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Wii U Premium Bundle $214 (50%off) + 1/2 Price All Nintendo Gaming @ DSE


Bargain of the morning is here

Saw it on today's herald sun Vic paper and should be nationwide

Wii U Premium Bundle $214 (50%off) + 1/2 Price All Nintendo Gaming @ DSE

Wii U basic $174.

Offer starts today until 30th September

Have a good day all

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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    • +3

      Negged you because you need to read the rules. MANY of us were able to get one, just because your specific store didn't have any or had already sold them before you go there, doesn't warrant a neg.

      The deal is phenomenal, of course it's going to sellout fast.

      • -2

        "Many"? I'd bet $50 on any officially recognized charity of your choice that less than 200 people got one at Dick Smith. How many times do you reckon this deal got printed in a catalogue or advertised elsewhere like a newspaper?

        • Could everyone who got one please come here so we can tally. We need 200 to get a charity donation!

        • Did you go to a store? or call a store at least? i saw the deal here on ozb got up walked to the shop near by and they had 3 of them (basic), i got one another guy walked in and got one and there was still one left which might be gone by now.

        • -2

          I went to 2 stores (one on the way to work and one nearby work), called up another 4. I was mainly talking about the premium (which was the one highlighted on this ozb page). But look, upload those receipts for any of the wiiu consoles bought at a DSE store ladies and gentlemen, we hit 200, i donate. now back to work :(
          spoiler: i'm probably gonna donate anyway :)

        • http://i.imgur.com/FoDmuRQ.jpg

          you know u could buy a basic and just use an external HDD right? you'll get more than 32gig in that case :P

        • I got 1 click collect golden grove SA did it 7:45am no more click collect though.

        • Only 20 more + to get that $50 donation… Won't somebody please think of the children!

        • @genxevo

          "Many"? I'd bet $50 on any officially recognized charity of your choice that less than 200 people got one at Dick Smith

          200 upvotes already

          You can donate $50 to any charity now

          We won't mind if you provide the receipt.(O)


    • Just because you can't get one personally doesn't mean it's not a deal. Dandenong still had one in stock, but said they weren't putting stock on hold. They're out there and they're a deal.

  • hoping there will be stock in Perth Northern Suburbs… as the stores have not yet opened :)

  • Nothing on the Gold Coast I'm told

  • THE online store is oUT of stock

  • +1

    I don't understand. I went to the actual store, picked up the brochure and nothing about this deal at all.

    Where did you get the brochure OP?



    • You don't need the brochure. All games/consoles will scan at half the marked price.

      • i presume they need it if they are wanting to price match or at least a full page scan of it

        • +1

          Yup… precisely the reason…


          EDIT: The online catalogue also doesn't have this deal as well… must be pretty last minute.

        • I got mine via email this morning

        • Hi,

          Could you post this online please? I didn't get it…



      • thank links just shows out of stock.. :(

        no chance of using that to price match..

        anyone out there able to price match? how you getting it done?

        • One idea is to purchase it as is. Keep the Herald Sun clipping. Claim through your credit card insurance under Price Guarantee Scheme (or something equivalent).

  • Awesome…just picked up the premium console and some games from the Wynnum Brisbane store.

    That's Christmas for the kids sorted :)

    From talking to someone at the shop it was a pretty last minute thing that they didnt know about until this morning?..

    • What games did you manage to get? I rang up at 8:58 and they didn't have Mario for Wii U :P

      • I picked up Assasins Creed3, but they had Blackops 2, zombie something or rather, Fifa13?… but no Mario unfortunately

  • Was able to get 1 premium and 1 pro controller at Ballarat store at 9.15am. They still had a premium and a basic when I left and 3 black pro controllers. Wendouree took all their stock off and hid them behind the counter and said they had none. So no go there.

  • +1

    Went to Werribee and there were only two of us lining up, they had four premiums in stock a small (~5) amount of games and a small amount of accessories, tempted to buy another one just for a second game pad. They may still have some stock?

    • So does the premium come with 2 game pads/controllers or just one? I thought the side of the box said two?..

      • +1

        All versions come with 1 the pro has more memory and i think NintendoLand is an included game.

        • Ahh..bugger.. read the side of the box wrong… anyone know the cheapest place to get another gamepad?

        • +1

          well unfortunately you would have to go to Japan as its the only country that sells a second gamepad which will set you back a nice $160USD :P ..

