or Optus etc, then you still get the $100 trade in for nothing :)

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    I see so walk into harvey norman get a contract with them and get $100 if you sign up with optus then get that and another $100 for your blackberry Z10?
    That makes the deal a little better :P


      Yes, I asked them on twitter if it included contracts when this deal started and this is what they said ;

      Bounce Mobile
      Hi Hamza, Yes the @BlackBerry_AU promotion includes contracts from the participating retailers. Visit blck.by/14eZUdv :)

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    The rep at Wireless1 let me purchase one at the special price ++++

    Awesome Service.

    Thanks Guys

    In WA all the shops apart from Harvey Norman had 0 stock.

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