This was posted 10 years 8 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Wii U Premium Bundle $214 (50%off) + 1/2 Price All Nintendo Gaming @ DSE


Bargain of the morning is here

Saw it on today's herald sun Vic paper and should be nationwide

Wii U Premium Bundle $214 (50%off) + 1/2 Price All Nintendo Gaming @ DSE

Wii U basic $174.

Offer starts today until 30th September

Have a good day all

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  • +1

    That's a super deal if your local has stock.

    • There was plenty at my local. And everybody was politely taking one console each.

      They would be cleared out by now though.

  • +1

    Games are pretty much gone online and in most stores, cleared out last sale :(

  • +2

    Insane deal on the console. Relative cheapest I've seen the premium is ~$300. If you've been sitting on the fence it would seem like a good time to jump. Plenty of good games out now/coming shortly!

  • +2

    Blurgh, as expected none available. Wonder if BigW will closely check stock levels of the nearby DSE? Nah, I don't care enough anyway!

  • +1

    Consoles are all gone!

  • Despite them stating Disney Infinity is excluded, the Wii U starter kit is only $44.99 online with free shipping!…

  • +21

    Once again, this Dick gets you excited then leaves you hanging..

  • -2

    Theres still no excellent Wii U games anyway, except remakes of games on other consoles-… so theres no point buying one yet.

    • -2

      I agree, nothing so far selling me the console…although there is one coming out next year(?) which looks a bit like Xenoblade Chronicles meets FF or something. very cool, that might be time to get one then.

      • -2

        I know… what a crappy launch. Did they rush it to try and get in before the Xbox and Playstation next gens were released or something? I'll just keep waiting until something worthwhile is released… at least by then the console will be like $50…

    • +1

      Pikmin 3 is excellent.

  • Still stock available for click n collect in altona vic

  • -1

    How the mighty has fallen.

  • Thanks, I got one in SA .

  • Damn missed out…


    Didnt it say its not part of the deal. hmmm

  • Is the basic one price good?
    What difference between the two?

    • +1

      the premium has a larger internal drive, and a charging dock for the controller.
      those are the two most notable differences, it also has the Nintendo Land game with it and other things.

      • Thanks.

  • +9

    Awesome deal! Just picked up the Disney Infinity starter pack. :) To say there's no point buying a Wii U (half price!?) yet is ridiculous. The Wonderful 101, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Wind Waker HD, and Pikmin 3 all released recently, plus there's Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Mario Land and Watch Dogs in the next couple of months, not to mention any 'last gen' games you haven't played like Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, Darksiders 2, etc. Oh and there's plenty in the eShop with indie games and virtual console too. Oh and the entire Wii back catalogue is compatible. Seriously, if you think the PS4 or Xbox One will have more to offer in their first 12 months of launch you are a tad deluded. Then again, for this price you could just buy both. Get on it people!

    • +6

      "Seriously, if you think the PS4 or Xbox One will have more to offer in their first 12 months of launch you are a tad deluded."

      Might want to reconsider that one.

      • Maybe you don't understand the concept of early adoption.

  • +1

    If theres no click and collect does it mean all gone? or has anyone ever had luck calling up?

  • +1
    • Displays: "Page not found" for me :/

      • To check Stock……
        Search for Wii U, then add item to cart (do not click on the item to enter detailed website).

        Then go to your Cart, and in there, you can try entering a few Post Codes to check local store stock.

        • +1

          theres no listing for Wii U on their website :(

  • +1

    They'll put all the stocks in the store room and keep it there until the sale is over. Then they'll sell it at normal price. DSE just want you to visit their stores. Because no one shop in DSE anymore. :)

  • So do we think it might get lower before Christmas? I'm going to get one but if this is the cheapest might as well grab it now.

  • Does it include 3ds stuff? It says all nintendo gaming

    • It's says all Nintendo gaming so..yeah

      • Except dick got rid of all the 3DS stock ages ago..

  • Just bought the premium pack with infinity starter. Great school holidays fun. :) Thanks

  • God damn it, Dick!

