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8 Free Bar Station Cool/Whisky Rocks with Any Spirit Purchase @ Dan Murphy - $1 AND ITS YOURS!


So, we all have shot glasses to pick up from Dan's (from http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/116779).

Why not pick up some free Cool Rocks / Whisky Rocks with a second order? Great for neat spirits, summer wines or secret santa gifts.

The deal is basically the same, but use the code FREECOOLROCKS and get a free pack of these: http://danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_705317/bar-station-cool-...

Dan says: "This free gift offer is available from 11.00am AEST Wednesday 18 September & ends 11:00am AEST Saturday 21 September 2013 unless sold out earlier. Customers must be registered and signed in to danmurphys.com.au to redeem this offer. This offer can only be redeemed once per customer. Free Gift is limited to first 100 customers. To redeem your free gift, enter promo code FREECOOLROCKS during checkout. Free Gift is Bar Station Cool Rocks DM_705317. †Free Metro delivery only applies when $300 or more is spent online excluding beer & RTDs. Free Metro Delivery is only valid for Standard delivery to metropolitan areas only, excludes delivery to Hobart. To view our metro delivery postcodes visit danmurphys.com.au/deliveryareas. We do not delivery to Northern Territory and parts of Queensland and Western Australia."

The cheapest item I could find that works with the deal is the $1 enviro-bag: http://danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_356683/reusable-liquor-b...

If you want to play it safe, the cheapest spirit is altomic's 50ml bundaberg rum $3.99: http://danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_12195/bundaberg-up-rum-5...

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  • Wanted to get some of these a while ago but never wanted to pay $10 for them. Cheers mate.

  • Comment said no good for soft drink, I will skip.

    • Really? I read the comment as good for soft drinks because you don't lose the fizz

      • ", but if like me you drink whisky and coke, you put a rock in, it takes every bit of the fizz out of the coke and makes it taste awful, so no good at all for cooling down soft drinks"

        Did I read it wrong?

        • Sorry! My bad!

        • Surely it cant be any different from using the re-usable ice cubes tho?

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    Don't forget @Brent3000's list of others to look through!

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    does DanM have Pay and Collect option?

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    cheers! clink

  • Ordered some drink holders for $1.95 each with cool rocks and glasses for pickup tomorrow. Thanks

  • Thanks for posting, I was due for a new bottle of Canadian Club anyway so this is a nice freebie

  • Could you guys recommend any good whisky/spirit that is around $30 mark? entry level for me :)

    • Do you want whisky or any other spirit? Or a spirit similar to a whiskey? Planning to mix or drink on the rocks?

      • +1

        i think drink on the rocks :)
        I saw DanM has this Teacher's Sctoch, Dewar's White Label Scotch Whisky, The Famous Grouse Scotch Whisky and Canadian Club Whisky.

        They all seem to have good reviews.

        • +1

          Okay .. but try not to judge a any spirit (particularly whiskey) on a $30 budget if you're going to put it on the rocks!

          I had a look but turns out I don't really know much about whiskey cause nothing jumps out at me. Can recommend other stuff though, particularly bourbon, vodka or abstract liqueurs

        • +1

          God no they all suck.
          Go an Irish Whiskey - a little lighter, smoother, and sweeter than most scotches. Great for beginners.
          Jameson/Tullamore are both <$40.
          If choosing scotch you MUST know where its coming from, as the different regions have very different flavours.
          The Bushmills Black Bush is my go-to day-to-day whiskey, one of my favourite blends. But it's $47.


        • Thanks guys. what about Dubliner Irish Whiskey?

        • I hated Dewar's White Label personally. For close to $30, Ballantine's Scotch Whiskey is my favourite.

        • The decent blends start between $30-$40 like Bailie Nicol Jarvie or T.S.S. 12 Year Old. Good entrant scotchs before you start spending money on the more expensive single malts.

          I never spend more than $40 on blended scotch, it's not too far from that to decent entrant single malts which are usually much better.

        • if you want something thats very nice get the bushmills 10yo. you pay a little extra but you wouldn't want to touch any of that crap again. i've just graduated to a bottle of glenfiddich 18yo and chivas 18yo, with the prices of duty free in singapore i couldnt resist ($100 1l chivas, $75 1l glenfidich)

    • If you can splurge the extra $12, Jameson is my favourite (prices go up and down from $38 - $42). Goes really nice with lime + coke.

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    Surely Dan Murphy's marketing knows all about Ozbargain with these two deals. Probably playing right into their hands; guessing they were such a flop no one in their right mind would buy them at least now they get a dollar haha

    By the way +ve for the description

  • Baileys Irish Cream 1 Litre $32.70 at Dan Murphys

  • Thank you. Ordered another bottle of wine to add to my collection. Was going to buy some of these rocks anyway. :)

  • Thanks OP. Was to buy Chivas Regal Bottle for $45 with previous deal, but for some reason the code in previous deal was working for delivery order only.
    This one work fine for pick up order. Also added , Becks imported for $37. Seems like a good price.

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    Have a set of these; they are ok quality.. make sure to wash them first before freezing, if frozen first then washed they lose their chill Very quickly. Also make sure to handle with care, they chip very easy when dropped.

  • Free Gift is limited to first 100 customers.

    For both promos.. I'm pretty sure there's like 3 lurkers for every 1 registered vote in a deal :|

    • +1

      766 clicks already. Safe to say these are prolly gone.

  • So if you like your whiskey on the rocks without it being diluted by the melted ice.. Why don't you just keep the whiskey in the fridge!!!
    PS: sorry I'm a beer drinker

    • Never tried that. Though I put Vodka in the freezer as it has very low freezing point and does not freeze. I hope Whisky can be put in fridge.

