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Tiger Airways Melbourne-Sydney from AUD68 one way


Finally some REAL competition on the coveted Melbourne-Sydney route with the entrance of Tiger Airways.

Fly with Tiger Airways from Tullamarine Airport to Sydney Airport from $68 one way all inclusive (plus CC and luggage fees). It will fly 4 times a day.

Travel between 03 Jul 09 - 03 Oct 09.

Though this is not rock-bottom price, this will hopefully drives the fare down in the future.

Bravo for Tiger Airways. Bravo for competition.

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  • +1

    Good price - not a bargain as like other cities though from Tiger!

  • -1

    Nice find. More competition is great.

    Tullamarine is much more convenient than Avalon. One is 15 minutes away from the CBD the other one is 45 minutes to an hour away.

  • +1

    Boo. This is what previously seperated tiger from other airlines.

    Now with this route covered we will be seeing less specials and low fares as tiger will need to raise all other ticket prices to encorporate the huge fees from Kingsford Smith airport.

    • +1

      To be honest I don't think we'll see this happen. I reckon Tiger are just testing the waters to see how well this sale goes. Mark my words - we will see cheaper Sydney fares from them soon.

      (I don't work for tiger - this is just my personal opinion!)

      • Well I don't see how both of your statements can't be true.

        I see Tiger doing it (they are already selling fares) and I see prices to get cheaper in the future with increased competition.

    • By the way, Tiger is NOT paying heavy fees for Sydney Airport that Jetstar/Virgin pay. Tiger have been in talks since last August and have been negotiating for ages. They will not budge until they get their low price. Or they will drop a route if the airport does not offer commissions/low charges etc… Plus their Managing Director used to work for Sydney Airport Limited. I think she knows what she is doing…

      And for the bargain hunters, I would be VERY surprised if that fare did not drop in in the next three months..

      • I don't think the fees to pay to Sydney Airport is because of negotiations. It probably because they dont need as many services/frills as Jetstar/Virgin.

        IRC, the only reason they didn't move into Sydney airport was due to space restrictions. Because of the downturn and other airlines cutting back flights they can now use the airport.

  • +1

    Jetstar and Avalon blows - go Tiger!

    Perhaps Seanb is employed by Jetstar/Qantas?

    Can't wait for Tiger fares from Sydney to Asian destinations like KL, SIngapore, Bangkok and Manila

    • I can confirm that I am not employed by Jetstar/Qantas or any other airline… Just commenting like everybody else but happy to be proven wrong (as the crowd overwhelmingly seems to be telling me!!!)

  • -2

    Perhaps OzPete works for Jetstar/Qantas too?

    • Really??? Guess Geoff Dixon will have my head for flying Emirates to NZ - see my post above. This ticket BTW hasn't been beaten in price since it was offered in January (And it didn't cost extra for CC or for baggage)

  • Virgin Blue has Melbourne - Sydney for $69/one way as well.


  • finally Tiger flying out of Sydney! this is great news :D

  • +2

    hope Tiger starts bringing in some Syd- S.E Asia routes too.

  • I don't think this is a bargain, but could (hopefully) mean more bargains in the future - will be watching carefully from now on.

  • +1

    Just made a booking on this route.
    I don't think anyone has noted this, but Tiger charges a $5 "convenience fee" for booking online and $7 fee for booking on the phone. That's per seat, not per booking. So I was charge $20 extra for return flight for 2 people.
    That was a bit of a surprise for me as it was only added to the total cost after I had submitted my credit card information.

    Going back through the booking process, I found a "convenience fee" link in tiny text on the left sidebar on the credit card screen. Not very noticeable at all.

    This is still a good deal for the price, but I thought I'd warn anyone who had not booked with Tiger before.

    • I'm afraid that's standard practice in the Aussie airline industry. I think only with the exception of Qantas which provides a Bpay option for flights booked more than 7 days in advanced, they all charge this credit card processing fee or whatever they call it.

      I think they should just include it in their total price given that there's no way of not paying that fee.

      • Still cant believe Qantas charge a $7.40 Credit Card Fee. Crazy. LCC's over in Europe want $15-20 for a Credit Card swipe, so mabye we are lucky?

      • +2

        jetstar have that option too. well they did last time i booked but didnt the time before (even though i booked a month in advance). i think jetstar now lets u pay bpay if 14+ days before flight.

        "I think they should just include it in their total price given that there’s no way of not paying that fee."
        spot on there - if they give you no option with card payments, they should include it. do they still let you put in a "voucher" code - no idea how to even get a voucher?

        I think anything more than $2-3 for a domestic flight card fee is ridiculous (thats for return). I think right now the standard charge is $5 per segment per per person, so that's $20 for 2 people right there

  • Can't find any seats avail. for when I wanna fly ;)

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