expired Logitech G510 $75 at Logitech Shop with Free Delivery


absolute bargain and would be heaps better if you pop down to office works for a price match

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    A delivery mate for free? awesome

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    I'm not your mate, buddy

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    Works well if you're teampspeak admin. Can mute or kick people from the plugin, dont have to login from another device etc.


    Mate this deal is fully siiiick.


    I'm guessing this is not a mechanical keyboard, as there is no mention of it in the specifications?

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      It's not a mechanical keyboard. Neither is the new G510s model.

      Logitech is just dumping remaining stock of an old superseded model.


        Logitech have never made a mechanical keyboard with the exception of the recent G710+ (which is quite good but overpriced unless you happened to grab it from Harvey Norman during their recent Saturday sale for $117).

        They've been really slow to jump onto the bandwagon given that they already charge pretty exorbitant prices for their G-Series peripherals (when as everyone knows, they're just rubber dome junk with gimmicks like LCD screens); there's no incentive to increase the cost of production when they're making a killing selling overpriced junk basically (though there are some exceptions).



    If you love a good eBay Feedback point - get it from their eBay store. :) .. I did about a month ago. Mine's fantastic!


    Hey OP you won't be getting a price match from Office Works because for starters they'll no longer be selling this old superseded G510 model and also it's not even listed on their web site. Even if they did it would be the new G510s model which you wouldn't be able to price match with this since it's the old G510 model not the G510s. Two different models and hence no price match.


    Yeah i doubt any major retailer would still be selling this outdated Logitech G510 model. The model they'd have now is the G510s which is about $160 and looks slightly different too.

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      There's no difference between any of the G-Series keyboards going all the way back to the original G-15 with the exception of the amount of macro keys they feature (useless for most people including most gamers) and slightly differently positioned or shaped media keys/volume controls.

      The LCD screens run on the same drivers with the exception of the G19 and support the same array of apps and 3rd-party plugins.

      They're all still plagued by reliability issues just as the first G15 was; so it doesn't seem like any real R&D has happened over the last 7 years of

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        Yes outdated because what being sold here is an old model which has been superseded.

        This is the new G510s model which replaced this G510


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          Yes and what I'm trying to convey to you is, it's exactly the same as the replacement G510s, so unless you have some pressing need for customizable RGB back-lighting, you can safely go with the lowest bidder in this case and get exactly the same functionality for less.


          That's besides the point it's not whether the keyboards look similar or have similar features it's the retailers would class the G510s as a different model than this G510 being sold here and so refuse to price match. That's what i mean when i say it's outdated. One is the new model that's only been out for a few months and the other is the old model which was released years ago and is no longer sold at retailers. So it's not exactly the same. They won't price match with another model. So looks like buying this G510 keyboard from a retailer at price match is not an option since they don't even sell it any more. Have to buy it direct from Logitech on this sale. I guess it's alright if you don't mind waiting for delivery.


          Whew… this is silly.

          I wasn't taking issue with you correctly saying you wouldn't be able to price-match this keyboard in a bricks-and-mortar store, I was merely saying to you that you don't need to.

          This is cheaper and it's identical to the G510s. What you've said in no way diminishes the value of this bargain, which is essentially a proper G510s for less than half the current retail price.
          That is a good bargain.

          Of course manufacturers and retailers are going to charge full price for newer products regardless of whether or not they're actually worth buying or are a considerable improvement over something older.

          Even Logitech are aware that the G510s and G510 are identical, that's why they differentiated the two with one character, instead of assigning a new model number.


          Yeah it's good price and if don't mind waiting for delivery. Logitech says delivery is 5 to 10 working days so expect it to arrive in a week and a half to 2 weeks. But can't complain when is free delivery.


    Seems pretty good. Ahh reminds me of the old Fluidtek bargains…i miss those! oh wait same guy!


      Oh i was thinking this Logitech Shop was Logitech themselves. Oh how deceiving.


      Aw man now I feel old as I recall some nostalgia for… Eddie was it? and his emotional outbursts, the halcyon days of 10 posts per day on OzBargain, and me thinking bugger that I'm not heading to Parra to deal with this guy even though his logitech speakers were dirt cheap.

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    I think it is a great deal. My daughter broke my trusty G15 tonight by spilling a drink over it. No keys work now, so the bargain came just at the right time. I have bought a few trackballs from this site in the past and cannot fault them, as the delivery was next day to Sydney. I hope it is the same with this order.

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