    • You lose flavour keeping it in the fridge. Much better 'on the rocks'

    • Yeah I never understood that, you could also chill the glass as well. I am a Whisky drinker but I prefer to have it at room temp.

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    I have some of these and honestly I find them useless, very barely cools them down.

    • +2

      You are freezing them right?

      • Obviously. Seriously, they don't do much at all.

        • I don't see how mate, they do the same thing as ice but without the downside of over watering down your drink.

          If you want a touch of water in your whisky then add it at the start and it'll be far more consistent than if you had thrown some ice in. The only reason I can think of that the stones aren't cooling down your drink as much as ice does is volume. If you normally put in 3 ice cubes that are 3 times the size of a whisky stone then you would need to put in 9 whisky stones to have the same effect.

          Aside from that the only downsides of the stones are;
          - They could damage your glass so no using the fine crystal whisky tumblers.
          - They could damage your teeth so you need to be careful not to throw your drink back too fast.
          - They could be hazardous to your health if you normally chew on your ice once you've had your drink, not to mention if they were accidentally swallowed.
          - Keep them away from kids!

        • +1

          My experience with them:

          -Had them in my freezer a few days
          -poured a bit of room temp whiskey into a glass
          -put 3 whiskey stones in
          -waited a few minutes

          absolute coldest it got was maybe 5 degrees colder.

        • +2

          I'm afraid they don't do anywhere near the same thing as ice.. the temperature transfer is neglible in comparison, even if you compensate for the volume and use all your rocks at once. For a dollar give them a shot but don't expect much more than a slightly cooler drink.

        • .

        • +4

          Sorry instructions weren't clear enough, got my penis stuck in the whisky bottle.

        • I have a couple of packs from the last time they were on OzBargain and although they definitely DO work they're nowhere near as effective as ice cubes so don't expect them to work the same way. They are a great talking point though and hey for a buck they're definitely a bargain… even just as a stocking stuffer!

        • 3 is too few. I have these and normally lump 5 - 6 in there with my scotch and a tiny drop of water. Works perfect.

        • +1

          You are right. It makes sense from a physics point of view. Cool rocks will absorb less energy to reach the same temperature as your drink compared to icecubes because ice is converted to water, and that process uses more energy. Ice water at 0 degress has more latent energy than ice at 0 degress.

  • Ozbargain way: Put glass in fridge/freezer

    • +1

      Put shot glass in freezer wearing a hut hoody.

      • *Stand in freezer wearing hut hoody

      • +1

        Never received my hut hoody, they cancelled it and charged me for shipping anyway. All the stuff I ever did actually receive from them was crap anyway, 100% polyester rubbish.

  • You are freezing them right? "ddmmh"

    As in, put them in the freezer? or am I missing a step?
    Thanks OP!

  • You can still add glasses to the shopping cart and the orders and payments are being accepted so still should be able to get them.

    • I meant coolrocks, not glasses

  • Who needs a glass,….just swig it straight from the bottle. ; )

  • Today is a great day with free opera tickets, shot glass, cool rocks and $1 battery tester.

  • Vodka O for $29 is a pretty decent price (never seen it less than $26), so I'm happy to stock up on a bottle to get these free! Thanks OP!

  • When I went to confirm my order, it froze up and the page redirected, I got no confirmation number or anything. It still withdrew the money from my account, but it has no record of my order, anyone else have this problem?

    • I bought a bottle of wine + free cool rocks and received confirmation e-mail straight away saying that I will be able to pick up my order from the store once I get sms.

  • nice one.

  • My order messed up, and they took my money and I received no confirmation. I called up Dan's and they said that the offer was badly worded and was only meant to be for deliveries. My money is going to get refunded, however they said they will honour all the other orders that did get through.

    • Sorry to hear, I must've been one of the lucky ones. I haven't been to pick it up yet but I've had my confirmation SMS that its ready to be picked up. I assume there's no issues since I haven't been told of any.

  • great work OP :)

  • their website is reallllllllly slow…..

  • Not working for me

  • Seems to have expired now. I knew I should have jumped on this last night after I picked up my shot glasses!

  • fun is over guys - thanks for playing :)

  • +1

    Just collected mine from DM's on Dandenong Rd in East Malvern, there were quite a few click and collect whisky stones and shot glasses sitting next to a single bottle of wine or spirits - made me proud, well done Ozbargainers ;-)

  • My orders (4) - Actually did buy a full 700ml bottle of spirits with each order are still showing as Picking …

    Do i just go in anyway ?

  • +1

    Bahaha when I went and picked my order up at Dan Murphy's in currambine WA the click and collect guy had the biggest smirk on his face when he saw which order I was picking up! Also saw someone else had done the same as more whiskey rocks were waiting for collection..

    He was like "you have got an absolute bargain mate! When the boss saw yours and someone else's order this morning he didn't know whether to hate you or respect you for what you had done" haha

    • did you buy the envirobag I suggested or a full bottle of spirits?!?

  • I paid $4.99 for the mini Smirnoff vodka…

  • I went to pick up my enviro bag and whisky rocks only to be told 'I'm very sorry but we've run out of enviro bags, do you mind if we refund you'. As it turns out I wanted to get a bottle of port anyway but I loved that they were happy for me to keep the free whisky stones and refund their out of stock bag.

    Thanks again kingsville

    • so, you got it for free?

      • +1

        Yup, they did get a purchase from me in a bottle of port but got the refund from the bag so they were free.

  • got mine no problems pickup with the bag,
    plenty of other bags and rocks waiting to be picked up.

  • Got my bag and rocks last Thurs, but had to endure a rant about how it was:
    1. Only sent to customers who hadn't ordered online for over 2 years and
    2. Only valid for spirit purchases, not $1 bags.

    They still honoured it after pulling my order out from a folder full of bags and rocks invoices

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