          The "good" news is that you dont need 2 game pads as there are no games that utilise 2, if the Wii U survives and games are made for 2 game pads they will be made available here in aus till then get a Wii U and a Controller Pro and if you have a Wii all your remotes work with it as well as all your Wii Games :)

        • There aren't any games that support 2 gamepads. Get a pro controller or Wiimote for multiplayer.

        • I got a little bit excited and grabbed two pro controllers. Not sure if I will ever need to use the 2nd one though, although the kids will be playing the old wii games

  • +1

    Thanks for the post OP.

    My brother went to Toys R Us and price matched Dick Smith.
    They weren't too happy about it but checked the Price Match Policy http://www.toysrus.com.au/price-match-policy/w1/i1458782/ and they honoured it.

    Bought 2 ^__^

    • Says the item you're price matching must be in stock. Must have got lucky.

      • Yeah probably, I don't think they called to check stock.

        From Westmead, NSW btw.

        • could you post up a receipt for that Toys R Us? I live in the area and would like to try

  • +1

    Receipt if anyone wants to price match: http://i.imgur.com/VB3VDlW.jpg

  • sold out joondalup and whitfords, apparently perth city has 7 left

    • To others: now there'd only be Black Ops 2 left.

  • Anyone able to upload a recipe showing proof of purchase?

    edit - thanks subwoofer!!

  • Don't agree with them advertising when stock is so low. Typical Dick Smith really.

    Called 4 stores near me, not only did they have zero consoles but they were pretty rude about it too. I mean, I understand if you've got 100 calls in the first hour but you signed up to the job, deal with it.

    • Plenty in my store!

    • It's not right, but if you said the same things over and over you wouldn't be giving great service either , they're employees not a recorded message.

      • Is answering the phone part of the condition in the employment contract?

  • +6

    I don't get why some Ozbargainers neg when there is limited/low stock. It was a deal, whether you got the stock or you didn't. If you missed out, I get it and that sucks. It doesn't make it any less a deal though.

  • Anyone know if DSE still stock the original Wii console? Not interested at all in the Wii U, but the mother in-law needs a replacement original Wii.

  • Sweet. Got one put aside at the Stafford City store (Brisbane). They were out of Premiums, so I got the 8 gig one.

    • I got the last premium one about 1 hour ago at Stafford. There are three basic ones at chermside.

      Grabbed Mario bros u and a wii u pro controller at chermside.

      Still trying to find another wii remote or two.

      • Taigum has 4 premium and 3 basic

  • They put that on their main ads but hard to find stock WTF!

  • Grabbed the last one at Camberwell (VIC), saved a heap of money.. thanks heaps OP

  • +1

    I wish they sold 3DS XLs :(

    • i asked them .. apparently they cleared those out in June/July or something and never brought in anymore.

  • grab one from Greensborough( Vic) about 10:30am , they had 2 premium left ( 3 in total from what I saw)and a couple of basics on the table. In terms of games I saw nintendoland, skylanders giant starter pack, assassin creed 3 and black ops 2. Also saw pro controllers white/black, gamepad acc set and wiimote/ nunchuck packs.

  • +1

    Thanks! I got a console at dick smith! :)
    And then an EB price match for the win - ended up with lots of first party games at 50% off because he didn't check stock levels. Thanks for uploading the picture of the catalogue - that's what got it for me!

    PS, I was told the following:
    Target has 'do not pricematch nintendo products policy'
    JB Hifi has 'do not pricematch (specifically) dick smith on nintendo products policy'.
    EB don't have that policy but should be checking stock levels. I tried a second store when I thought of another title I was after, he checked so I failed. In the past I've heard many stories that alot of staff won't go under their cost price either, it's really luck of the draw at EB.

  • Grabbed the second last Premium one from Hobart store half hour ago (well, got someone to get it for me, since none left around me in Melb). Now just to actually play it more than I did the Wii :p

  • dumb question, but if i got a basic, can i just buy the nintendo land seperately? and how much is nintendo land gonig for? all the DSE i call have sold ont he prem, and only have basic left

    • It's probably good enough. There's less storage memory in the basic too IIRC.

      Might sell my nintendoland. I'd have to look up the value of it later, I saw it at EB at $80 but often their prices are rubbish. PM me if you want it.

