expired Kogan 30'' Inch 2560x1600 Monitor $599 + Delivery


Kogan 30'' inch 2560x1600 Monitor 599$ + delivery
looks like a good deal simular pricing to the korean models but with local support

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    In before anti-kogan threads…

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    HAH! Kogan don't offer support.

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    pricing error……………

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      So pretty much, with this deal guys, you give Kogan your $599 to invest for 7+ days, then you can have that $599 back, subject to how well you write emails/threats to them and PayPal.

      Have Fun!! :)

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    Local Support.. HA HA HA HA HA HA

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    Dell have a 27" IPS for $559 del. with 3 yr warranty.
    But 16:9 2560x1440. I'd choose that any day over a slightly bigger Kogan. Both good though.

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      im guessing you have never owned a 30 then? everyone i know me included that has owned a 30 would never say that. id MUCH rather 16:10 larger real estate over anything smaller.

      hands down id buy this if i didnt already have a dell 30"


      I would too, but it's hardly slightly bigger. At 641.28mm x 400.8mm vs 596.7 mm x 335.7mm, it's more than 28% bigger.


        1/8 more vertical pixels. And I agree 16:10 is better. 4:3 more so.

        But if you want it to look bigger, just sit a few inches closer.

        Like I say, they are both good. Just mentioning this in case it helps someone. The Dell warranty is good.

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    Note that it's a pre-sale.

    Presale. Ships on 11 October

    Otherwise not bad with the list of input options (DisplayPort, VGA, DVI or HDMI), comparing to usually only dual-link DVI on cheap Korean 27".

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    Just would like to share what Dragon7 wrote in the forum:

    dragon7 on 15/09/2013 - 12:55
    yay, i'll use it more often then. How about:

    Hey dude, you know what, Kogan has just post a deal trying to kogan unsuspecting customers. Lucky me, i learnt from being koganned by them last time, so i save myself and a few friends from their koganning.

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    Some people never learn. Lol good luck dealing with kogan. :-)

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    dont buy; warranty issues mean you have to send it back to them, do you know how much it costs to send a tv back? your looking at $80 and up..

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      I couldn't believe when I found 6 (yes, six) dead pixels on the 32" Tv I purchased from Kogan that they wanted me to send it back at my expense…my lesson was cheap (it only cost $150ish), but I will never ever buy anything from them again.

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        I just checked and on the Kogan site it says this

        Kogan will cover all freight costs if your product needs to be repaired under warranty.

        If your Kogan product needs to be picked up, it will be your responsibility to ensure it is packaged securely and includes all accessories. The best way to do this is to keep the original packaging. If you don’t have the original box please make sure it is packaged with appropriate packaging in a box, preferably padded with bubble wrap or foam packaging.

        So what is the deal?


    Average Consumption 120W!!

    neg,should go buy others under 70W.

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      at 2.5x the cost?

      This has similar power consumption to Dell's previous 30", the Ultrasharp U3011.


      Which others (other than a $1.9K Dell) have similar performance and under 70W? Also most of these number are recorded in different ways and are not easy to compare (which is why many appliances have standardised star ratings instead, and even that has issues).

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    friends dont let friends buy kogan

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    the day Kogan offers 3yr in-house warranty (like Dell), then I may buy Kogan, but then again they must be 25% cheaper than similar spec'd DELL.

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    Don't do it


    i thought OZB was cutting off kogan deals :s

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    Actually The quality of KOGAN's homebrand is much same as their "price error" excuse- UNTRUSTWORTHY.
    Sorry, Kogan.

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    Looks OK for the price but with post back warranty support at your own cost and the fact it is Kogan means no thanks.

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    8 people obviously didn't try buying an sg4

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    you are pretty brave posting a deal from Kogan

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    Wow, Ozbargain the new place for Kogan circle jerking. If Kogan are soo bad, why are they still in business?

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      caus there cheap?

      im more than happy with all the stuff ive bought from kogan so far, but then again ive not needed any service from them. only interaction ive had with them was one email which they answered promptly.

      some people are simply happy to go with less quality of service to save a lot of money.

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      Because they pay Today Tonight to fool soccer mums into buying their things.


    I picked up a Koren 30" monitor for about the same price, always a bit risky buying them from over there but mine is perfect and love it. Would be hesitant about buying this for the same price without knowing being able to look at the reviews.

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    Kogan??? forget it … price error again … Kogan's cheating customers to earn interest ….
    It sounds a bit cheaper but unknown transaction …