  • Most cross-platform games actually perform worse on the Wii U than their X360/PS3 counterparts.

    • +1

      The only game that matters, Rayman Legends is best on Wii U.

  • -1

    nice deal - for a potential dead system.

    Some decent games will be available - AAA Nintendo releases

    Region locking is annoying as it is the only system to do so.

    • +1

      How can you say that?

      Look at 3DS, perfect example.

      With the upcoming games, how is it possibly dead? Smash in itself will sell 5 million, mark my word.

    • +1

      Wow the WiiU is region locked?

      Thats bloody stupid of them, hell half the reason the PS3 survived was grey-importers making it affordable to Australians as our distributors screwed us over completely.

      Just look at the sales figures for any recently released game and you can see how many Australians are importing or choosing import stores.

  • Where do you guys still find stock?

    • You have to call them to see if they have stock

  • +1

    premium pack no longer showing home delivery for me…..only the basic pack

    • Basic pack now gone also.

  • +3

    Available EVERYWHERE except for Victoria. LOL

  • No stock for Mario or controllers at Brisbane CBD store. Rang up and seems to be stock for that game and controllers at other locals

  • So why are they clearing out? Do they not want to sell this console anymore?

    • Wii U is basically not selling well. It's expensive as Xbox360/PS3, yet there are not many titles. Plus the most games perform worse on Wii U because of hardware limitations. Only good thing about Wii U, at the moment, is some Nintendo exclusive titles.

      • +7

        Don't know why he got downvoted for the truth — awesome deal or not, Wii U sales are terrible right now.

        In all of Europe and Australia combined, last quarter they only moved 10k units. It's being outsold by the original Wii. Launch partners like EA have given up entirely (Fifa 2014 isn't on Wii U, but IS on PS2…) and giant retail chains like ASDA (UK Walmart) have stopped stocking Wii U consoles entirely.

        That's not to say you shouldn't buy a Wii U — particularly at this price — the Nintendo-exclusive titles are good, but arguably not coming out fast enough. Mario Kart & Smash Bros don't come out until 2014, a new Zelda is undoubtedly coming but not anytime soon, although Wind Waker HD is out next week, if you're excited to play a decade old game that pales in comparison to its two predecessors.

        Hopefully Nintendo turn things around (like they did with the original DS…)

        • +1

          well they just sold a few hundred today… :P

      • Wii U versions of PS3 and 360 Games perform worse because of developer lazyness, not hardware limitations.

        @SteveBuscemi, that's why he deserved to get voted down.

  • It seems like premium pack is gone everywhere in Vic. The guy at Dick Smiths told me that they are discontinuing Wii U.

  • Got a call from Arndale (SA) store after placing a Click-and-Collect, apparently they're cancelling online orders for these items. First-come first-serve in store only, according to them.

  • Couple of consoles left at Wollongong. Plus one pro controller and at least a wii remote. Only Black Ops 2, ZombiU and Nintendoland left in games. I got the last mario u

  • Page cannot be found and then Temporarily out of stock - no stock for online purchase. what's point of adv on sale :( :(

    • Read my post above to check stock.

  • Good price if they had stock anywhere. Dead console though. Many developers have stated that the Wii U is not worth making games for.

  • +3

    Nintendo was drunk when they made this console. This thing isn't even in the next-gen console battle.

  • And yet people are still missing the point of a nintendo console rollseyes

    If I could find one, I'd buy it in a heart beat.

  • I wanted some Wii Motion Plus Controllers. It says home delivery available but then doesn't let me actually buy anything. Another DSE scam!

    • No

    • Currently Yes for Wii Games.
      No for Wii U games, but some teams have already done it, but haven't released it yet.
      It will most likely be in a form of a USB Stick.

  • Man I wanted the black pro controller :(

    In VIC
    WaterGardens - 3 Premiums
    Sunshine - 1 Premium
    Camberwell - 1 Premium

    Called about 15min ago.