      • cool, we'll im getting my friend to try pick up a basic one, so if we get it, we'll definately want to get nintendo land. So i'll PM you later today, cheers

        update: my friend grabbed the Premium!, but display model, but whatever, still the same.

  • Just got a basic edition from DSmith Rhodes shooping centre they have 2 basic editions left, also had a few copies of black ops zombie u and skylanders,

  • All gone at Kotara and Glendale NSW.

    • Called both stores at 9am this morning, both had stock.

      Went to Glendale at 11:30am and the guy in-line in front of me got the last premium one. Still had a couple of basics left so I got one of the those. Also had most of the sale games in stock including Mario U.

      • +1

        that's weird i called up just then and they said "premium still in stock" - lol

        • At Glendale? I was told in person that was the last one sold. Arghh!! They also said people were calling them up and asking about buying 6-8 at a time. Ebay bound no doubt.

          If they're still saying in stock over the phone, I'd get to a EB Games or Target or Kmart ASAP and price match.

          JB Hifi told me they wouldn't price match as instructed by head office.

        • Correct… All gone the last premium sold after i grabbed mine. Not sure if they have any basics left.

          Mind you there was a guy in there who purchased 8 premiums so you know where they will be heading.

    • +2

      lol, we would all love for a company to sell something for the cheap and have so much stock and staff that we can all just pop in, buy and walk away with a wave.

      life just doesn't work like that.

      • -1


        You still may not be able to meet the demand during a sale but you should have at least planned for it and have reasonable stock or offers available. This is not just common sense, it’s the law.

        • Lucky for you, you do have that "law" in Victoria.


          The example they provide is ironically quite similar to what Dick Smith has done here.

        • Mate, why are you throwing common-sense into this discussion?

        • not at all similar unless you know how many Wii Us they normally sell in a week, and i suspect its not 30 per store.

          Infact i suspect, given the age of Wii U, they would only sell a couple per store a week.

          So to only store a handful is normal weekly inventory of stock.

          Although if ShMick would like to luanch a legal challenge of bait advertising on DSE, i'd happily grab my popcorn and watch the outcome.

        • its advertised as clearance anyway so GL with that lool

  • Thanks heaps OP.

    I managed to get a premium console at Mt Druitt.

    They've still got a few left when I left at about 11:30.

  • I picked up the only one in stock at Adelaide CBD Dick's this morn. They still had a few games in the bargain bin, but nothing I wanted (ZombiU and Blops II I think).

    Thanks for the heads up, OP. Awesome bargain!

  • +1

    Still 2 premiums and 1 basic left at DSE menai

  • Whyalla Dick Smith has a few Wii u white 8 gb consoles $174, 2 wii u premiums for $214.

  • Got a Wii U Premium (last one, 2 Basics available) at Arndale Dick Smiths, in SA
    Elizabeth had about 6 Premiums in stock when i called this morning.

  • Now waiting for DSE to do the same thing for the ps4 sometime early next year since it comes out November this year.

    If they are out stock at dicks just layby it when they get stock less hassle.

    • you're dreaming if you think they'll be selling the ps4 for half price next year.

  • Thanks, got one at nambour at 930 this morn. 2 were left.

  • +2

    My local Dick Smith have a few in stock.

    If there are any ozbargainers that are in Victoria that can't get any. I'm willing to purchase and allow you to pick up from my place in Melbourne. I will need a screenshot of a direct deposit to secure the unit though. Service is provided free :)

    EDIT: both premiums and classics are in stock :)

    • can u buy for me? i will pay for postage to adelaide

    • What store? I can go there save you the hassle of doing the favour.

      • i'm actually in WA, i'm not buying from a store in victoria as it looks like it's all out of stock anyway, i'm buying from WA and muling them over to victoria

        • sry guys, i picked up 3 in total, 1 for me and 2 for other ozbargainers who cashed in the favour, couldn't get more cos someone went in and bought 6-7 before work finished up, they're probably on ebay

    • Sent you a PM :)

  • Very good price.

  • Just saw a white basic Wii U in the Mentone, VIC store if anyone's looking. Just the one though so be quick if you're nearby.

  • SA is basically sold out of premiums.

    • Actually no. There's one left in Whyalla when I left the store at 4:30 pm.

  • does the 50%off apply to 3ds as well?

    • good Q. that would be an awesome deal

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