    If you want to price match with Target, rush down now and tell them there is stock there, and get it pricematched!

  • Huge thanks to the OP for this! Managed to grab the last Wii U Basic Pack from the George Street store in Sydney CBD (all the Premium packs were already gone unfortunately). Grabbed a couple of Pro controllers as well.

    As in other stores it seems the only games left were Nintendoland, Black Ops II and ZombiU. Some other assorted accessories were still available as well (screen protectors, stands, 3rd party wii controllers etc etc).

  • The DSE website refuses to allow any home delivery or click and collect. had to ring a store and get them to check local stock.

  • Hobart as of 9am this morning
    8 premiums (City)
    4 premiums (Glenorchy) - less one I just purchased :)
    6 premiums (Rosny)

    Plus a number of basics at each

    Glenorchy only had a few game copies left - no Mario U
    Some accessories - controller etc

  • Parkmore (Vic) only had a display model left … now to try to price match …

  • +1

    Basic consoles left my local dse in Melbourne
    8 of them.
    Seven left after I bought one
    Looks like the stock indicators aren't correct

  • there was 1 basic still in the North Sydney store about 30 mins ago (there were 3 me and another guy there picked one up each which left 1 in the case), there are no pro versions around but you can get basic and use and external HDD for downloaded games :)

  • Walked in to Dick Smith, asked if they had any wii u's in stock, guy Had no idea there was a sale wand what was even more stupid is that he had no idea what a wii u was either. I had wanted to buy one for ages as well.

    • +3

      what was even more stupid is that he had no idea what a wii u

      Lol, my chances at working at Dick Smith are looking good now

      • +6

        i believe just by replying coherently to the above message makes you over qualified to work in that shop… loll

  • I know that Dick Smith is not under Woolworths now, but if I have a Woolworths giftcard that still has Dick Smith on the back of it will they still accept as it is on the card?

    • yes

  • IF ANYONE can't get one this price it's time to price match if u have the catalogue or something to show that's it's that price take it to EB Games, JB HI FI or BIGW and see what they say!

    • don't bother with EB they tend to ring up and check for stock, harvey norman would be a better bet from my experiences

  • All gone?

  • +1

    Bought basic from penrith plaza store western Sydney. They still have more both basic and pro in stock.

    • Thank you! Got the last Premium.

  • Called Watergardens, Sunshine, Sunbury, Vic Gardens, Camberwell. Premium all out of stock :( A few stores had white one left…sorry can't remember which.

    Watergardens had 2 black but one is display and other is refurbished.

  • +1

    Top Ryde still have 2 white and 2 black in the basic pack of anyone is interested.

    • cheers got the last white basic! :)

  • +1

    Where did you see this sale?
    It is not in the catalogue.

    • +3

      Who cares? It's a real sale. If you question it you'll miss out.

  • +1

    got disney infinity and a screen protector they had 3 basics at norwood, sa

  • Canberra is completely depleted.

  • +1

    Corio Village shopping centre has some, I just picked up one, forgot to ask how many they had left sorry.

    • At 12PM, they still had around ~3 premiums.

      Get on it guys!

  • Hobart CBD has at least 15 left, great deal! Games are going pretty quick, 1 copy of Zombii U left, some FIFA 13, COD. I got the last Mario.

  • +3

    Still have some in Bendigo, I just scored a premium… not sure why but it's cheap! Hopefully i can play some old SNES games through virtual console.

    • Raced in and grabbed a Premium from Bendigo. As of 1.10 p.m. they had one Basic left, and they won't hold any sale stock so its first in first served.

  • +1

    Finally got 1 black in Ballarat :) relative getting it for me hehe

  • Now they have emailed everyone for a product not available.…

    • well as its in the catalogue you should get to big w / jb eb games ASAP and price match
      some stores still have stock

      • -4

        On a deal like this most retailers call to see if Dick has stock, and i recently found out JB doesn't even have a official price matching policy

        • They've got a slogan "always the lowest prices" feel free to use it against them.

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